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Departments: Engineering, Marketing, Customer Service. Minneapolis, MN. Dallas, TX. Sources of data may include, but are not limited to, the BLS, company filings, estimates based on those filings, H1B filings, and other public and private datasets. See link Jobs. HQ Cuange.

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When the story of recovery is told, it is most often told from the perspective of the initiate rather than the perspective of long-term recovery. The media tell the story of recovery only as a personal story rather than a larger story of the role of family and community in addiction recovery.

Who worsened the situation? How can we effectively address the crisis? Preprints are papers that have not yet gone through peer review. But anyone who covers medical research knows that simply having been peer-reviewed is no guarantee that a paper really is high-quality or deserved to be published.

But our new research suggests that the COVID pandemic may have changed things by pushing preprint-based journalism into the mainstream A Survey of Peer Review Guidelines Todd A Carpenter, Scholarly Kitchen, Peer review of data is similar to peer review of an article, but it includes a lot more issues that make the process a lot more complicated. Denise-Marie Ordway, Journalist's Resource, Journalists rely on three types of research papers most often in their work: White papers, working papers and peer-reviewed journal articles.

We explain each, pointing out its strengths and weaknesses. And Part 2 Things to expect during peer review and how to respond to peer review. Budding scholars pay the price. Why did they put all those scientific papers and articles online? But they charge those same researchers, reviewers and editors, not to mention the public, whose tax dollars most likely funded the study in the first place, to read the resulting articles.

A couple of articles that have been taken down pointed up some of the problems in this field--among them that three firms collect most of the profits from academic publishing, provide very little added value, and rely heavily on two virtually free inputs: the articles and the peer review process.

Journal prices keep going up, library budgets keep going down, teachers depend on academic publishing to achieve tenure, and the peer review process is definitely not foolproof.

They say just about anyone with rudimentary math skills and a willingness to go public could replicate what they are doing. Says Heathers, "In short, peer review misses all the hard stuff, and a worrying amount of the easy stuff.

Anderson said that even if these reviewers provided an accurate assessment of the science, the fact that they are close collaborators of the authors casts significant doubt on their conclusions. Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed, New paper says retractions take too long to meaningfully influence public debates about important topics.

Retraction Watch The time between identifying a problem to retracting the paper can vary — and sometimes last years. After the University of Maryland asked 11 journals to take action on 26 papers by cancer researcher Anil Jaiswal, some acted relatively quickly—issuing retractions or corrections within four to six months—while others have not taken any action yet.

Journalists often fail to tell the public when scientific discoveries later are determined invalid or fraudulent, a new paper reveals. PLUS: 4 tips for tracking flawed research. You can also download materials about HIV transmission. Is HIV relevant to the story? If it is not meaningfully linked to the story, there is no need to mention it.

What is your source for the HIV diagnosis? What is the most accurate language to use? Avoid using derogatory words, and be as specific as possible when describing someone living with HIV to help prevent stereotypes. Use these terminology guidelines below as your guide. Relying heavily on past media coverage to find expert sources can perpetuate the exclusion of underrepresented groups.

Breaking out of that mold requires casting a wider net and searching more systematically for sources. Includes tips for finding scientists of color who have experience working with the media, a case study from one newsroom already tracking sources, databases to find diverse sources, a host of Twitter accounts and lists to help get you acquainted, affinity groups and field-specific resources, and much more. But Zulu doesn't have words for "dinosaur" or "fossil.

We believe that autistic people can speak for ourselves, and that it is we who should dictate the language we use to describe ourselves.

And we regard autism not as an illness we suffer from but as an inextricable part of our identity, and we would rather frame it as something positive.

The relationship between the two is different for everyone I see the days when I can write as a gift from my brain. I cherish them, and they can even help me recover. Steven Shapin, Los Angeles Review of Books, "Astrology and homeopathy flourish in modern Western societies, almost a majority of the American adult public doesn't believe in evolution, and a third of young Americans think that the Earth may be flat The problem we confront is better described not as too little science in public culture but as too much.

Given the absurdities and errors abroad in the land, it may seem crazy to say this, yet the point can be pressed.

Consider, again, the climate change deniers, the anti-vaxxers, and the creationists. They're wrong-headed of course, but, like the Moon-landing deniers and the Flat-Earthers, their rejection of Right Thinking is not delivered as anti-science.

Instead, it comes garnished with the supposed facts, theories, approved methods, and postures of objectivity and disinterestedness associated with genuine science. Wrong-headedness often advertises its embrace of officially cherished scientific values — skepticism, disinterestedness, universalism, the distinction between secure facts and provisional theories — and frequently does so more vigorously than the science rejected. The deniers' notion of science sometimes seems, so to speak, hyperscientific, more royalist than the king.

How do we get the skeptics, anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists on board to take the vaccine? With so much misinformation and disinformation about the COVID vaccines and about masking, a lot of people are getting their information from unreliable sources. Because some of those unreliable sources are places that make them feel like they're smart, they belong, they are right to have questions. One way to begin to have a conversation with someone who distrusts you is simply to listen, to let them at first just get it out of their system because they're emotionally upset and they need to know that they've been heard.

Reporters can be left to wrestle with the consequences of online harassment by themselves. In citing the false narrative put forth by university administrators and tenured faculty, Benderly did not suggest that they lie with intention. On the same panel: "'I go in understanding that my top priority is to question my own understanding,' said said Tamar Haspel, a columnist for the Washington Post. This writer was reminded of her reasons for having entered science journalism. That is, writing about science, like science itself, is about discovery.

The process benefits when minds are wide open. Sloan Foundation Livestreamed here. Among lessons learned: "It's not 'science denial' and labeling someone a 'denier' only leads to their re-entrenchment. Plus, few people reject science in its entirety. We are much more likely to encounter individuals who believe in climate change, for example, but choose not to inoculate their children due to vaccine hesitancy.

More importantly, we ALL have a tendency to cherry-pick facts that support our beliefs, and eschew those that fail to comport with our motivations, ideologies, or fears. Rather than talking about how climate change is disastrous for polar bears, which most people are not likely to encounter, we can describe ways in which it will affect them immediately.

For example, one speaker from northern Wisconsin learned from local winter loggers that the ground was not freezing as much in recent years, causing their machinery to sink in the mud. In addition, we can help our audience arrive at a new understanding by asking them to evaluate the evidence for themselves, so try offering data instead of conclusions. These results counter a so-called backfire effect, in which debating a science denier may actually reinforce people's misconceptions.

While a handful of studies have provided evidence that such unintended results may be widespread, more recent investigations have found that these effects may be limited to specific circumstances—such as among people whose fundamental beliefs about a functioning society are challenged by the new information. Researchers created the Bad News Game, a browser-based game in which players pretend to be a fake news creator: Players gain followers and credibility by going through a number of scenarios, each focusing on one of six strategies commonly used in the spread of misinformation [impersonating people online, using emotional language, polarization, conspiracy theories, discrediting opponents, and trolling people online].

At the end of each scenario, players earn a specific fake news badge…Players are rewarded for making use of the strategies that they learn in the game, and are punished in terms of losing credibility or followers for choosing options in line with ethical journalistic behavior. They gradually go from being an anonymous social media presence to running a fictional fake news empire.

Offers a Supercourse a global repository of lectures on public health and preventive health care, on epidemiology and global health.

Supercourse described here. Provides training and certificates and is working with several other organizations toward providing certification a more expensive and elaborate ongoing process. Extremely helpful organization. See Becoming a board-certified editor. Here's one issue they took up: Unmuzzle scientists, federal leaders urged Emily Chung, CBC News, 'A group representing science journalists and communicators across Canada sent an open letter Tuesday to Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, NDP Leader Jack Layton and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May documenting recent instances where they say federal scientists have been barred from talking about research funded by taxpayers "We urge you to free the scientists to speak," the letter said.

CASW has its own descriptions of four science writers organizations. I am not providing a link because my Norton software rates the site as unsafe in terms of computer threats. See also NASW's list of Local science writing groups and a full list of Writer resources , including Online resources for science writers , which includes a database of funding sources for science writers, a Fair Pay Tip Sheet, The Fine Print contracts various members have shared , WordsWorth journalists reporting on their clients , and for nonmembers also Marketing and publishing resources.

A particular favorite of mine: Advance Copy: Backstories on books by NASW members in which NASW book editor Lynne Lamberg asks NASW authors to tell how they came up with the idea for their book, developed a proposal, found an agent and publisher, funded and conducted research, and put the book together. She also asks what they wish they had known before they began working on their book, what they might do differently the next time, and what tips they can offer aspiring authors.

See also Problems covering government agencies for a discussion of issues associated with the relative power of journalists and public information officers PIOs in NASW a persistent touchy spot. The Foundation also has plans to do scicomm research to see why these communications have become so difficult throughout some of the US.

Holding its first U. A story about Medicine in the Media. Schwartz, and H. Gilbert Welch. Very helpful links. Holding the certificate shows you have a thorough working knowledge of all aspects of medical publishing, including planning, execution, and professional ethics. Articles included: Part 1. Bring Your Best to the Table Part Giving Credit: Citations and References Part How to Write a Rave Review Part Webb, Science, Here is their FAQs page.

It also relied wholly on part-time employees and adjunct instructors Programs that exist independently seem to be faring worse than those that can draw on the resources of a full-fledged journalism school. Falling employment, rising education costs to blame. Chest Online--and it's free! Genuinely informative series. Net , created by the World Federation of Science Journalists in close cooperation with the Science and Development Network, for use by professional journalists, journalism students and teachers.

For each course there is an e-lecture, self-teaching questions, assignments, and PDF versions. The other thing to do is find whatever local calendars there are of conferences in town -- at the town's conference center -- for whatever town you're in or are willing to travel to.

It covers virtually every topic that can be considered "science. For members only. Wielawski, Covering Health, Any information that might identify you will be deleted before any use is made of this information.

I became aware of this story through InfoDocket Library Journal. When emergency responders go door-to-door, compliance reaches close to percent. No other method consistently gets above 75 percent. For emergency responders in , the lessons are clear: establish trust before the next disaster so that people know what to do when you tell them to take shelter, evacuate, or not worry Even if they are trusted, public information officers also must know that some people in their area may need to get urgent messages differently - because of special needs or other factors.

PIOs get to bring attention to science that is both delightful and important; to taste the best, most interesting moments of scientific discovery; and — every now and then — to help connect communities.

Schmitt, Science and Environmental Communication, Frontiers in Communication, How science communication professionals can do the work that news writers cannot. So, when does it make sense to push a communication?

Lots of links to resources on this page. This layer of bureaucracy slows down and often seems an effort to divert the open flow of information. Maybe it's the lawyers who are advising: Be careful what you say, fearing litigation? Some of the following pieces are about the roadblocks to open communication with the public that journalists are experiencing.

It's YOUR government. Demand the open flow of information that helps define a democracy. Included here are a few stories about conflicts that arise when science journalists and public information officers PIOs belong in the same organization, because their professional obligations don't align, even though they both want accurate communication of science.

Journalists and public information officers PIOs "have a common interest in accurately communicating science to the public, [but] they can often have competing agendas.

But, some argue, a PIO whose paycheck comes from Bureau X might have a conflict of interest weighing in on a public discussion of right or wrongdoing in Bureau X. On the other hand, NASW is able to afford many more activities beneficial to members because of the dues paid by PIOs and the organizations that employ them.

This is true for other science writers organizations as well. Do a search on "science writers" and "PIOs" for more such pieces on an interesting issue with good arguments on both sides of the issue. Its Leadership Policy Should Too. Rick Borchelt, Undark, For the National Association of Science Writers to remain inclusive, its leadership policy must adapt to reflect its changing membership. Since public information officers PIOs and journalists are equal dues-paying members of the National Association of Science Writers, except that "Only bona fide journalists may serve as officers that is, president, vice president, secretary or treasurer within NASW.

Scroll down for his piece "Representing Whose Interest? Public Information Officers Paul Raeburn, Undark, Despite recent disagreements over who should control the professional group to which they both belong, the battle ended decades ago.

Do read the comments and all these articles. Breaking an embargo is a journalistic no-no, with good reason. The task force used the report to point to examples of when scientific integrity policies were undermined during the Trump administration, including in the administration's response to the Hurricane Dorian map scandal and its push to add a citizenship question to the census.

Paul D. One key reason is a push by industry to combat the labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms GMO. Advocates for labeling, who think coverage has been too favorable toward industry, have fought back by questioning the independence of journalists covering GMOs. Standards vary greatly across media, as Thacker illustrates. The stories have looked at conflicts of interest, flawed science and shoddy oversight by federal regulators — from back surgery products to the use of opioids to treat long-term pain.

Highlights of and links to a long series of articles. There is no ambiguity in the language, even though ten of twelve clinical trials not only found no benefit for tPA, but did reveal significant increases in brain bleeds, a side effect of tPA The year government trial is now underway, and Anheuser Busch InBev, Heineken and other alcohol companies are picking up most of the tab, through donations to a private foundation that raises money for the National Institutes of Health.

The fund-raising may have violated N. At the least, the campaign is bound to raise more questions about the independence of the investigators and the scientific integrity of the huge trial. See earlier story: A Massive Health Study on Booze, Brought to You by Big Alcohol Miriam Schuchman, Wired, "The Moderate Alcohol and Cardiovascular Health study, now in progress on four continents, is poised to be a breakthrough in public health: the first time that researchers have followed a group of people randomized to receive a daily drink or nothing at all The study has its origin, strangely enough, in tea.

Back in , researchers thought tea drinkers might have fewer heart attacks Go to AHCJ story for links. Is There A Payback? Unlike payments to doctors and lobbying expenses, companies do not have to report payments to the patient advocacy groups.

Bristol-Myers Squibb provides a stark example of how patient groups are valued. Recipients of donations from pharmaceutical firms include well-known disease groups, like the American Diabetes Association, with revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars; high-profile foundations like Susan G.

Komen, a patient group focused on breast cancer; and smaller, lesser-known groups, like the Caring Ambassadors Program, which focuses on lung cancer and hepatitis C. A PhRMA senior vice president, Scott LaGanga, for 10 years led the Partnership for Safe Medicines, a nonprofit that has recently emerged as a leading voice against Senate bills that would allow drug importation from Canada.

We are. Time for world's top health journalism organization to reconsider fundraising practices. That strict standard distinguishes AHCJ from some other journalism training organizations, which have no qualms about accepting money from companies that journalists routinely report on. But the association routinely solicits significant funds from academic medical centers in order to support its annual conferences, and that poses a conflict of interest The important thing is for AHCJ to separate fundraising from conference programming, similar to how news organizations separate advertising and editorial functions.

If outside organizations work with AHCJ on programming, whether money changes hands or not, that should be disclosed as a collaboration. How not to misread or misreport research reports Plus the bad news about "fake news" and. Journalists should understand the "Hierarchy of Evidence Pyramid" and know when not to generalize from items low on the pyramid picture these forming a pyramid :.

Then read on! Always read the entire paper. Ask 'dumb' questions. Ask smart questions. What are the side effects. Who dropped out? Are there alternatives? Observational studies are useful for identifying trends but do not demonstrate cause and effect.

Active language is fine in general — who wants to write like a scientist? But problems can arise when the use of causal language is not justified by the study design.

For example, a description of an association e. But they can be frustratingly dense and inscrutable, especially for new science writers who don't have a background in science. Witze lays out, step-by-step, how to tackle a scientific paper--what a typical scientific paper contains, and how to read and make sense of the various sections of the paper.

See more Open Notebook stories about science journalism. Clinicians, politicians, legal experts, social workers, and other community members can provide extra context about what a study means on the ground. They serve as watchdogs, too, informing readers about everything from the environmental impact of space delivery capsules to product launches of drugs that might end up in your medicine cabinet. When story leads slip into our inboxes in the form of press releases, how do reporters sift through the PR claims and,verify information?

The standard deviation of a dataset is a number that indicates how much variation there is within the data. Scientists can use standard deviation to make predictions, investigate trends and answer other key research questions. In some studies, scientists report their findings in terms of standard deviations instead of a unit of measurement such as inches or pounds.

Scientists can use standard deviation to help them confirm whether a data point they consider an outlier actually is an outlier. Thus, any link between cause and effect in observational studies is speculative at best A subtle trap occurs in the transition from the cautious, nondirectional, noncausal, passive language that scientists use in reporting the results of observational studies to the active language favored in mass media. We urge health care journalists to be mindful of when causal language is warranted by the study design and when it is not.

And be wary of single-anecdote news stories Why or why not? Lee, BuzzFeed News, Brian Wansink won fame, funding, and influence for his science-backed advice on healthy eating. Does the story seem to grasp the quality of the evidence? Does the story commit disease-mongering? Does the story use independent sources and identify conflicts of interest? Does the story compare the new approach with existing alternatives?

Does the story establish the true novelty of the approach? Does the story appear to rely solely or largely on a news release? Sample HealthNewsReview. Does the news release include unjustifiable, sensational language, including in the quotes of researchers? A Nature analysis examines the 'paper mill' problem — and how editors are trying to cope.

Though the studies shared a common aim, they reached different conclusions about the main factors that contribute to disparities in cancer survival..

One attributed survival differences to the stage at which patients were diagnosed. The other concluded insurance status is the primary factor involved.

Lauren Wallner of the University of Michigan offers advice on making sense of divergent findings in academic research. Zikmund-Fisher Peter A. David Levine captures advice given by three panelists--Bonnie D. To detect risk factors associated with disease, public health researchers are more likely to conduct a prospective cohort study. Too many headlines overstate the findings of observational studies, a mainstay of nutrition research. Founders Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus have learned a lot in that time about following up on retractions, errors or other problematic aspects of scientific research.

Contact them if you suspect science fraud or scientific misconduct " or go directly to the universities and oversight organizations who would do the investigating. Give 'research integrity officers, or the equivalent, at the institutions where the authors in question work; the head start instead of the authors suspected of misconduct. When a paper smells a little off, check PubPeer "where commenters can anonymously post about a published work. Now they are long, full of jargon and symbols, dependent on "chains of computer programs that generate data, and clean up data, and plot data, and run statistical models on data.

But when not handled appropriately by researchers, use of genomics in medical studies can also introduce bias. What happens? Michael Joyce, HealthNewsReview, Journalists should consider how they frame the results of "preliminary" studies, and whether they should be more selective about which studies get promoted in the first place.

People often take preliminary results as the truth and act on them, but they are often overturned. Required reading. As Norman Bauman summarizes, "journalists should include the strength of evidence in their stories. That's even more important than 'who paid for the study? If we go overboard in either direction, though , we risk a field that is not knowledgeable at all. Such suppression will 'rebound' and undoubtedly fuel further distrust.

Instead, I think we have to learn to tell stories that emphasize that what makes science right is the enduring capacity to admit we are wrong. Such is the slow, imperfect march of science. Sometimes, an RCT is truly unethical, and other times an RCT really might be needed to test an intervention taken for granted. The American Diabetes Association also has an "evidence grading system. Schwartz, NY Times, A screening that increases survival rates does not necessarily reduce mortality -- it could have started measuring at an early age.

As one reader writes, "Even when a treatment can cut the deaths from a particular cancer in half, most current treatments create non-cancer deaths, many of which will be improperly reported. They want to glean some kind of practical knowledge. Find a study that suggests alcohol increases longevity. Fail to mention the study is observational but still emphasize cause-and-effect language in your headline.

One of many, which you can find on the Retraction Watch site. Randomized controlled trials are the "gold standard" for evidence, but researchers face pressure to design their studies in a way that increases the likelihood of observing a positive result. And publication in authoritative journals leads to funding, prestige, and career advancement for researchers. And when participants can guess which part of the trial they are in, there may be a placebo effect for what they consume.

And those are just some of the problems. So nearly all nutrition studies rely on measures of food consumption that require people to remember and report what they ate. The most common of these are food diaries, recall surveys and the food frequency questionnaire, or FFQ. Questionnaire-based nutrition data are inaccurate. Benefits are overstated through reporting of relative risks.

Write about mental illness more regularly and outside of a criminal context. There are plenty of fascinating stories. Jeanne Lenzer and Shannon Brownlee, Medicine and the Media, BMJ, In an attempt to disentangle commercial messages from science, they compiled a list of nearly independent medical experts to whom reporters can turn. The way we cover a study has impact — potentially both positive and negative — and that means we have a responsibility get it right.

Social media is also emerging as a platform for patients to share information about their experiences with particular treatments. While there are concerns about using this information, given it is not being exchanged in a clinical setting, we can learn from these aggregated data about how patients are responding or not , who may have been excluded from clinical trials, and who are currently on the treatment of interest.

Advances in social media are helping us to capture more about the patient journey and more specifically what patients need or want when it comes to what a drug does for them. Public Health Service enrolled Black male sharecroppers from Tuskegee, Alabama, and intentionally withheld information and treatment from approximately of the Black men who had syphilis while researchers studied how the disease affected their life course.

A black mark on medical science, and one reason black Americans came to mistrust the medical establishment. Links to many articles on the topic. See also New PLOS pricing test could signal end of scientists paying to publish free papers Jeffrey Brainard, Science, "PLOS, the nonprofit publisher that in pioneered the open-access business model of charging authors to publish scientific articles so they are immediately free to all, this week rolled out an alternative model that could herald the end of the author-pays era.

One of the new options shifts the cost of publishing open-access OA articles in its two most selective journals to institutions, charging them a fixed annual fee; any researcher at that institution could then publish in the PLOS journals at no additional charge. We investigated addressing of 19 topics related to transparency in reporting and research integrity. Orchestrated and well-funded harassment campaigns against researchers working in climate change and tobacco control are well documented.

Some hard-line opponents to other research, such as that on nuclear fallout, vaccination, chronic fatigue syndrome or genetically modified organisms, although less resourced, have employed identical strategies. Grading journals on how well they share information with readers will help deliver accountability to an industry that often lacks it. The abstracts and plain language summaries of all Cochrane reviews are on their website.

The in-depth reviews are made available free to journalists who belong to the Association of Healthcare Journalists and are also available at most university libraries.

Informed decisions. Better health. And dentists know from a range of evidence, including clinical experience, that interdental cleaning is critical to oral health and that flossing, properly done, works. Yet the notion has taken hold that such expertise is fatally subjective and that only randomized controlled trials provide real knowledge.

Many psychologists believe that dismissing a century of clinical observation and knowledge as anecdotal, as research-driven schools like cognitive behavioral therapy have sometimes done, has weakened the bonds between clinical discovery and scholarly evaluation.

Ca Creates original media content on public policy topics for publication in the mainstream media and links journalists with policy experts to provide access to non-partisan, evidence-based information. Includes links to reports. Kent Anderson, The Scholarly Kitchen , PubMed may be consciously or unwittingly acting as a facilitator of predatory or unscrupulous publishing.

PubMed's brand has long been muddled in ways that pass lower-quality works through the system under cover of prestige. This has real consequences At other times, these adaptations have revealed a clear lack of purpose and mission, such as the controversial involvement with eLife, the competition with publisher brands and traffic, and now the loose standards that have allowed unscrupulous publishers to enter PubMed via PMC.

A website that allows users to discuss and review scientific research after publication. Discussions have highlighted shortcomings in several high-profile papers, in some cases leading to retractions and to accusations of scientific fraud. Comments must use only facts that can be verified. Partially fake research papers may teach a critical attitude. Various ideas for games reviewed.

How to use evidence, links to good evidence, links to tools for understanding evidence, research designs, and glossary. First , prices keep rising and Congress has done little. Second , Americans have long paid far more for prescription drugs than those who live in other developed nations pay. Third , drug company executives insisted that a crucial factor causing drug prices to rise was pressure on pharmaceutical manufacturers to pay higher rebates to middlemen in the U. Drugmakers pay rebates to get their medications on the preferred lists of drugs, called formularies, that pharmacy benefit managers and insurers use.

Fourth , since , state legislatures enacted some laws affecting drug prices. Fifth , follow the money. Lobbying broke all-time mark in amid flurry of government spending Jonathan O'Connell and Anu Narayanswamy. This page book presents concise information on health policy issues, lists expert sources from across the political spectrum, and includes an extensive glossary, ideas and examples for TV and radio reporters, and links to polls on health issues. Chapter contents: Health reform, cost of health care, quality of care, employer-sponsored health coverage, children's health coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, disparities, mental health and substance abuse, public health, polls on health care issues, covering health issues for TV and radio, acronyms and glossary.

Julie Rovner demonstrates how to use it YouTube video. Reporters may find pages of links to organizations and experts particularly helpful. A helpful summary of what several experts explained about how we in the U. Our current system also rewards doctors for prescribing more expensive drugs. Moreover, we do not know if we are spending it on the right drugs, either.

See Drugs, Big Pharma, conflicts of interest, and why U. An important historical overview of patient safety efforts. See also Cracking the Codes:How doctors and hospitals have collected billions in questionable Medicare fees Schulte and David Donald, Center for Public Integrity on "how some medical professionals have billed at sharply higher rates than their peers and collected billions of dollars of questionable fees as a result. David Blumenthal, M. This is mainly driven by RSV, with flu picking up steam, and don't forget Covid.

RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus. He unearthed serious problems with research on a protein subtype of amyloid beta that has been a cornerstone of research and spending on Alzheimer's for over a decade. He identified apparently altered or duplicated images in dozens of journal articles.

Ask academics for help gauging the newsworthiness of new theories and claims. To prevent misinformation from spreading, news outlets also should fact-check op-eds.

Read the work of journalists who cover science topics well. Ford offers solid advice on the topic, with links to additional material.

Placing health-disparities stories can be particularly challenging for freelancers: Convincing an editor of the links between an observed health disparity and its underlying social determinants can require extensive—often unpaid—pre-reporting.

All the money left over after covering costs goes to the company, not the doctors who treated the patients. But all too often, they are barred from accessing the electronic records of the health care systems where they drop their patients off. To her surprise, Lenharo learned that many of the families who had participated in Zika studies now felt abandoned by those scientists, whom they accused of getting caught up in COVID and failing to share their results.

Feeling forgotten, some families said they were now reluctant to take part in research going forward. Then They Were Forgotten. See also for AHCJ members Tip sheet on where to find nurses to interview and Underrepresentation of nurses in health care coverage continues to be a concern Diana J.

Diversify your sources with this guide to nursing specialty groups Naseem S. Miller, Journalist's Resource, Nurses in different specialties can offer perspective about patient care as well as clinical research, ethical issues, and management. At the heart of recent battles over surprise bills is the question of how much insurers should pay for out-of-network medical care. See also section on Surprise medical bills.

Not surprisingly, organizations representing ER doctors, radiologists, anesthesiologists, hospital executives joined the AMA in condemning the rule. We seem to be in what might be called a vicious cycle of consolidation, with insurers growing in size to negotiate with large groups of hospitals and physicians. The goal of any modern, preventative treatment for pedophilia should be to help people manage their sexual interests rather than try to change them, Cantor said Online support groups for non-offending pedophiles have only recently entered the public eye.

The most well-known group, the Virtuous Pedophiles, was formed in as a safe place for pedophiles to discuss their struggles and commitment to not offend.

Doing this can help you find better and more diverse sources. Also: Set up Google and PubMed alerts for specific scientists and keywords, so you immediately know about any new publications in a particular field of interest.

While there are more than 85 trials for vaccines and treatments underway for COVID, scientists don't expect them to be available to the public soon, despite what some headlines suggest. But following her chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis in , she writes, "This scientific grounding fell away from me. Journalists, she says, can play a critical part in framing and contextualizing patients' experiences, learning from and avoiding the mistakes that have left others feeling marginalized.

Here, Rehmeyer provides a guide. Below those ten criteria they explain those for health news press releases. PR directors, take note! Researchers, learn where the flaws in health news reports are. Will they change anything?

Health reporters who cover obesity issues should be aware of this. Her intimate narrative provides insights into the patient perspective that journalists may rarely get even when interviewing patients The other major issue Gay confronts in the book is a gang rape that took place when she was 12 years old.

Vox has collected nearly 2, bills and is now ready to open up the database of bills to local health reporters. Kliff, a senior policy correspondent, says that Vox is hoping to connect reporters with patients who have interesting stories.

Jones, the patient she focused on. Why are they invisible in the media? Carole R. Myers, First Opinion, STAT, "Nurses make up the largest segment of the health care workforce and have the closest and most sustained proximity to patients. In Gallup polls, they are repeatedly voted to be the most trusted profession.

Over the years, nurses have helped improve access to care; blazed new paths in telehealth, informatics, technology development, and genomics; worked to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety; promoted wellness and expanded preventive care; engaged in research with practical applications and impact; and more.

In short, nurses have helped transform the delivery of health care to meet the challenges of a graying and increasingly diverse population. Yet their visibility in the media and influence in policymaking are not commensurate with their numbers, position, and expertise. And the story about the story: How Anna Maria Barry-Jester turned a story about Wyoming suicides into a sensitive narrative David Wollman, Storygram, The Open Notebook, Wollman, in a Storygram, annotates an award-winning story to shed light on what makes some of the best science writing so outstanding.

Scroll down to see the way she saves drafts and labels the drafts so that she can return to an earlier one if a new version doesn't work out. The Wired story she talks about is beautifully written and persuasive. A webcast hosted by SciLine highlighted that the combination of climate change, international travel, changing land use, deforestation, and urbanization of rural areas are all driving vector-borne diseases to the highest numbers ever reported.

This was more than just a local malfeasance turned deadly; it was a broader trend nationally among homeless and drug-using populations. HuffPost reporter, drawn by data, paints larger picture of hepatitis outbreak Susan Heavey, Covering Health, Same story, more public venue. Journalists disagree. The further you dig, the more you find. Check links along left side, too. Many specific ledes, such as As health reform action moves to the state level, here are the trends reporters should watch Kelly Schmitt, and While some states push for work requirements, Washington state is using Medicaid to get people housed Kelly Schmitt, Lots of story ideas here.

Here's how to fight back. See also Other pieces in the "Forgotten Voices" series. In the articles we read, there is little—if any—discussion of the potential harms, even though the procedure involves inserting a metal bar into the chest of a usually healthy child, and leaving it there for two years Underreporting of bad outcomes is a problem for most surgeries, since no governing body in the U.

Links to many solid articles and research reports. Alex Cuadros, NY Times, Some Brazilian scientists fear that the Amazon may become a grassy savanna — with profound effects on the climate worldwide. But deforestation has changed all that. One piece in a series: Killing the Colorado: The Water Crisis in the West The Colorado River is dying — the victim of legally sanctioned overuse, the relentless forces of urban growth, willful ignorance among policymakers and a misplaced confidence in human ingenuity.

ProPublica investigates the policies that are putting this precious resource in peril. Instead, the choices people must make to fight climate change can be framed as enjoyable, desirable or even moral, instead of avoidable. In other words, things that people actually want to do. Such an approach treats climate change as a cultural issue instead of simply as a scientific and environmental problem.

A gripping human drama rooted in a centuries-old scientific quest, Toms River is a tale of dumpers at midnight and deceptions in broad daylight, of corporate avarice and government neglect, and of a few brave individuals who refused to keep silent until the truth was exposed.

The program offers scientists and aspiring environmental journalists an opportunity to build their communication skills and professional network by creating an article, video, image gallery, infographic or other work on a topic of their choice. We should, at the very least, question the ethics of driving up demand for crops that require high inputs of fertiliser, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides, while demonising sustainable forms of livestock farming that can restore soils and biodiversity, and sequester carbon.

When Oklahoma increased regulations the number of earthquakes declined significantly. See also Researchers map susceptibility to human-made earthquakes Science Daily, and Man-made earthquakes: Fact or fiction? The wastewater can add pressure to faults, causing them to slip, and Oklahoma is getting the worst of it. It's the longest continuous oil spill in U. NOAA found that more than 4, gallons of oil are flowing from the site every day.

Now they're trying to determine how much the spill is damaging natural resources. Mussels are a hard sell in some way.

They look like rocks. No one disputes that the monarch is in trouble, but some scientists think the species may be in even worse shape than the winter counts suggest. Investigating one of America's greatest polluters. Department of Defense tracks tens of thousands of polluted sites across the United States. In some places, old missiles and munitions were left buried beneath school grounds. In others, former test sites for chemical weapons have been repurposed for day care centers and housing developments.

The dataset includes details on more than 39, unique sites across more than 5, present and former military locations in every U. Max, New Yorker, In the Panhandle, where swarms of lionfish gobble up native species, a tournament offers cash prizes to divers skilled at spearing one predator after another.

But it doesn't have to be that way, new research suggests. The Public Discourse, The Witherspoon Institutute, Roger Scruton argues that conservatism is a better home for good environmental policy than liberalism. Climate change: Understanding, covering, and writing or arguing about it.

See also Covering Energy. Secretary of Defense. See As temperatures rise, the White House launches new extreme heat maps Alex Pasternack, Fast Company, A new interactive website aims to show Americans just how hot their neighborhoods are getting, and help them prepare for even deadlier heat.

See also Two new maps to notice Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation, and a story map about sea turtles. For Google, providing financial backing to groups such as CEI and the Cato Institute — staunch free marketeers — has nothing to do with climate science, and everything to do with its effort to curry favour with conservatives on its most pressing issue in Washington: protecting an obscure section of the US law that is worth billions of dollars to the company.

The law — known as section of the Communications Decency Act — was established in the s, at a time when the internet was in its infancy, and helped to give rise to internet giants, from Google to Facebook, by offering legal immunity to the companies for third party comments , in effect treating them as distributors of content and not publishers.

Section , in effect, allowed Google and Facebook to be shielded from the kinds of libel laws that can ensnare other companies, such as newspapers. How much agreement is there among scientists about climate change? Do we really only have years of climate data?

How is that enough to tell us about centuries of change? How do we know climate change is caused by humans? And so on. It is upfront about its opposition to Vineyard Wind and other renewable energy projects, making no apologies for its advocacy work.

Climate change deniers want us to focus on lightbulbs instead of the big stuff. In fighting climate change our goal should be to get the biggest polluters to change: oil companies need to become clean energy companies and car companies need to build no-pollution cars ; buildings need to use clean energy and people need to minimize their carbon footprint down to the lowest level.

At the same time, investors need to pull out of companies that are causing pollution -- a growing field is green investing -- and governments need to pour money into making the laws and building the infrastructure to support changes to reduce pollution. Their method for making decisions has much to teach us, while their encounter with a planet much like ours is a stunning reminder of how much we need to keep in balance with the biosphere that supports us.

The most aggressive climate advocacy groups, including Sunrise Movement and EarthJustice , are urging Congress to approve it immediately, before Republicans might take the House. James Fallows, Breaking the News Change comes slowly, then all at once. James Fallows, Breaking the News. Tons of links to support your next argument. The bill aims to tackle global warming by using billions of dollars in tax incentives to ramp up wind, solar, geothermal, battery and other clean energy industries over the next decade.

Companies would receive financial incentives to keep open nuclear plants that might have closed, or to capture emissions from industrial facilities and bury them underground before they can warm the planet. The finger-pointing autopsies fell into two predictably defined groups. One, from the climate left, faulted Manchin and the influence of the fossil-fuel business.

Demand in the fast-growing Southwest exceeds supply, and it is growing even as supply drops amid a climate change-driven megadrought and rising temperatures. States and cities are now scrambling to forestall the gravest impacts to growth, farming, drinking water and electricity, while also aiming to protect their own interests. ProPublica reveals where these places are in a first-of-its-kind map and data analysis. See The Case of the Shifting Snow and other research reports.

Standing apart from the rest of the canopy, it ascends to the height of a story building. The miraculous process that sustains life on Earth is embedded within its vast trunk, a reservoir for the greenhouse gases that now threaten humanity. The spruce draws in carbon dioxide through the tiny holes in its leaves, known as stomata, and water through its roots.

The sunlight it absorbs fuels a reaction that splits the water and carbon dioxide into glucose, which traps the carbon, and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. A town where farmworkers struggle for access to clean drinking water and comfortable places to sleep while their wealthy neighbors water their lawns generously and park in climate-controlled garages. See ProPublica's excellent reporting on the environment.

Now environmentalists and lawmakers are pushing for closer oversight of the gas industry, which is pushing back. Its oversight of thousands of toxic sites has been marked by defiance and delay. And humidity, driven in part by climate change, is increasing. Deadly heat waves have swept the globe and will continue to because of climate change. The trends are prompting doomsday questions: Will parts of the world soon become too hot to live in?

How will we survive? A term we rarely hear about, the wet-bulb temperature reflects not only heat, but also how much water is in the air. The higher that number is, the harder it is for sweat to evaporate and for bodies to cool down. Has Failed to Force Safety Changes. Two decades after the government identified the danger, and as climate change leads to more power outages, people are left vulnerable by a system that lets the industry regulate itself.

Ava Kofman, ProPublica, Despite the high stakes for public health, the EPA relies on emissions data it knows to be inaccurate. To expose toxic hot spots, we first had to get the facts straight. A deeply informative, award-winning piece that should be required reading on and near every coast. The water is rising, folks. Climate change is already here. Click on any state to see its toll.

See, for example, California. Climate science from climate scientists. The enforced economic slowdown of the pandemic, which inadvertently drove down emissions and induced simple living gardening, sour dough, local hiking! How the earth is changing. With many summer plans still up in the air, six local families reflect on why Bethany, Rehoboth, Dewey and Ocean City are so important to them. Home is where the heart is. From home repairs to renovations, we mind every. Jeff Galvin believes his Rockville cell and gene technology company has found a breakthrough treatment for people living with HIV.

Change creates. Change destroys. Change is inevitable. We invest in change. Thematic Investing is a progressive departure from common Wall Street practice. It examines how the world is changing, determines which companies will be advantaged, and invests accordingly. Thematic Investing anticipates where the world is going, not where it has been. To learn more, call Stacy Murchison at We were already living through a pandemic when the death of George Floyd during a police arrest sparked protests across the nation.

By the time I got there to help with our coverage, things had settled down, but county police cars with lights flashing lined the border. I quickly realized that normal was a long way off.

I was heartened to see diners sitting at outdoor tables and enjoying a leisurely lunch on a beautiful spring day. It was the first time in 11 weeks that restaurants in the county could serve patrons on their premises, albeit outdoors only. Workers at the Apple store on Bethesda Avenue were just about finished boarding up the storefront windows. The windows of other merchants were boarded up, as well. I stopped at Mon Ami Gabi, and the scene inside the popular eatery said it all. Some staff members were preparing for the 65 dinner reservations that had been made for reopening night, while others hurriedly cleared bottles from the bar in case there was looting.

On Tuesday, more than 2, people by my count participated in the protest in the parking lot of the Bethesda library.

Organized and led by local high school students, it was peaceful and inspiring. Hundreds of the protestors then marched through the streets of Bethesda, with a police escort, for several hours.

On Wednesday, the news broke that a biker on the Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda had accosted a group of young people who were putting up flyers about the death of George Floyd.

Neither man had anything to do with the incident. The really hard work is just beginning. And I am confident that we as a community will embrace the challenge. I know I will. As a company, we are examining how we cover people of color and issues of race and diversity in Bethesda Magazine and Bethesda Beat. In this issue, we are excited to publish a special advertising section that gives the graduates at least some of the recognition they deserve.

The section consists of ads recognizing individual graduates, ads from private schools, and ads listing every MCPS high school graduate. David and Mikel Blair of Potomac purchased ads for the 12 high schools in the county with the highest percentage of students from low-income families.

MCPS bought the ads for the other schools. The section begins on page For Kathy Byars, personalized and professional service and dedication to her clients is what sets her apart from everyone else. Kathy takes pride in her life-long area connections to Walter Johnson High School, University of Maryland, and raising her family in the same Parkwood neighborhood where she grew up.

To have a confidential conversation about buying or selling a home, contact Kathy Byars at I know the love and joy my new little guy, Waffles, has brought me. In this time with all of the gloomy news it was so nice to cover a story about people having excitement, joy and happiness brought to them by their new pets. And hugging my mom. Gerber, Steve Goldstein, Melanie D. Story ideas: Please send ideas for stories to editorial bethesdamagazine. Bethesda Magazine Woodmont Ave. He has a lot of spirit for such a little guy.

He bounces through the yard like a little bunny rabbit. His name was coined by his dad, Jason Fisher, who, months before we got him, decided that any breakfast food would be a perfect name for a dog, and Waffles was our favorite. Higgins, Tony J. For customer service: Call , ext. For advertising information: Call , ext. For information on events and reprints: Call , ext. Annapolis, MD: The son of a father who was a machinist and a mother who worked as a janitor, he graduated from Virginia Tech in and was awarded a full scholarship to study musical theater at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee in Boston.

He went on to direct theater productions in Boston, San Diego and Seattle and serve as an artistic director in Boston and Seattle before co-founding the Lodestone Theatre Ensemble in Los Angeles in When the theater company closed 10 years later, he stayed in L. Eight months into his new post, when the coronavirus forced local theaters to abruptly shut their doors, Kong took Adventure Theatre online, streaming weekly live play readings and other events on Facebook.

You grew up about an hour south of the Bethesda area. What was that like? I was a Southern boy, including the twang. I think I broke a lot of stereotypes because of the way I talked, and physically I was different from what people expected an Asian man to be. Your parents brought you and your two younger sisters to the U. They were blue-collar, but they wanted you three to become doctors or lawyers or accountants.

How did you end up in theater? That started my slippery slope into the arts. What was your first professional directing experience? It was in Boston at the Chinese Cultural Institute, which is no longer there. My first show was in I was super young. A lawyer representing the estate of Tennessee Williams came to the show—apparently to shut it down.

But he liked the show so much that they let me run it for, like, three weeks. I was really lucky. When did your parents get comfortable with your career choice? It was There was some big announcement in the Chosun Ilbo [the major South Korean daily newspaper] because I was the first Korean American artistic director at the time. I sent a copy to my parents—not thinking about how important it was—and my parents finally understood what I was doing.

That was the turning point for them—seeing it in their language. I wanted to be part of a company that allows me to share a collective experience with my son, my family, and see stories that all of us can enjoy. Any other changes in store? I want for Adventure—as a theater company—to be more multigenerational as opposed to being purely focused on the kids.

I was fortunate in that I saw a lot of amazing family theater in Seattle, and I saw a lot of possibilities of how theater can inspire not just children but also their parents and grandparents, sort of the Pixar model. Any upcoming projects you can share? What do you love most about Adventure Theatre?

We are a funnel for all the theater in the D. In mid-March , theaters across the region were ordered to close. What happened next? We were doing The Snowy Day and it was tracking to be our highest-grossing show in a while. We had to stop in the middle of the run and cancel our next show, Lyle the Crocodile. Interestingly, the theme of Lyle is how to deal with something strange happening in your life.

Anyway, we were able to start immediately producing two hours a week of live, online theater and making it available to everyone for free. My experience in TV and film helped us ramp up quickly. We were trying to take the proactive approach of giving moments of joy to people until they can go to the theater in person again. The viewership has been really strong.

And we can see kids commenting and clapping throughout the performance— lots of hug and love emojis. You have a wife and 8-year-old son. No, we have a place in New York City and my wife and son are there. I was planning to go up near the end of March, but there were emergencies here I had to address and then New York issued its shelter-in-place order. My room in their house looks like the control deck on the Star Trek Enterprise, with my five monitors and all my production equipment. Any plans for your wife and son to relocate closer to Adventure Theatre?

Everything I want for my future is here. My wife [Erin Quill] is a Broadway performer—her career is just as important as mine. COVID is having a significant impact on many facets of daily life. For some people, the most profound impact is on their financial circumstances. Some families have agreed temporarily to alter alimony or child support during the pendency of the pandemic. It is imperative that any alterations to existing support obligations be in writing.

Current support obligations would remain in effect and any arrears would continue to accrue unless the change in support is in an enforceable written form. If the parties cannot agree on any temporary change in support obligations, the existing court order remains in effect unless one party obtains a modification from the court. While child support is always subject to modification by the court, alimony is only subject to change under certain circumstances. Monica represents clients in complex matters including divorce, contested custody, support and property allocation.

Carrie Fox and her daughter Sophia geared their book of kindness activities toward kids ages 7 to As they pass it back and forth, Carrie often poses a question to yearold Sophia.

The page paperback contains 52 ideas for acts of kindness that kids can do for their families and others, as well as things that benefit their health and mind. Adventures in Kindness explains how to organize a neighborhood book swap, make care kits for the homeless, and. There are at-home activities, such as creating a family gratitude list or taking a challenge to limit shower time in order to save water.

At the end of each section there are prompts and space for readers to write about the experience. Sophia added notes that appear throughout the book. Following an entry about how to organize a bike drive, Sophia wrote about handing down her first bicycle to her little sister, who was excited to get it. The scouts made pet toys to donate to an animal shelter and did a community adventure in which they interviewed older women about their life experiences.

The troop also took on a project in which the girls listed what they saw as problems in society homelessness, pollution alongside their vision for an ideal world. One girl whose father is in the military prompted Carrie and Sophia to add projects to support service members.

They are all things you can do rather easily, but can really make a difference. More couples are divorcing in their later years.

Jeffrey N. Greenblatt is a renowned attorney, who has practiced family law, exclusively, for the past 46 years. He will protect your rights and help you move forward. With the right guidance, you will be prepared to make the most of the next phase of your life. Aimed at ages 8 and older, the story takes place in a fantastical kingdom that incorporates Asian mythology and culture.

Feinstein, 63, who lives in Potomac, spent the winter of capturing the drama of lesser-known collegiate basketball players and teams for The Back Roads to March: The Unsung, Unheralded, and Unknown Heroes of a College Basketball Season Doubleday, March The more you understand the different paths, the more freeing you feel about your current path.

Jim Kleiger has written three professional books for mental health practitioners during his 40 years as a clinical psychologist, most of that time in Bethesda. The story follows a character who is broken down from the trauma of World War I and journeys to Zurich, falling under the spell of Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach, who invented the Inkblot Test in Get Dana Rice Group on your side.

With savvy and smart agents, an on-staff designer, not to mention complimentary staging for all our sellers, you have a full-service team dedicated to you from search to settlement. Dana Rice Group has the real estate chops that makes a difference to their clients.

Go ahead and give us a call. The top-selling books in our area. The other 14 high school ads are sponsored by MCPS. Then go to college and major in art. We are very proud of you, Eden, and love you very much. Congratulations Katie! We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! Be happy and do what you love. Love you, Your Fam. You are more than I imagined a daughter would be. Continue to share with the world your intelligence, humor, kindness, and compassion. Love, Mom. Sophie, we are so proud of you and so excited for everything you will accomplish in life.

Go Cards! Congrats Nikka. We are so proud of you. Love you, Mom, Dad, Kiana, Teddy. We are so incredibly proud of you! Your amazing outlook on life fills us with joy! Love Mom, Dad and Sari. Congratulations on your graduating from high school. So proud of you. Now on to your next conquest. Love, Mom and Dad. We are SO proud of you Atticus!

We love you and are so excited to see what this next chapter brings. We are proud of the young man you have become and are excited for the future! Happy graduation! You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Proud of you! Love, Grandma. Congratulations to you and the entire class of !

We love you and are so proud! Aishlinn, we are so proud of your achievements and the amazing young woman you are. With all my love and life, Mother, Family and Friends! May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you in all your plans. Shine Bright Lady. Congratulations Daniel! Wishing you success and happiness. We are very proud of you. With love, Mom, Dad and Catherine. All the dreams I had for you are all the things you are. You were once my little boy, and now, a rising star!

Joshua Mikey, we are all so proud of the man you have become. We love you! Psalm Kenneth Poerstel, Jr. Work hard, enjoy life and remember, we are always here for you. We love you so much! Continue to follow your passion and keep smiling! Your dreams are within reach! Mom, Dad and Dylan. It was a long road, but you worked very hard and you made it. Dear Jewdel, congratulations on the milestone achieved! Love, Dad. Congratulations on your graduation from B-CC!

We are so proud of you! We love you very much! Mom, Dad and Matthew. May you achieve every success in life. Congratulations and God bless you always. Congratulations to you Madison. You made it, you did it! Everyone is so very proud of you and all of your accomplishments! Love, Mommy. Right now, we need you more than ever. You will change us all for the better, and we are ready to be changed by you. With love, Grandmom and Grandpop.

Introducing St. ORG You have faced uncertainty and challenges with grit and grace. You are passionate, creative, and optimistic, and we are confident you will make important contributions to your new communities.

Albans St. Congratulations Grace! Love, Mom, Dad and Sarah. We are so very proud of you, Sean! To infinity and beyond! Love, Mom, Dad, Mr. Mike, Dylan, Julia, and Danielle. Andre, the whole family is very proud of you and your achievements at USC.

Love Mom and Dad. Daniel Castro Curtis Chambers, Jr. JOHN F. John Burgess, Jr. Ashia Lara Pedro Lazo, Jr. Carlee Malone. Harris Sebastien P. Miller, Jr. Ike Felix Nweke, Jr. Not seriously, but it took a few months of being friendly and slowly deciding if we wanted to pursue it or stay with the people we were dating.

We officially got together in June Last year we traveled to 22 countries over the course of nine months. I had a few plans for the engagement process, and that was going to take a little time. Our last big spot was Antarctica. JEFF: We really wrestled with how to handle our families. I have two brothers that are local. Her family is in Michigan, my parents are in New Jersey.

It was the most beautiful day of the year. Almost every house on the whole block. You got chills right away. You felt supported and festive. My neighbor was going to be one of my bridesmaids. She already had her dress, so she wore it while she watched from across the street. The little girls next door got dressed up, too. Some of my preparation for the wedding was to take him on a long run to make sure he was worn out. He was half on it.

When we were doing our vows, he gets up and. The wedding was scheduled for May 24 [of this year]. We were going to have it in Leesburg, Virginia.

We invited over people. We finally sent out the postponed save the date on March But I will be in the Foreign Service. JEFF: We decided to just focus on what we could control.

How do the two of us want to make our marriage special? It should mean something. Then it was just the technicality of: Where can you do this? You could use an officiant of your choosing who gets certified online. JEFF: When Kristin found out we could get Ginger, our [relationship] counselor, to officiate, that was the deciding factor.

I was in charge of the outdoor preparations. On our runs and walks with the dog we realized there are so many flowers here.

I posted on a Thursday and we had people dropping off flowers nonstop. We were even getting bottles of champagne. It was awesome.

We could say what we wanted to say to each other. It was so authentic and romantic. Jeff was my wedding planner, my florist. JEFF: After the ceremony, there was this pregnant pause and then everyone started clapping and cheering. We bought a cake just for us so we could have a cake-cutting picture. And we bought champagne because Jeff really wanted a picture of us shaking up champagne and spraying it. But since all these people were there we said come share. So I went inside and washed my hands, and we used paper plates and plastic forks and we offered cake to everyone.

JEFF: It had like the feel of a block party. People moved from their lawns down to the street but still distanced themselves. I have been married before.

Weddings are set up so you do certain things. You toss the bouquet. You do the first dance. This was the exact opposite. It just felt really organic. We felt like people were thanking us just as much as we were thanking them. It made the community so happy. It was perfect. I have three daughters. My daughter Rowan is 4, and Emmy is 2. Kids can be a little unpredictable. Rowan once took off her dress in the background of a [Zoom] meeting. She was changing into dress-up clothes while I was in the kitchen.

It was just teachers, luckily. My husband, Ian, works for a division of Clark Construction. At night we go over our schedules for the next day. We have early risers, so the kids are up at My husband starts working at 7. We usually eat breakfast and watch a couple episodes on Disney.

At , Sydney goes up in the office with him and does her class until She was fine logging into Zoom, but then she would have to watch an additional video, and that was a struggle.

So often I watched the video and would teach her the main parts she needed to know. She misses school, but. A lot of it is breaking up fights and disagreements about toys.

In the morning, I set them up with games and activities that hopefully will entertain them. They love watching videos of kids opening surprise packages and playing with toys. We are playing more Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders than we ever have. I hop back on at 1 because I do another live lesson for kindergartners and first graders. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we have planning meetings in the afternoon.

My 2-year-old is fascinated by my live lessons, so she often wants to sit on my lap during them. Getting her to nap is a battle. Bedtime is around or 8.

My husband and I will usually watch TV for a little bit after dinner and go over the next day. Every day is exhausting and you think it must be Thursday. We just keep reminding ourselves that we have jobs; we are healthy; there are worse situations we could be in. Trying to put things in perspective always helps. He knows he has to wear a mask and gloves. I learned that their transportation was horses and trains. Lunch is when we really talk. At school every Friday I buy lunch.

I love WWE. My favorite wrestler is Roman Reigns. I play WWE 2K20, which is a new one. We get in arguments. We pretend to be wrestlers and wrestle each other every night. We made a big fort a few weeks ago. I played flag football, soccer and baseball. I also used to watch sports. My favorite sport to watch is football. He also loves doing puzzles and playing games like Sudoku. She also suffers from PTSD. She was hit by a car on her way home from school when she was a freshman in high school.

She does portraits of people. My favorite sport to play is soccer. Being with my family has been kind of fun. I play with our dog, Georgie. He does a lot of funny stuff. This is maybe the longest my hair has ever been.

My mom did the back and it got really messed up. People at restaurants, work, casinos and stuff. But in China people are having bat stew. The bats have viruses, bad viruses, and the people got it and it started to spread, but America was fine for a little while. There was a boy named Trey.

He lived in Maryland. He knew about it and he knew he will not die because it barely affects kids. It turns out he was anyway. Two of my sons are in college. He our younger son, and our dog, Albie. Now over the master suite and just stayed we never know where he slept. He in there. I binged so many movies and walks around sort of chatting with evshows.

It spend that night. Those and we would let him out into the yard were two very depressing days for me. If the weather and the timHe kept trying to sneak in, then one ing fit, after dinner he would get one time the door was left open by accident lap around the block.

He spends most of it off you out. He takes a good long nap when Albie is a rescue, we got him from he gets home. My kids are polar opposites. My son rarely talks and prefers alone time, whereas my daughter is extremely high strung. She struggles with impulse control and she worries all the time. They have this way of working together. She helps him with his reading comprehension, and he helps her with her math. I take things one day at a time. Sometimes I have to break it down to an hour at a time.

I was more worried about my daughter, because my son will almost accept a new norm. Things like those really defy limitations. Holy Cross was like a ghost town. There were police in the lobby, there was almost no one in the cafeteria. It was eerie. My uterus was rupturing, so it was a had-to-get-her-out-right-away type of thing. She was six weeks early. She ended up going to the NICU for Gaithersburg days. My last child was in the NICU and at least family got to come visit.

It was harder emotionally for sure. I visited her every day, and when I would come home at. I was very nervous that I was going to bring something back. Life now is difficult and chaotic. My parents own a home in Ocean City, so just to get away we came down here. It relieves a lot of stress just being by the ocean. This is a totally different experience than with my first three kids.

Most of our facilities are shut down, although we have some open for essential workers. I had a breakdown this morning because I was like, how am I going to start working when I am up all night with a baby? We took her outside and she stayed 6 feet away. But how can you not feel joy when you look at her little face? If families talk about it, it makes it so much easier for everybody.

Her bat mitzvah was scheduled for April She goes to Hebrew school on Sunday mornings, then she had to go to tutoring for an hour. She practiced most nights of the week to learn it. Her birthday was March She was supposed to have a sleepover, which was canceled. We had put a lot of things in place [for the bat mitzvah]. There was planning with looking at different venues, deciding to get a caterer, getting a DJ.

Eighty people were invited. About half of. He was amenable to it, but at first I was not. My mom had a portion to read, and she did it from her house in Riderwood, a retirement facility.

My father, Fred Katz, is a. You just need to hide. You need to go out of circulation. My son and his girlfriend live in the basement. We wipe down the groceries as well.

We have a long table—I eat at one end, and 6 feet down they eat at the other end. No physical contact whatsoever. I try to keep my spirits up. I make sure I get enough sleep. Being on house arrest is frustrating. We have four hospitals in the system. Most people are going to do just fine with it. A percentage of those get bad enough that they have to have a ventilator.

It tears caregivers up. Our No. They are true heroes—that is not an understatement. Who should they [be] most loyal to? At some point, we all have to face death, and I have lived an incredible life. Where I work, the men are in suits and ties, and we all wear dresses. I very quickly adjusted to pajama life, and I think my daughter Callie, after seeing me in pajamas for the entire week, said we need to do something about this. She suggested dress-up dinners with themes.

I call him our Chef Jeff. Taco night is a big one. My daughter Courtney is not a big seafood person, so we always make sure to grill some. And of course there are lots of cocktails. Our other theme nights have been Caribbean or reggae. One time we actually wore beach cover-ups. Jeff and our son, Christopher, had on bathing suits and T-shirts. My husband had an idea that we would rotate among the five of us and we would pick a TED Talk, watch it together, then discuss it.

It stimulates good conversation, which has been fascinating. We watch them after dinner. And then we have dessert. Callie presented one by the mother of Dylan Klebold, [one of the shooters] at Columbine.

It was an interesting perspective about her as a parent being the mother of a person who caused all this heartache and her shame and embarrassment, and how she handled that. My kids keep teasing me that I keep posting pictures using the hashtag silverlining.

I had a hard time when they went off to college because I love having them around. This is forced family fun. I will cherish this time forever. But it went off pretty well. There were probably people logged on. She did really well. She sang loudly and confidently.

Some of her friends have made new dates for parties, but we have not. Her attitude throughout all of this was really good. She did ask if she would still get presents. She is a kid that has struggled with depression and anxiety. She really took this on, which was amazing.

It was a celebration of her. Holocaust survivor. He was able to attend the service precisely because it was on Zoom.

He has bronchitis and is 92, and regardless of corona he cannot travel from his home in Baltimore. Aviva and Maya, my younger daughter, are his only grandchildren. His par-. Starting on March 11, even immediate family members were no longer allowed to visit. I figured this would really make him depressed, but he was still himself. We talked on the phone four or five times a day, but March 11 was the last time I saw him [in person]. April 8 was the first night of Passover.

I organized a Zoom Seder. He had tons of people over and led this amazing Seder that was way too long for everyone but himself.

He sang songs with us and enjoyed it. The next morning I got a call saying that he was running a fever. They thought it was a urinary tract infection. Nobody was terribly alarmed.

They put him on the usual medication and the fever went away. On April 14, I got a call at saying he was having trouble breathing and running a fever. They sent him to Suburban, where they were giving him high-pressure oxygen and he was responding quite decently for a few days. He started responding less well to the oxygen. There was really nothing they could do.

He passed away on Monday the 20th. I was not able to visit him at Suburban. At the very end, when death. Our daughter went and was with him when he died. I was told that he was sleeping, and I felt it would be really traumatizing for me to see him again.

The funeral was three days later and only a very small number of the immediate family was allowed to be there, keeping distance, wearing gloves and masks.

The rest of the family and friends were able to watch on Zoom. That was one bright spot. I go up and down. Although in the last year I served as a caretaker as well, we still were very much partners and spouses. We talked about things that only he understood. I lost my best friend. I was in my early 30s when we met, and had had my share of relationships.

I had been in Washington about five years. I wanted someone with a sense of humor, and he definitely had one. He was 19 years older than me and was still working full time until the beginning of He was 86 and had some mobility issues.

He had an accident in his office at the Department of Education, where he worked for more than 40 years. He suffered a spinal compression fracture that seriously immobilized him, and he was in a great deal of pain.

He was sent to a rehab center. It was a long recovery. He needed a lot of support. He was living at the Hebrew Home in Rockville in March and we determined it was the best place for him, so he stayed.

He was a real people person, and being at the Hebrew Home gave him a new circle of people. We made a good life out of it. I worked full time, but every day went to see him at or so. By the end of he was more or less stable and we were able to get him out every couple weeks in his wheelchair. As much as he was frustrated by his limitations, he was determined to enjoy life. When this started, the restrictions. Holy Cross Health is taking extra health and safety precautions for all our patients, colleagues and visitors.

Find the health care and wellness resources you need at HolyCrossHealth. My sleep schedule is messed up. When they first announced that school was closing, I was at lacrosse practice. The track kids were screaming because they were so excited. But when I heard we were closed for two weeks, the season is already so short, I realized that was over. May 1 would have been Decision Day. All the seniors get to school early and they all wear their college shirts.

All the things you were looking forward to are not happening anymore. Being a second-semester senior is the best time because [the workload] definitely chills out a lot. I had fun every single day at school being with friends, laughing. I miss seeing everyone.

Every day we talk in our group chats—my main one is 12 girls. We all had senioritis, so being home was nice at first, getting a chance to clean out my room and spend more time with my family. We sat in our cars and talked in a parking lot from a safe distance. They just did a drive-by for my lacrosse senior night. That was cool to see everyone. The whole team drove by my house. The coach was in one of the cars and gave a speech.

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