egr valve location on cummins isx
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Egr valve location on cummins isx availity cost estimator

Egr valve location on cummins isx

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Jul 14, †∑ Where is the EGR sensor on a Cummins ISX? ISX (CM) engines: The sensor is located near the fuel inlet to the integrated fuel system module (IFSM). A High EGR . Where is the EGR valve on a Cummins engine? Actually right above the intake manifold. Does Cummins ISX have EGR? Cooled exhaust gas recirculation: If your Cummins ISX engine . May 7, †∑ The EGR valve is located close to the intake manifold, with a tube leading to the exhaust manifold. A vacuum or an electrical connector (or both) which leads to a valve can be .