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Carefirst bluepreferred

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ChoiceCare Humana Network. Member should contact ChoiceCare for pre-certification guidance. Cigna Samba Employer Group Only. Samba Employer Group. Foreign Service Benefit. Contact Info: Foreign Service Kaiser Permanente. Authorized referral is required for all exams with the exception of screening mammograms.

Mail Handlers. Contact Info: Mail Handlers Preferred POS Only. Pre-Certification requirements vary. Members should check with their insurance company. See phone number on the back of insurance cars. OneNet PPO. Optimum Choice, INC. Washington Radiology Offices in Maryland Only. Peace Corps Health Benefit Program.

A nurse in your physician's office is designated to be available to answer questions, support the treatment process, and be proactive in providing care.

The program is confidential, voluntary, and provided at no additional cost to you. If you are contacted by your doctor, we strongly encourage you to enroll in the program so that you can get personalized care and support for you and your family. To find out if your physician participates in the program, go to www.

CareEssentials is a personalized, confidential, and voluntary health coaching program to help people with chronic conditions, like diabetes or asthma, to manage their overall health. Highly trained nurses provide one-on-one telephone support and health information, help you prepare questions for doctor visits, answer questions about new diagnoses and medications; and assist with other health issues.

The CareEssentials team is available to support your relationship with your physician, not replace it. They will provide coordination of care with your physician. The program is administered by Healthways, Inc. Expectant mothers can take advantage of the CareFirst Great Beginnings pregnancy support program designed to supplement the prenatal care and education you receive from your doctor, at no additional cost to you. When you enroll in Great Beginnings, a nurse case manager will review your medical history.

If you experience complications during your pregnancy, they will work closely with your doctor to coordinate necessary services. You are covered while traveling outside the U. A self-insured plan means that the university pays the claims. CareFirst administers the claims from health providers for AU faculty and staff. The university does not receive any private medical information or any details about claims incurred.

Our premiums for CareFirst are based on our claims experience. If we have a lot of claims in a year, the university has to pay more. And that means the next year the premiums go up.

But you can help. When you choose generic medications, stick with a healthy regimen, and get preventive screenings, you generally incur less in claims. The lower our claims, the lower our premiums are in the next year. American University makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information that appears on the benefits site.

However, if there are discrepancies between the information presented and the legal documents governing a plan or program the "plan documents" , the plan documents will always govern. American University reserves the right to amend or terminate any benefit plan at its sole discretion at any time, for any reason.

Customer service: www. Out-of-network provides a lower level of coverage in exchange for the freedom to seek care from any provider you choose. If you receive services from a provider outside of the BlueChoice, BluePreferred PPO, or BlueCard PPO networks, you will have to: 1 pay the provider's actual charge at the time you receive care, 2 file a claim for reimbursement, and 3 satisfy a deductible and coinsurance.

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