white 5th gen cummins
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White 5th gen cummins cummins clutch fan

White 5th gen cummins

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These include a new six-speed automatic transmission, an updated infotainment system, and even a Wi-Fi hotspot. All of these features make the 5th Gen Cummins one of the most well-rounded engines on the market. The 5th generation Cummins is one of the most powerful engines on the market. Despite its impressive power, the 5th Gen Cummins still manages to achieve fuel economy ratings of up to 20 MPG on the highway.

In addition to its power and fuel economy, the 5th Gen Cummins also boasts a number of other impressive features. The fifth-generation Cummins turbo diesel debuted in the Ram and Ram heavy-duty trucks. This all-new 6. For starters, the new Cummins makes an impressive horsepower and 1, lb-ft of torque right from the factory. In fact, the Ram with the 5th gen Cummins is rated to get up to 20 mpg on the highway. The 6. This gives the new Ram and Ram a towing capacity of up to 35, pounds when properly equipped.

This transmission not only improves fuel economy but also increases towing capacity to 37, pounds when properly equipped. In addition to its impressive power and towing capability, the 5th generation Cummins is also much quieter and smoother than previous versions of the engine.

Cummins has achieved this by adding active noise cancellation technology and using higher-quality steel for the engine block. As the market for heavy-duty trucks continues to grow, Cummins is sure to remain a top contender. With its impressive power, fuel economy, and features, the 5th generation Cummins is sure to be a favorite among truck buyers.

The towing capacity of the 5th generation Cummins is best in class. When properly equipped, the Ram can tow up to 19, pounds and the Ram can tow up to 30, pounds.

The payload capacity of the 5th generation Cummins is also best in class. When properly equipped, the Ram can carry up to 4, pounds and the Ram can carry up to 7, pounds. Valley Classics Fixed-price. Jan 8, Updated 9 days ago. Jan 6, Updated 11 days ago. Hemmings Fixed-price. Jan 5, Updated 12 days ago. Jan 4, Updated 13 days ago. Sun Valley Auto Club Fixed-price.

Wires Only Fixed-price. Jan 3, Updated 14 days ago. Streetside Classics Fixed-price. Dec 30, Updated 18 days ago. The Speed Collection Fixed-price. Dec 23, Updated 25 days ago. Sport Cars Miami Fixed-price. Dec 8, Updated 1 month ago. European Motorcars Fixed-price. Dec 6, Updated 1 month ago. Vanguard Motor Sales Fixed-price. Aug 24, Updated 4 months ago. Gateway Classic Cars Fixed-price. Jan 17, Today. Mecum Auction. Jan 15, 2 days ago. Bring a Trailer Auction.

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