centene center for health transformation
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Centene center for health transformation can i change healthcare spending account

Centene center for health transformation

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Louis, and Duke University, the Center aims to advance health solutions to improve lives so that communities can thrive. The partnership leverages academic research expertise and Centene's industry resources to create and implement evidence-based innovations to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable populations across the country. The enterprise continues to advance thought leadership among community, corporate, academic, and healthcare organizations.

Researching a wide range of health-based topics ranging from unmet basic needs to diabetes management, the Center remains a community heath catalyst. By designing, implementing and evaluating evidence-based studies to uncover best practices, the Center motivates individuals to take action and make heathier choices.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean, including Your Phone Routinely clean frequently touched surfaces such as desks, keyboards, tables, doorknobs, light switches, and countertops. Set an alarm to clean your phone once per day. Learn more CDC cleaning and disinfecting tips here. Establish a Daily Routine Creating a routine helps us feel safe and secure. Make a list of what you need to do each day. Plan your most important tasks first. Leave some flexibility in your schedule for unexpected projects or plans.

Exercise Each Day Pick a time that works for you every day. Go for a minute walk, run, or bike ride. Make sure to always practice social distancing and follow other CDC guidelines. Try online or virtual exercise classes. Your local gym or YouTube channels are both good places to look. Save your favorite podcast to listen to when you exercise. Making exercise a game can turn a chore into a highlight.

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