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Accenture screening interview

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What you should know about Workplace accessibility December 15, Learn about the services and accommodations available to make our workplace accessible for Accenture people and candidates with disabilities. See why. Take your career to the metaverse—and beyond September 12, Five Accenture people with diverse backgrounds and skills share why now is a great time to build a career in the metaverse.

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View All. View Less. Subscription Center. View Transcript. This value is not valid This value is not valid This email address is already in use. Field Empty Input text here. The Accenture interview might be a bit challenging, but can easily be cracked with proper preparations. Since Accenture is a high-performing company that wants to hire the best people possible, the different interview rounds at Accenture are challenging compared to regular interviews at large corporate companies.

But the fact is that, with the perfect preparations, the interview can actually become relatively easy to succeed in the Accenture recruitment process. Well, this job role is what I am interested to work for. Even though I am a fresher, I assure you that I will give my best and work to my fullest potential, so that I can contribute as much as I can towards the growth and success of this great brand. Yes, the candidates will be asked coding questions in technical interviews.

The prime reason why Accenture is a great place to work or build your career is because of its robust work environment. From varied areas of expertise to backgrounds, from everywhere around the world, you will work and learn from some of the smartest, most generous people anywhere.

Accenture pays a competitive salary package for freshers. The salary for freshers at Accenture can range from Rs 2. Typically, the average fresher's salary in Accenture is Rs 3. This question can be answered by mentioning the following major points with respect to Accenture:. Below mentioned are some of the major reasons why Accenture is a great place to start your career:. On average, the Accenture interview process will usually go around one month from beginning to end, although it might take longer during busy recruitment periods.

Once the online application and interviews of a particular candidate are completed, Accenture normally aims to respond to their decision within 10—15 working days. So if you have cleared an assessment test, you should be receiving positive feedback within 2 weeks from its conclusion.

Accenture receives a large number of applications for different roles every year. So there is a higher chance that it can close the applications earlier than expected, so be sure to apply early.

I would like to be known globally as a passionate expert in my area of expertise. Overall, I will definitely want to cherish the journey at Accenture, which I hope probably going to be one of the best in the world. For experienced candidates also, the interview rounds will usually remain the same. But in the case of some prominent roles or based on your experience level, you may have to face two or more rounds of technical interviews followed by an HR interview.

Check the above section for a detailed interview process. Personalised feedback report with solutions Real life Interview Questions Identify exact topics to improve. Before you go! Take this "Accenture Interview Questions" interview guide with you. Download PDF. In this article 1. Accenture Recruitment Process 2. Accenture Interview Preparation 4. Accenture Coding Questions 5. Frequently Asked Questions. Events Powered By. View All. Sum of 7's Multiple.

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Answer Examples Have Been Hidden. This question tests your stress responses in real-time by hinting that they may have talked to your precious employer. They may have, but in all likelihood, they haven't, and most states have laws limiting what can be disclosed or shared. Maintain your confidence and enthusiasm throughout your interview, and do not allow such questions to trip you up. Put some self-evaluative thought into your answer. Identify your growth opportunities and talk up your merits.

When an employer understands what motivates their staff, they'll be able to take measures towards ensuring job satisfaction in their work culture and environment. A motivated workforce contributes more significantly, is more productive, and is invested in their work, resulting in less employee turnover. Share you motivate yourself on the job. Here are some ways that an employer may try to drive you. By gaining insights into your career satisfaction, the interviewer will hopefully be able to ascertain whether you'll be a sustainable hire.

Many who work in the industry experience dissatisfaction with their work yet continue doing it rather than facing a career change. Therefore, they want to gauge your job satisfaction to determine whether you'll find a career with Accenture satisfying and rewarding.

Share what satisfies you most about your career in management consulting. Exhibit enthusiasm while being specific. Harnessing the power of persuasion is a desirable trait of a consultant. The power of persuasion is essential if you are selling or pitching anything.

The interviewer wants to know if you can consistently communicate in a way that provokes a distinct, directive force to provoke decisions. They're assessing your skill level to make things happen. Share your approach in a way that aligns with Accenture's vision and values. Your interviewer asks this question to assess whether you actively maintain and tend to your professional network. Management Consultants know very well that a professional network can mean all the difference in their business.

Some are more disorganized and cruise along until it's necessary to spring into gear. That last-minute scramble can introduce chaos and frenetic energy to the workplace, which could affect productivity. So, share how you go about networking and how active you are in your industry. If you are pursuing a position at Accenture, you should have reasonable expectations of the type of clients that Accenture takes on.

You likely have some relative experience in the same sectors and should be able to answer this question easily. To gain their confidence in your abilities, assure them you're well equipped to jump in with their clients immediately.

By detailing the client industries in which you have worked, along with any other relative experience, you'll show the interviewer that you have researched their company thoroughly and are interested in working with clients you have the desired experience with.

Incorporate some of the key terms, words, and phrases that you most identify with from their site. This will reflect you already embrace their brand and their client approach. At Accenture, it's not entirely uncommon to simultaneously work with many clients on multiple projects.

Issues may arise that accelerate the deadlines and urgency of any given project. Therefore, this question is designed to assess your expertise surrounding multitasking, project management, and your ability and approach to prioritizing. This question tests how well you work smarter rather than harder. Show your interviewer how you logically approach prioritizing multiple demands without fumbling or burning out.

Offer your reasoning, your systems approach, and any resources you rely upon to help you process what needs to happen and when. The better you prioritize, the more productive you will be, displaying you as a desirable asset to Accenture.

Accenture wants to gain insights into your problem-solving skills. By asking you what makes a great problem solver, they're asking you what your approach is and where you strive to improve based on your ideal. How you answer will inform them if you have a systems-based approach, are resourceful, think outside the box, and are self-guided in your work.

Consider the skills and qualities which help you successfully face problems or navigate challenging projects at work. I am a big picture-thinker, tapping into various resources allows me to come up with various resolutions for the problem at hand. Great job! Open-mindedness, big-picture thinking, and the utilization of available resources are all characteristics of a strong problem solver.

Consider including an example of a time in your career you applied one or more of these traits to solve a problem, to support your answer. Missing deadlines should be avoided at all costs.

However, when multiple deadlines are due at the same time when priorities change, or all hands are needed on deck, sometimes missed deadlines are inevitable.

There is a time and place for everything. We're all human, and sometimes mistakes happen. Yet, being asked to share details about a professional setback is a question worth posing in an interview. The interviewer would like to understand how you react to disappointment when things don't go according to plan.

They are also curious about what you'll share and how you'll contextualize it. They're curious if you learn from your mistakes and hold yourself accountable. Your answer should speak to your EQ and your experience level. Provide an example of your missed deadline and walk the interviewer through the direction you took.

Be sure to include the impact it had on the business or project aside from how late it was. Present the situation where it was in the team's best interest to miss that deadline over another. Do not deflect blame or point fingers at others on your team.

Do not offer excuses. Avoid examples resulting in disciplinary action. The interviewer wants to ensure your approach to your work is governed by logic and reasoning as opposed to instincts or emotions.

So this question asks you to offer your approach to your work. The interviewer would like to ensure you have high emotional intelligence and can exercise logic and good judgment, especially when working with your clients. Your projects as a management consultant will be based primarily on logical thinking and data analysis. Your situation may reveal what they can expect from you as a potential employee. Someone who quits before finding another job speaks to poor planning.

Being terminated or laid off could present red flags as well. Your answer could indicate your interpersonal skills, relations with those in positions of authority, and level of dedication to your career pursuits.

Be sincere and focus your response on the positives with a mindset for career growth. You can find the answer to this question online.

The scope of your knowledge about the history of Accenture and how they stand apart from their competition will inform them of your performance standard.

By determining how proactively you've prepared for this interview and the extent to which you've researched this position, the company, and how Accenture compares among their competitors, they'll be able to conclude how engaged you are in your career. So, go above and beyond. Highlighting how they stand apart is like answering the bonus questions on a test you've already aced. Accenture strives to cultivate a "can-do" team mentality while inspiring innovation through collaboration.

Their ideal candidate will exhibit leadership by stepping outside of their comfort zone. This requires diplomatic and nondefensive communication with a wide range of personalities. Investing the time to work with employees who take more effort to get on the same page makes for a much stronger team. A functional team gets along with the different personalities that build up their team, regardless of demographic and background.

This doesn't necessarily mean you agree with them on every issue. It means you can work well together and function as a team regardless of your differences. Showcase your ability to learn from and collaborate with others when you may not wholeheartedly agree with their perspective or approach. Detail your approach towards team collaborations.

Before your interview, comb through the Accenture website. Determine which service seems to offer the most value from a client's point of view. Tell the interviewer what you believe to be the most essential service and explain why it is so significant. If you find more than one and feel it is a tie, share more than one. Someone who goes the extra mile researching a company before they are hired suggests they'll go the extra mile in their work.

Similar to reading through a textbook before the semester has begun, proactively onboarding in advance exhibits drive and ambition towards achieving one's career goals. Clear and functional communication is integral to any business's smooth operations. You'll want to exemplify your skills and ability to adapt your communication style to others, sharing your techniques for getting everyone on the same page.

Emphasize your non-defensive communication skills, active listening skills, and techniques to enhance clear communication. The more engaged you are, and the more you engage them, the more likely they'll try to convince you this is a great opportunity. So create a list of questions before your interview, building on what you've researched and learned about them online. Showcase the time you put in to learn all you could about them.

Management consulting can be one of those career paths where people often ask you to explain what you do. Therefore, Accenture wants to ensure any candidate they hire will be able to represent their brand, communicating what they do in a manner that accurately reflects their values and the language they embrace as a company. How effective your one to two-sentence elevator pitch explaining management consulting will inform them how closely your approach aligns with their approach.

The interviewer wants to know what value you place on feedback, how it affects you emotionally, and if you implement an immediate change or prioritize a course correction. In the consulting space, you're continually putting yourself in vulnerable situations.

Sometimes your recommendations and findings may not be welcomed or understood. Being open and receptive to feedback is desirable, especially when applied to professional growth.

When delivering your answer, show your interviewer that you ask for feedback often, actively listen to the input openly, and communicate nondefensively. Taking what you know to be important and leaving the rest while not taking the feedback personally exhibits an ability to recognize and seize presented opportunities to implement positive growth. This question again assesses your communication skills and approach to your work.

It also aims to reveal how far you've gone to research and learn everything you can about Accenture's approach before your interview. Accenture states on their website, 'We help our clients become the next and best versions of themselves. Put your best foot forward deliver your best pitch, and explain why you feel companies need consultants.

Diversity is a repeated aspect of Accenture's culture. A person who is not comfortable being immersed in a culturally rich environment will likely have difficulty navigating this question.

How confidently you answer this question will assist them in evaluating how well you'd fit into the culture of their brand. By ascertaining your methods to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and trends in your industry, your interviewer will try to determine your commitment and participation in your career development. Someone who doesn't actively pursue their career goals and maintain an active interest in where their field is heading is likely putting in the bare minimum and risks being classified as someone who cruises along in their work and watches the clock.

Share the resources you turn to for your professional current affairs. Assure the interviewer that your clients count on you as their resource for the latest trends.

Turning the question on your interviewer is a great way to stoke memorable conversation while getting to know their preferences and recommendations. Accenture prides itself on continually investing in the development of its teams and future leaders.

Before they invest the time and energy into developing a new hire, they want to ensure the candidate will match their contributions towards their development. Professional growth is never ending and heavily impacts the level of success you'll see in your career. Assure your interviewer you consistently take the lead in your professional development. Describe the methods and resources you turn to for expanding your skills and trade knowledge. There are many tools, digital and otherwise, that are widely utilized in the consulting industry.

These are all designed to make your job significantly more manageable. To set yourself as a desirable candidate, you should familiarize yourself with their expectations. If you are unsure of the tech and tools Accenture uses, you can ask. But only do so after you've performed your research. Never ask questions you could answer yourself. Comb through their job posting and website to determine whether they mention specific programs.

Share any relevant software and tools that you've successfully used in your previous roles. If you are new to the industry or your career, speak to your ability and willingness to learn their systems quickly.

In the management consulting industry, there is a high likelihood that you will be required to give presentations to your clients or your group. Whether you have experience giving presentations, you should understand the difference between a terrible performance and one that captures your audience's attention all the way through.

Some factors of a successful presentation include a presentable appearance, understanding your audience, using relatable terms and jargon, utilizing the art of storytelling, and taking advantage of multi-media or other visuals. Describe your approach to your success.

In your career as a management consultant, you may have the opportunity to work with a vast range of clients across several industries. They'll want to ensure your success with their company while taking full advantage of your talents. Discuss the type of client with which you prefer to collaborate. You could mention the size of the company, the workplace culture they've crafted, their strategic process, or their vision, all while aligning your answer with the type of clients that Accenture works with.

There's a lot of ground to cover with this question. According to their website, 'We make a positive impact for all stakeholders and help our clients become the next and best versions of themselves.

Across cities and 19 industries, we work as one team with a common goal--to create degree value everywhere by embracing change. Read through every page, take notes, and decide how to best communicate who Accenture's clients are. Read up on any press releases or even social media.

If you have worked with similar clients in the past, mention it. Read through their core values and incorporate that messaging naturally into your answer. Walk your interviewer through your process and approach when researching a market or industry with which you may not be overly familiar.

Talk about the steps you take when researching a new market or industry to lay the groundwork for a successful project. Your research isn't done until you've researched the company's competitors and how they compare. Determine which of these companies is leading the charge in anticipating future trends and staying ahead of the curve. There are countless management consulting firms, from solo-run consultancies to the biggest agencies in the business.

Perform your research on the size of Accenture, its clients, and its direct competitors. The interviewer is looking for insights into your significant client's pain points and how you overcome them. Your answer will speak to your emotional intelligence and indicate whether such setbacks affect your performance or client relations.

If responded to correctly, this question also allows you to help the interviewer picture you in this role with Accenture. Walk the interviewer through your client's situation, and share with them how you overcame the hurdle with professionalism and poise. Showcase your strong communication skills, how you turned the situation around, and what you learned from the experience. Go the extra mile and detail how you've applied those lessons toward greater successes.

The interviewer is testing to see how well you understand management consulting and what makes a firm successful. Whether you are newer to the industry or have years of experience already, you should understand the goals and targets of management consulting.

Starting a new role is always a challenge. Not only does the interviewer want to ensure your expectations are grounded and fueled with thorough research; they want to understand why you perceive it as a challenge and how you look at that challenge - negatively or positively. A motivated, career-minded professional will look forward to those challenges, which serve as milestones in career growth.

Try to frame those anticipated challenges with enthusiasm and optimism. Explain why these are significant and worth mentioning. You work with your clients to help them scale and see more success and profitability. The interviewer wants to know how you would help Accenture to do the same. They are not looking for you to reinvent their entire organization, and it might be presumptuous to suggest how they could improve things without knowing if they've already taken those measures or if they have a different approach that is singular to their company.

In other words, without knowing why they do things the way they do them, you couldn't possibly understand what would work for them. Rather than suggesting what areas need improving upon, present what unique and desirable traits you possess that would prove a valuable asset anywhere. A large part of understanding the needs of your clients is first understanding their company culture and where they want to steer their culture next.

You'll need to earn their trust to be granted full access to their culture with absolute transparency. Sometimes, this takes longer than one would like, but it is necessary for this line of work.

Discuss the ways you gain access to an organization's workplace culture and values and how you build trusting relationships. The interviewer is looking for insights into your work style and work ethic. This explores your communication, time management, and project management skills. It also touches on your client approach and how you serve their needs best. An efficient process can make the difference between a job well done and a project that falls apart.

The interviewer needs to ensure you have a process in place when you take on a new project. They also want to ensure you aren't counting on them to train you from scratch. Discuss the tools, resources, and methods you use to meet your clients' expectations, and try to align them with their philosophy and approach where appropriate. The interviewer would like to know more about your leadership and development skills and how you foster growth in your teams.

Share any instances where you've trained other consultants. Investing in the development of others on your team is taking an active interest in the bigger picture and translates to investing in your own development. If you've supervised or trained junior consultants, discuss how many, your process, and the tools and resources you used.

Share how far they've come in their professional development since. Get the latest stories delivered to your inbox. Select "Life at Accenture" on the registration form. Already registered? Sign in to manage your subscriptions. Tanya manages assessment strategies and interview experiences as part of the Accenture Global Recruiting CoE. Read more. Kick-start the new year with expert tips from Accenture recruiters and leaders on embracing change, finding your fit and preparing for interviews.

Learn about the services and accommodations available to make our workplace accessible for Accenture people and candidates with disabilities. Read why. Five Accenture people with diverse backgrounds and skills share why now is a great time to build a career in the metaverse. Search open positions that match your skills and interest.

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WebJan 13,  · Accenture interview details: 26, interview questions and 24, interview reviews posted anonymously by Accenture interview candidates. WebPhone screen and potential interview. I have a phone screen coming up with the company. I wanted to know what exactly consisted in the phone screen & what usually is the next . WebAccenture is about long term relationship. Tech skills are important but they come and go, so, be prepared to show how you can add for the company in a long time, and how the .