cummins isx engine specs
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Cummins isx engine specs

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The ventilated exhaust is then able to lower the combustion chamber temperature. It injects urea, an active element in diesel exhaust fluid DEF , into the exhaust. Ammonia in the urea then chemically reacts with the NOx particles and converts them into nitrogen and water inside the catalytic converter. DEF reaches high temperatures in the holding tank, then pumps into the injector and decomposition tube, causing it to react to the NOx in the exhaust.

New advancements in emissions technology emerged when Cummins introduced the diesel particulate filter DPF. This system captures the exhaust produced from the combustion chamber and neutralizes the soot through oxidation. At one point, the ISX15 had a dual overhead camshaft design. One cam would activate the injectors, and the second initiated the valve train.

This dual camshaft design was a complicated injection system that was cam actuated to form injection pressure and deliver fuel. They also innovated the common rail fuel system, which eradicated the need for an injector camshaft to generate pressurized fuel. In the common rail fuel system, diesel fuel becomes pressurized via multiple piston pumps.

Then, it can be distributed through the tubing to the rail system for storage under extreme pressures— about 35, PSI or higher. The ECM can activate each fuel injector up to five times per combustion cycle, while the single camshaft improvement creates a better fuel economy and reduces emissions to stay parallel with EPA standards. This change increased fuel efficiency compared to previous versions.

A Cummins ISX engine is an Inline-6 diesel with a duel-fuel configuration — meaning it can run on diesel or natural gas — although diesel is the most common.

Throughout each improved generation, the Cummins ISX15 engine now comes complete with several prominent features that make it one of the most sought-after solution fulfilling engines on the market.

Compared to the original N14 series from the late s, the ISX15 now delivers an exceptional line of components that have been engineered and upgraded each year, including:.

Recirculation within the engine lowers the combustion temperatures, which reduces optimized MPG and emissions. Dual overhead camshafts: As noted above, if your ISX15 was manufactured before , it has a dual camshaft system.

The first cam creates high-pressure fuel injection for clean power, while the second has a set of lobes to operate the integrated engine brake. The second set of camshafts also moves the intake and exhaust valves. With a high-pressure fuel injection system, a marine engine can produce complete combustion. High-pressure fuel injection system: The high-pressure Cummins ISX fuel pump system forms a clean and complete combustion phase.

Integrated electronic controls: Engines produced after rely on an ECM. It also synchronizes interactions between the ABS, transmission, engine brake, cooling fan and other components. Low maintenance: An ISX15 engine can run up to 15, miles between oil and filter changes. Mid-stop cylinder liners: Cylinder liners within the ISX15 have a strong design to allow for variations in coolant chemistry. Particulate filter: An ISX engine has a fully integrated particulate filter for uncompromised performance by reducing particulate matter.

Single overhead camshaft: Versions of the ISX engine made after have a single camshaft system with a common rail fuel operation that relies on piston pumps to inject diesel.

Variable geometry turbocharger: The turbocharger has a sliding nozzle to boost durability and reliability. Its electric actuation enhances its responses and control for adjustment. The component also delivers a definite increase at any RPM.

Cummins has mastered the engineering process by integrating each possible solution into one unit. Address any problems immediately to avoid more severe damage.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before making engine repairs to your ISX engine :. Do you have a single or dual cam ISX15? Does it have an EGR system? When it comes to common ISX engine issues, some problems may not affect your engine depending on the year it was made. Clogged inlets came about in when recirculation was occurring, also affecting HP.

The turbocharger is one of the most notorious ISX15 failures and can be expensive to fix. While they are ideal for direct throttle response, VGTs often experience a buildup of carbon, soot, rust and other contaminants. You may feel no response from the engine or an extreme retort at low RPMs. The best fix is to clean the exhaust side of the VGT, replace its parts or swap it for a fixed unit. Another sign is if you notice white residue from the burnt coolant.

The rocker arms within your ISX engine may be damaging the camshafts, which causes an improper amount of oil to pass. When the rockers hit the camshaft lobes, it flattens them.

This deprivation causes your marine or generator application to experience performance issues. You can replace both the camshaft and rockers to deter the problem. Swapping rocker arms for new ones is vital. Otherwise, they will flatten the new camshaft as well. Problems with a timing wedge often happen after you repair or overhaul the camshaft. Over time, a buildup of contamination can form in the oil filter, resulting in a drop in oil pressure.

Avoid the timing wedge issue easily by simply changing the oil filter. The burning of a natural gas alternative preserves diesel thermal efficiencies.

The more efficient engine can produce less emissions in turn. The ISX can achieve this by altering ignition delay and injection timing. By examining the start of combustion SOC , the engine's computer is able to employ a predictive ignition delay correlation.

The predictive characteristics of the engine maximize both efficiency and useful power for the given fuel source. Compensations are made for the natural gas so that the power band and operating range are still functional for customers, while reducing emissions. This makes the Cummins ISX that burns natural gas one of the cleanest running diesel engines in the world. The DPF filters out the solid particles in the engine's exhaust, reducing tailpipe emissions.

The DPF does have to be regularly maintained, however, because of its intricate design. The emissions control system will institute a filter regeneration which burns off the particulates.

Any non-combustible materials found in lubrication additives will remain in the DPF, which can cause problems with back pressure and efficiency. An ash-less oil could mean that cleaning would be unnecessary, but can inhibit lubrication properties.

A zero-phosphorus oil has been studied and found to be ideal for DPF systems and lubrication. The oil displays passing results for both piston deposits and oil consumption, which means the DPF system would be optimized with use of zero-phosphorus, ultra low sulfur oil. DEF is system of injected urea that reduces the emissions of a diesel engine. Power cuts and driver warnings are also used when the DEF system has been tampered with or is not functioning properly.

Cummins has corrected several malfunctions and conducted customer based research of several million miles of on road use of the Cummins ISX to make the DEF system as functional as possible. The system is also required to de-rate power given any problems in order to reduce emissions to an absolute minimum. In early ISX engines an anti backlash gear train is used. The anti backlash gears allow the engine to operate with minimal gear rattle.

Cummins uses a gear train in the front of the engine which is inherently noisy. The anti backlash gearing makes the engine less noisy due to the reduced rattle while in operation. The anti backlash gear train comes at a cost of efficiency. The Cummins ISX 15 model equipped with anti backlash gearing suffers a friction loss. The gears must overcome more friction throughout their moving range than a standard gear. A standard gear in a Cummins ISX 15 needs to overcome 0.

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Cummins isx engine specs While they epecs ideal for direct throttle response, VGTs often experience a buildup of carbon, soot, rust and other contaminants. The new models will come with horsepower. The innovation of the common rail fuel system eliminated the need to have the pressurized fuel from an injector camshaft. Up to braking horsepower. Retrieved February 20, There have been many issues with the emission technology over the years.
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Cummins isx engine specs This engine is widely used in on highway and vocational trucks and is available in power here from hp all the way to hp lb-ft. New advancements in emissions technology emerged when Cummins introduced the diesel particulate filter DPF. In early ISX engines an anti backlash gear train is used. Particulate filter: An ISX engine has a enine integrated particulate filter for uncompromised performance by reducing particulate matter. Its here is a good example.
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Cummins offers a wide variety of software, mobile applications, and digital hardware to help you get the most out of your Cummins-powered equipment. If you currently use one of these digital products and/or services, this page provides access to valuable resources and support. This message will be removed once all maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience as we enhance our website! Best-in-class power. The model of the legendary Cummins L Turbo Diesel delivers more power, reliability and durability than ever. With hp and 1, lb.-ft. of torque, the latest iteration offers unmatched vehicle performance and towing. Watch video.