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Adventist health physicians network simi stacy harley epicor software

Adventist health physicians network simi

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Most Relevant Information. Is it your NPI number? Edit Delete Synchronize. Reference NPI Information. Many organization health care providers who apply for NPIs are not legal entities themselves but are parts of other organization health care providers that are legal entities the "parents".

Here are three examples of organization health care providers that may be considered subparts and may apply for NPIs if so directed by their "parents": 1 The psychiatric unit in a hospital is not a legal entity but is part of the hospital the "parent" , which is a legal entity. The legal entity must obtain an NPI. The psychiatric unit is an example of a subpart that could have its own NPI if the hospital determines that it should.

The offices are examples of subparts that could have their own NPIs if the main location determines that they should. Neither the pharmacy line of business nor the DME line of business represent legal entities; instead, both lines of business are part of an organization the "parent" that is a legal entity. Each line of business represents a different Healthcare Provider Taxonomy or area of specialization that often submits its own electronic claims to health plans.

The "parent"-we don't know who the parent is in this example-must ensure that each subpart that submits its own claims to health plans has its own NPI. The Organization Name field allows the following special characters: ampersand, apostrophe, "at" sign, colon, comma, forward slash, hyphen, left and right parentheses, period, pound sign, quotation mark, and semi-colon.

A field cannot contain all special characters. This data element may contain the same information as ''Provider first line location address''. This data element may contain the same information as ''Provider location address City name''. This data element may contain the same information as ''Provider location address State name''.

This data element may contain the same information as ''Provider location address postal code''. This data element may contain the same information as ''Provider location address country code''. For providers with more than one physical location, this is the primary location.

This address cannot include a Post Office box. Provider Business Practice Location Address Telephone Number The telephone number associated with the location address of the provider being identified. Provider Business Practice Location Address Fax Number The fax number associated with the location address of the provider being identified. The code set is structured into three distinct "Levels" including Provider Type, Classification, and Area of Specialization.

Most Relevant Information Provider Data. Provider Practice Location. Copy Practice Location. Provider Mailing Address. Copy Mailing Address. Authorized Official. Cardiovascular Disease Physician. Entity Type.

Code describing the type of health care provider that is being assigned an NPI. Interested in the full list of waste handlers?

Try our Waste Handler Search. This page and website is a part of the WasteMap Locator , providing a comprehensive resource of contact information for waste handlers. Is there information that we can update to keep things accurate?

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The SIMI, an organisation of young extremist students has declared Jihad against India, the aim of which is to establish Dar-ul-Islam land of Islam by either forcefully converting everyone to Islam or by violence.

Objectives and Ideology. SIMI also attempts to utilize the youth in the propagation of Islam and also to mobilize support for Jihad and establish a Shariat-based Islamic rule through "Islami Inqulab". As the organization does not believe in a nation-state, it does not believe in the Indian Constitution or the secular order.

SIMI also regards idol worship as a sin and considers it to be a holy duty to terminate idol worship. Ideologically, SIMI maintains that the concepts of secularism, democracy and nationalism, keystones of the Indian Constitution, are antithetical to Islam.

Parallel to its rejection of secularism, democracy and nationalism is its oft-repeated objective of restoration of the 'khilafat', emphasis on 'ummah' Muslim brotherhood , and the need for a Jehad to establish the supremacy of Islam.

The outfit is known to have adopted an extremist and militant posture on various issues of concern to the Muslim community. According to the scholar Yoginder Sikand, Nationalism, for SIMI, is seen as a false idol, and one devised by the non-Muslim 'enemies of the faith' to divide the Muslims and thereby weaken them. Because the 'enemies of God' are expected to show stiff resistance to Islam, violent Jihad is to be waged.

Dr Shahid Badar Falah functioned as the national president and Safdar Nagori as the general secretary till the organization was proscribed under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, The Delhi Police arrested Falah on September 28, , from its office in the Zakir Nagar area of Delhi and he has subsequently been charged with sedition and inciting communal disharmony in the State of Uttar Pradesh.

Among the arrested was Safdar's brother Kamruddin Nagori. Qasmi allegedly was the mastermind behind the July 26, Ahmedabad Gujarat serial bomb blasts,. Linkages and Areas of Operation.

It also receives generous funds from contacts in Pakistan. Further, SIMI cadres, sources indicate, are involved in the safe transportation of explosives and creation of channels for funds and securing safe houses for the HuJI-B cadres.

According to official sources, in the year following the arrest of a Sikh terrorist, it was revealed that SIMI cadres, Sikh and Kashmiri terrorists, had been brought together by the ISI through the Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan to carry out subversive activities. It reportedly has a strong base in various universities in these States.

In Kerala, SIMI operates under the cover of some 12 front organisations, at least two of which are based in the capital, Thiruvananthapuram, and a third in the port city of Kochi. Search Clinics. Primary Care Clinics. What is a Clinic or Center? A facility or distinct part of one used for the diagnosis and treatment of outpatients. What is a Primary Care Clinic? Primary care clinics provide day-to-day healthcare services to patients. Primary care acts as the principal point of continuous healthcare for patients and also coordinates specialist care as may be required by the patient.

Primary care is usually provided by general practitioners, family medicine doctors. What is a NPI Number? The NPI is a position, intelligence-free numeric identifier digit number. This means that the numbers do not carry other information about healthcare providers, such as the state in which they live or their medical specialty.

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Adventist Health Physicians Network is a primary clinic (Family Medicine) in Simi Valley, California. The current practice location for Adventist Health Physicians Network is . Adventist Health Physicians Network in Simi Valley - Family Medicine Clinic Location, Contact. Adventist Health Physicians Network - NPI Adventist Health Physicians . The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), proscribed under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, , is an Islamist fundamentalist organization, which advocates the .