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What is nuance brainly

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Oct 21, †∑ 6) What is the meaning of the word nuance? A. a subtle distinction of variation B. same origin C. adorable creature D. living things. Nuance is reinventing how people connect with technology and each other through AI-powered solutions that are more intelligent and intuitive. Solutions that engage consumers, enhance healthcare, advance security, and make an impact across industries. Solutions built by innovatorsólike you. See what we do. The word "nuance" (pronounced "NOO-ahns") is used when you're referring to a very small difference in something like the shade of a color, the meaning of a word, how you express yourself, or how you're feeling. In other words, a "nuance" is a very subtle quality. So, regardless of what this difference is in, it'll be so small that it may even.