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Alcon lens review

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Additionally, Overall, patients in the clinical study were satisfied with their quality of vision with Vivity. Vivity demonstrated no statistically significant difference from the monofocal in terms of visual disturbances.

There were no complaints of glare. McCabe says complaints were elicited by showing patients pictures of mild, moderate and severe glare, halos and starbursts as reference points. But again, none of those were statistically significant differences. Blur, however, was statistically significantly better with the Vivity lens. McCabe says Figure 1. Because of that forgiveness around plano, Vivity patients had slightly better uncorrected distance visual acuity than the monofocal patients.

Based on that, it seems like mini monovision would be a strategy that would allow for a little enhancement of intermediate and near vision. You have to look for that central element. Eyhance is a one-piece monofocal with a 6-mm biconvex, aspheric anterior surface, made of a UV-blocking hydrophobic acrylic. It features a frosted, continuous degree posterior square edge and C-haptics, offset from the optics.

The lens is one of a new breed of monofocals that offers increased depth of focus compared to standard monofocals. The two lenses have the same base geometry, and the difference in shape is in the range of microns, which still means a lot for the lens power. In terms of optical design, both lenses are refractive and reduce spherical aberration to near zero.

For larger pupils of at least 3. Chang says that Eyhance offers a nice compromise for patients who may not be great candidates for presbyopia-correcting lenses, either because of concurrent pathology or some refractive uncertainty. Oliver Findl, MD, chief of the Institute and chief of the department of ophthalmology at Hanusch Hospital in Vienna, Austria, agrees, noting that his practice has been using Eyhance as its standard monofocal since the spring of Several studies have found that the modified monofocal Eyhance delivers superior intermediate vision compared to standard monofocals.

Eyhance achieved 0. The New concept monofocal IOL with continuous focus. Accessed 25 March Another independent study found that Eyhance provided better visual acuity than the ZCB00 across a greater range of defocus levels, including near vision. The visual acuity target was 0 D, or emmetropia, in both groups. Uncorrected intermediate and near visual acuity were significantly better with Eyhance, with both IOLs demonstrating comparable distance vision results Figure 2.

A retrospective case-control study published in February comparing Eyhance to the Tecnis PCB00 monofocal found that Eyhance provided a significant improvement in intermediate visual acuity compared to the monofocal without compromising distance vision.

The study included eyes of 60 patients 30 in each group who underwent bilateral cataract surgery. According to the quality-of-life questionnaire administered, Eyhance patients reported less difficulty in performing activities requiring intermediate vision compared to the PCB Findl says. This lens seems to have good tolerance to slight deviations in the postop refraction. Goes says that his experience with Eyhance has been similar to the results reported by Professor Gerd Auffarth and his colleagues.

Findl and Dr. Goes, who note that Eyhance also uses the same IOL constants as the monofocal. Goes advises. Because of the forgiving landing zone on the defocus curve, Dr. Chang says you can try two refractive strategies with Eyhance. In essence, if you have more variability in the refractive target, you can still maintain good distance vision.

Rayner says this monofocal offers up to 2. These newly approved IOLs are making strides toward what surgeons say is the future standard of IOL technology: lenses with the fewest visual side effects and the greatest range of vision.

McCabe is a consultant for Alcon. Goes has no relevant financial disclosures. Accessed January 19, McCabe C. Clinical outcomes of a novel non-diffractive extended vision IOL.

International Society of Presbyopia. Presented December Vision outcomes with a new monofocal IOL. Thank you! It is sad that you are forced to ask strangers on the internet who have never examined or measured your eyes about what would be best. Your surgeon should answer all of your questions to your satisfaction if not, then you are in the wrong clinic. Find a better surgeon. Skye, my doctor said you can have your new lenses be for close vision or distance vision, but not both. This bi- focal may be an option, but it looks like close like 3 inches from your nose may not work with the bi-focal.

Cool flick Doc. Me: 65 male, progressively myopic from age 7. Soft contacts at 17 to up girl-chasing game. Current, epiretinal membrane right eye last 3 years or so. Now significant pucker so graph paper now quite wavy and splotches via that eye. Cataract development in both eyes. Partial retinal detachment in left eye lasered and fixed in Bangkok in at Bumrungrad hospital no issues since. Anything in all this that you see as disqualification for the IOLs?

Skip to content. My artistic representation of the lens performance is shown in this graph. Like this: Like Loading Previous Opacities seen during cataract surgery. Next Quiz: What does this sign mean? Published by Uday Devgan MD. Does it provide good close as well as distance vision for a 74 year old Loading Best, Jack Loading How does this lens compare with the Vivity IOL?

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Discussing the Vivity IOL lens with Dr. Raoof, an NVISION Eye Surgeon.

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