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Despite being annoyed at spending a little extra money, I didn't consider it worth returning the extra headset since I got it all on sale for a decent price, and because I may end up needing a replacement headset at some point anyway. As for the speech recognition itself, it's decent. Not as amazing as I was hoping; I do have to spend a little time correcting mistakes, and it also slows you down to have to speak the punctuation out loud.

But this is the first speech recognition software I've used, and I'm betting as far as speech recognition goes, it's good.

But it can still be used pretty much anywhere by putting the insertion point where you want the text, and then as you speak your speech will appear in Dragon's dictation box, from which you can easily transfer it to your designated spot with a simple click of the Transfer button. So, I found that pretty cool. My main reason for getting Dragon is I'm a transcriptionist and my hands tend to get tired and stiff from typing.

I was hoping that me dictating and then editing would be at least as quick as me typing, as well as sparing my hands from strain, but so far, it's not really been worth it due to the time it takes to continually transfer the speech from the dictation box into my program, which gets me behind from dictating the words from the audio I'm listening to, so then I have to skip back the audio once the dictation box gets out of the way, plus edit any mistakes I see, and I actually find it easier to manually insert punctuation when I review each portion that I transfer rather than speaking all of the punctuation.

Eventually I may be able to make it work out better, but so far, it slows me down a bit, so I only use it sometimes. Just figured I'd explain that for anyone else considering this for transcription. But the speech recognition aspect is decent as long as you're willing to check for mistakes. There tend to be at least a couple or few mistakes per paragraph in my experience so far.

I have been using Dragon for over 10 years starting with version 11 and version 13 and when I tried to upgrade to version 15 and import my profile to the new version, I found out that's not possible. So I have over 10 years of specific terminology and medical terms that I have to start all over to rebuild since they didn't bother to make it possible to retain the old profile. I'm sorry to have upgraded — should've stayed with version I am in the process of writing a book and am a horrible typist.

So it's taking forever. I stumbled upon this software while reading some writing blogs. I almost didn't buy it because of the negative reviews but I figured, for the price, why not? I purchased the disk version, used an external optical reader to load it on to my computer and it worked out of the box, as advertised. I was afraid I was going to have problems getting it loaded because it took literally 10 full minutes before it started installing. Perhaps people are just aborting the process when it appears to lock up?

I went through a couple of screens with the install wizard before it appeared to freeze but I just left it alone and it eventually loaded with no problem. Of course, I have a newer computer so that may make a difference. I have had no problem getting it to work at all and the accuracy is exceptional. Certainly far better and quicker than anything I could produce. I have a relatively neutral accent and am a public speaker so I do tend to speak and enunciate my words clearly.

I only use Dragon for Word to work on the book; I did not load it onto my browser. My productivity has gone up exponentially! Using the headset makes working on my book as mobile as working on my laptop - even when dictating while at my son's baseball practice, the headset did not pick up anything other than my voice not the music, coaches, kids or external sound.

I did let the program peruse other documents, including my current book draft, so that it could learn my writing style and pick up some vocabulary words. Between that and reading the passage that Dragon provides to train the program, it took all of 10 minutes to "train. For my needs, this home version is perfect because I'm not going to use this for Excel, nor am I going to use an external voice recorder.

Finally, I began practicing law over 20 years ago and always used dictation because I couldn't type so relearning dictation commands hasn't been difficult. Dragon comes with a cheat sheet to help you while you learn the commands. I'll keep it with me till I learn everything and then store it away. If you're thinking about purchasing this program, I'd say go for it.

For the price of a family meal at a restaurant, its a relatively low risk investment. I am so grateful for this product! I bought it on July 6th, and sporadically trained my dragon over the next month, though it didn't take much time for dragon and I to understand each other. At 45 years old, I went back to college My retirement came early due to a disability caused by an hereditary motor-sensory nerve disorder, Charcot Marie Tooth CMT.

I was comfortable raising children and sending them off to college. Going back to school changed my path andupended my complacency. But I was worried. If I take my eyes off the keyboard it is incoherant, because I can no longer feel the keys. I am happy to announce, that after 5 semesters I graduated with 2 associate degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, while earning Scholastic awards for both for having the highest GPA for both.

Heck ya!!! At graduation I looked like Michael Phelps up there with all my medals! I'd also like to note: The headset that comes in the box gave me an awful headache, but so do most headbands, so I am very glad that I bought the bundle that included the Koss CS Speech Recognition Computer Headset. I personally didn't need it, but others might. I am not an author but I occasionally write long e-mail messages.

I bought this package because I was curious what voice recognition capability I could purchase for less than forty dollars. My Windows 8. I was surprised when I opened that package.

In addition to the software DVD and brief instructions, the package contained a communications-grade wired stereo headset with attached boom microphone. The headset and microphone plug into the mini-jacks on the front of most desktop computers. The package also contains an adapter that will connect the headset and microphone to a single USB 2. Software installation is straightforward but ponderous. The installation user interface does not indicate ongoing progress, and I wondered if I was stalled in mid-install.

After a long wait, installation finished normally. After registering the Dragon software on the Nuance Communications website, microphone proper operation is verified and Dragon then presents an interactive tutorial. The tutorial introduces voice recognition dictation concepts explicit capitalization and explicit punctuation , and the tutorial highlights the online help functions available during Dragon dictation.

I played with Dragon while using Microsoft Notepad, and I was impressed with Dragon's accuracy and vocabulary, but voice recognition dictation explicit capitalization and explicit punctuation IMO is cumbersome, and only capitalization will improve as you personalize Dragon's vocabulary. Instead of Dragon direct dictation with IE, I will dictate e-mail messages into Notepad, and then copy and paste the messages into my e-mail program, a practical compromise.

I am sitting at my wife's computer writing this review because the Dragon program messed up mine. The program came with a headset, so I used that on my computer. After installing it, the program has a set up. First you go through a long processes of registering the program, then it takes you to a set up sequence. During this set up it installs a menu that has a large button on it.

Hovering over that button will tell you if the microphone is on or off. It started in the off position, and it never changed. It is impossible to turn the button on. As I was going through the set up, it wanted me to download Bonjour, an Apple program free on the internet. I tried to do that but ran into issues. I finally downloaded the program, but when I tried to continue to load Dragon it failed to recognize the microphone.

Over and over it kept telling me to turn on the microphone before it could continue. Over a dozen times I went to the dashboard button and clicked it, but it never came on.

I went to the help sites, both on Nuance and on the web, and never resolved the issue. I also switched locations from the back of the tower, to the front of the tower, then to the monitor and none of them changed the outcome. The microphone stayed off. So I switched microphones. The program set up will not recognize any microphone I have tried. In addition, Bonjour turned off the speakers on my computer.

When searching the system error messages I was told the download turned off my speakers, but it never told me how to turn the speakers back on. More problems.

Because of this, I manually loaded the microphone specs into the program. It accepted them and said OK, but the microphone never turned on. I erased Bonjour and reloaded everything, to no avail. The microphone will not work. It's simple enough, no microphone no speech program. So, I am now faced with a total disaster. My computer's speakers are disabled, and none of the microphones will work.

The Bonjour seems to have turned off the ability of my computer to recognize any microphone for any purpose. Of course, it could have been the Dragon program that messed them up. It's hard to say. Even when I leave Dragon, none of the microphones work, but they did before - so why did they quit now? Without some kind of outside help this isn't going to resolve itself. I may be stuck with taking my computer into a repair shop and paying for some type of reset.

All because I bought this program. Even if Amazon gives me my money back, which they might not, I'll have to pay extra to fix the computer problems caused by the program. Believe me when I tell you this is a dangerous program to install on Windows In my opinion, this program has the potential to devastate your computer. This is NOT a benign install. I've researched other dictation programs, but - at least on Amazon - none are available. When they say turn off your anti-virus software they mean it.

It will not install with your anti-virus software active all sorts of strange errors. Also, this is a very big application. It took so long to install almost an hour that I thought something was wrong. I called Nuance and they provided a link to download the product to my computer so that it would install faster. By the time I found the link and started to download, the application finally installed.

I First used this product back in the late 's when I was temporarily unable to use my left arm. I bought this one for my mother. I was pleased to see the learning module.

While my mother is having a lot of trouble with the product, I'm chock that up to being a technophobe who does not follow directions. I found it easy to configure and use. It is not a perfect solution, but then again we do not live in the "Star Trek Universe". You still need to do some mouse clicking and some typing, but it does save you from having to do a lot.

Those frustrations have increased since I obtained a Microsoft Surface. Dragon has many incompatibility issues with this computer - very frustrating.

My cellular phone takes dictation much better and has much better recognition features than does Dragon. I am surprised Dragon is still on the market, given its poor functionality.

Date of experience: March 15, The once OK company is a vicious software maker forcing you to buy an upgrade and limits you from moving software from one machine to a newer one.

So disgusting! If I use software that works on my laptop and my laptop dies, I should be able to use that pdf converter from Nuance on a new machine. Well, not according to Nuance as they give you a two year period and then you are out of luck, you have to buy a new product.

Date of experience: June 07, Long time customer, first time contacting Nuance customer service. I asked for a reset of serial number after computer failure, and they replied that as I hadn't bought extended download I couldn't download the software again!! I already have the software! They then didn't even bother to reply when I advised of this.

I wouldn't buy from Nuance again. Date of experience: October 06, Worst customer service experience ever. This company is a scam. When I upgraded my computer and needed to get a new download, they sent one that didn't work. When I told him that was not acceptable, he hung up on me. Date of experience: January 23, I have never experienced anything like it. I purchased a license for the program Dragon Naturally Speaking to interact in language with my computer.

That means that I paid for the program, but got nothing from Nuance. Customer service was absent maybe the Dragon was sleeping?? This company must have a really good economy - producing and selling nothing at a good price! Maybe it is not going to last for ever. Date of experience: March 06, Absolute shower. Unhelpful rubbish support. Everything's 'not us - call a different line, website, ticket' blah blah. They just want you to go away. They don't respond to supportr tickets you log.

You chase them up and get told "its not our problem" Avoid buying anything from this company or their channels. Date of experience: June 03, Their only solution was to go back and downgrade IOS. I requested a copy of the Microsoft version of Dragon Speak Naturally, as the product they sold me no longer works. They said no. They certainly would allow me to buy it at full price, I believe that's unacceptable. I believe the company owes a responsibility to the customers, and show none.

Date of experience: March 26, Purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking Dud. I purchased a version13 from Amazon received it in two days Great! Went through the installation with on problem. Tried to use it and no mater what I said. It would write "I will".

So thinking that and older version that i have maybe causing a problem "I erased all Dragon programs. I reloaded program, but now will not recognize serial number. Tried to contact Nuance to resolve the problem. Date of experience: July 27, Overview Reviews About. Company activity See all Unclaimed profile.

No history of asking for reviews. People review on their own initiative. Write a review. Reviews 1. Filter Sort: Most relevant. Dec 9, I would rather self inflict pain and suffering than deal with these inept people again Date of experience: December 08, Our Transparency Report has landed Take a look. Jun 29, Had problem caused by Microsoft - Nuance gave me a solution!

Too many companies can't even be bothered to answer the phone… Date of experience: June 29, Jun 23, Jul 9, I can't believe this scam I can't believe this scam. Feb 23, Complete waste of money Complete waste of money, their products are poorly built, they do not accept responsibility for their failings. I would give them no stars with no hope of improvement Date of experience: February 23, Apr 17, Mar 22, I've not ever posted a negative review…but this one is needed I've not ever posted a negative review before but this deserves it.

Updated Feb 3, Aug 2, The only reason I bought this product… The only reason I bought this product was because they offered a 30 day money back guarantee according to the information at the top of their UK website. Aug 26, Poor customer service Poor customer service. Sep 3, Same old tripe from Dragon Same old tripe from Dragon.

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Eye exam amerigroup maryland Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Reviews. Some of the commands in Dragon are similar to the ones in the Windows program and can work naturaiky but with the ones that are different the Dragon versions seem much speedier. Had problem caused by Microsoft — they speakiny changed how to do comments on a word document. Previous 1 2 3 4 Next page. I would give them no stars with no hope of improvement.
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If you go to KnowBrainer. I do give DNS Premium Not everyone has had great results with them or the software but I think a lot has to do with the "little things" that I touched on and for which I believe they may have overlooked. That and the lack of patience will likely give you a bad experience. I used the digital recorder for most of it and the transcription had 4 errors.

Two were definitely due to my poor annunciation, and the other two were capitalization errors. And I've only had Dragon Premium for about 2. Try it. My intent was to "talk on the road" my reviews and journal entries, load the sound files onto my computer at the end of the day, feed them into Dragon, and with a minimum of editing turn out the text so that I could then paste the result into an Amazon window and bang off for the evening.

As you will see, this didn't work so well. Firstly, I did my research. The Nuance website has plenty of graphs on the best voice recorders for their software. Once Dragon 11 came in the mail, setup was relatively breezy. I set this up on a Windows 7 environment with no problems. Direct dictation worked a lot better, but I didn't buy this to sit at my computer and speak - I bought it to transcribe audio files. Dragon 11 allows you to train the system by reading pre-set text into your recording device, and letting Dragon consume the recording and get to know you a little better.

I read the full 14 pages of "Alice in Wonderland", loaded it into Dragon, and left it to its devices. I also read another 10 pages of " The Final Odyssey" and fed that into Dragon as well. As the final step, and because Dragon kept nagging me to do so with reminders, I loaded in the text files of every review I've written on Amazon, with the understanding that this would improve the personal dictionary, as well as help Dragon understand my speech nuances.

Confident that my profile was now fairly well fleshed-out, I began loading journal entries that I'd spoken into my recorder over the past few days. I was frustrated and annoyed at how bad the transcription recognition still was. I went through 5 journal entries, "correcting" manually as best I could this is supposed to teach the software , but the recognition seemed to get worse with each sound file.

I felt like I was fighting the software, instead of working with it! Final straw was when I finally had to copy-and-paste everything into a Word document, just so that I could make my corrections without my typed text being moved to where I didn't want it to go. I bought this software to save time, and I'd be willing to invest the time to train it, if I thought the training would make a difference, but I just don't.

I like to provide clear examples in reviews, so before I uninstalled Dragon and packaged it up for return, I told it to transcribe my "Alice in Wonderland" recording. I then took the source file I read left and compared it to the Dragon transcription attempt right and loaded them into Beyond Compare and printed off a pdf comparison link below in comments. I can't include links here in the review, but I'll post them in the comments - along with a link to my audio file, so you can hear for yourself what Dragon heard and I'll cop to the fact that my reading isn't flawless.

I'd like to emphasize that I'm not posting this review to hate on Dragon - I'm impressed that it can do what it does. However, I spent my money on what I thought would be a relatively clean and correct transcription tool, and since it doesn't do what I need it to, I had to send it back for a refund with no hard feelings. The only reason I'm posting this is to help others who may want the same thing.

Experience: 15 yrs from 4. Wanted to access into electronic portal med records. PROS: fast. I plan on using with Logitech h bluetooth headset. CONS: none. If you never had a puppy: get one. Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Nuance, DNS, DD3 or such companies except as a longterm customer with now approaching just over 10, hours use. I am not disabled physically, so I blend with full function keyboard and mouse, but increasingly use commands. Recommend: 1.

I am not a tech geek though addicted to tech. If i was am writing a book, I would have this available on each computer, as the license is per computer. I do not have experience with the larger professional versions that are out of my price range. I do not have trascription experience, as I am the one dictating. I am preferring bluetooth or USB headsets. I hope this helps. I am thinking about a name for Dragon Puppy. Let me start off by saying that I had never used speech recognition before Windows Vista, and I had never used Dragon NaturallySpeaking before version I've seen several videos comparing the two programs, but nothing ever in depth enough to give a disabled person a real opportunity to make an informed decision.

I now am quite savvy on Windows Speech Recognition, and have had about a month's worth of experience with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. There is no comparison, first, in price point; Windows Speech Recognition comes free with Windows 7 all versions , and I would assume will be included with Windows 8.

My experience with Dragon is specifically the Home and Premium versions, so I will not attempt to compare beyond what I know. Since price could be especially important to some users, we have to give this round to Windows Speech Recognition. Free is free after all. Let's move onward to accuracy. Windows Speech Recognition from now on referred to as WSR can be very accurate with a lot of training, and a seriously good microphone, but even so, is not even close to being as accurate as Dragon is right out of the box.

Apparently Nuance has dedicated years and resources to making the program as accurate as possible, and they have exceeded expectations. Given what I said in the previous paragraph, one might consider that to be the only criteria for choosing between these two contenders, but that would be a wrong assumption, and a dangerous one, if you're looking for more than just dictation.

You see, being extraordinarily accurate is, in my opinion, the only thing that Dragon is good at. As a disabled person, I understand that speech recognition must do more for us than just allow us to write legible emails, Tweets, and blogs. It must give us control of our chosen computers. WSR is a true champion in this arena. Although Dragon has some nifty features tied directly to specific Windows programs, I found it difficult just getting it to launch certain programs.

If I ask WSR to run a program, and it doesn't quite understand which program I'm referring to, it at least puts up a window with multiple suggestions that one can choose from. Dragon, on the other hand, just waits stupidly for something it understands. Dragon apparently can't see all that well, either. If I use it to click the Start Button, and then say the name of the program or document within the visible list, it simply refuses to do anything. In complete opposition, WSR happily launches most programs directly, but given the same Start Button scenario, has no problems "seeing" the item and selecting it by voice.

In the unlikely event that it cannot launch the item, WSR has one more trick up its sleeve--the Show Numbers command, which will put a small number box next to every clickable item.

Say the number, then okay, and your item is clicked. This one feature makes WSR indispensable as a computer control program, but there's more. Being able to create macros is an essential part of computer control. The ability to create strings of commands to perform complex functions should be available to all disabled users for a reasonable price.

Dragon has this functionality, but only in the Professional version, and as I pointed out, at an extreme cost. If you find the creation of macros daunting through that interface, there is another program that you may find useful; Windows Speech Recognition Toolkit. It not only simplifies the creation of macros, but it has other useful tools, such as audio transcription, text to speech, profile management, dictionary management, etc.

Some may find my last point a bit niggling, and granted, it is more in line with being an annoying lack of functionality than it is a necessary feature.

With that said, I find it an incredible oversight in Dragon to make no audible signal letting you know that the program has started to listen. With WSR, every time you say the words "start listening", or "stop listening", the system makes a sound to let you know that the command has been followed. Within the interface, this can be turned off, or on, so that if you happen to not like the sound, you can dispense with it. In Dragon, I could find no facility for doing something similar.

Needless to say, if you happen to not be looking at the computer, and perhaps you start having a conversation with someone, Dragon can start listening and make all sorts of commands happen of which you're completely unaware.

I have written this article with WSR. Could the writing have gone smoother under Dragon? Absolutely, by virtue of not having to correct text as often, and if that were the sole merit and sum of the usefulness of speech recognition, then Dragon Naturallyspeaking would be the smart choice for almost every user.

It may still be the smart choice for many, but when faced with the desire to have the utmost control over your computer, and at a price tag that is actually affordable, Windows Speech Recognition becomes an option that outshines its pricier opponent. I purchased Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 premium over the weekend and received version It installed on my Windows 7 PC without a hitch, and also installed on my Windows Vista laptop, however, the analog headset that came with the application did not work on my laptop.

After setting up the microphone and going through the training, I began to simply dictate into the DragonPad that comes with the software, just to see how DNS would do compared with the Windows 7 and Windows Vista speech recognition software. I was very pleasantly surprised. After having been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, arthritis of the wrist, and a bone spur in the wrist joint, I was desperate for a voice recognition application that was reliable and fast.

Unfortunately Dragon NaturallySpeaking DNS runs much better and faster on my Windows 7 desktop. In fact, it runs so well that I convinced my employer to purchase a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking I installed that today, and spent the day productively and without pain! Although the headset that came with Dragon NaturallySpeaking My biggest concern at the time I purchased Dragon NaturallySpeaking was compatibility with the software that I use.

The problem I ran into with the Windows 7 voice recognition software was that it only works reliably with Microsoft applications, and some of my favorite applications for writing were not Microsoft.

The Windows 7 VR software did not work at all with my main application, and so I had to dictate into notepad and then copy and paste it into my preferred application.

Another annoying thing about the Windows software was its habit of inserting a blank space after an open quote. Dragon NaturallySpeaking So far, the biggest difference between the premium version and the professional version that I have noticed is the ability for the professional version to create macros.

For instance, I could say the acronym of my company's product, and my custom macro would insert the product name complete with proper trademark symbols. Of course, this is only my first full day using it, so I have much more to learn. So far, I am a very happy customer. Selecting the word and saying "Cap that" does NOT cap it, even though the little command box says "Cap that" as expected. I have to manually change the letter to a capital, putting further strain on my injured hands.

It's annoying, but I'm still loving DNS. While I like the "Transfer" button on the Dictation Box, that also closes the dialog, and so DragonPad is usually my choice. Dragon is like lightning on this thing! Like I said I hate to leave bad reviews so I am very happy to be able to add a star to my review after using the product.

It works well if you do the reading samples and let the software adjust to the way you speak. I was able to "write" my book really fast by being able to speak into Dragon Software. Would get 5 stars except for the customer service issues way back when which did end up finally being resolved.

It took longer then I wanted but he was very helpful and nice and resolved the problem. I don't want to return the product because I really think it will help me.

I get to try it tonight and I will post my thoughts on it later. I ended up having to download their software online after 3 attempts.

All they need to do is give me the download link and I can enter my serial number as verification It is a simple solution that their customer service can not comprehend. I have class on Wednesday. I was hoping to be able to get my homework done through Dragon because that is the only reason I purchased the product.

I am upset because once I am able to get the product downloaded I still have to "train" it and see if it actually works.

Their customer service is awful and I saw this in other reviews, but when I saw their Vice President of something in their company responding to their bad reviews and trying to make things right, I thought they were making a sincere effort to improve their customer service. I guess all they do is damage control instead of having good service from the start. Get fast answers from reviewers. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Need customer service?

Click here. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

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Deselect all. Always show route lines. West Nusa Tenggara Best italian restaurants. When is your trip? Start date —. Start planning. We gathered all the results in one place and ranked them by how many times they were mentioned so you know you're getting the best of the best.

Just look for the "mentioned by" tags on each place like these:. Curious about the sites we referenced? See the list of all 2 sites we checked out. Visiting West Nusa Tenggara? I'll never travel to West Nusa Tenggara without this trip planner again. Learn more. Don't take our word for it.

Slide 1 of 6. Love love love! Exactly what I needed to plan a trip. Wanderlog makes planning a trip so effortless. Seriously, this app does it all! This site and app let me do all the planning for our 15 day trip in a little over 6 hours! The organization this app provides has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. I will never travel to West Nusa Tenggara without this app again. Available on the App Store. Download now. Other best of categories in West Nusa Tenggara. Fine dining Lunch.

Dinner Romantic restaurants. See all. Browse categories. Breakfast and brunch. Family restaurants. Seafood restaurants. Chinese restaurants. Italian restaurants. Japanese restaurants.

Vegan restaurants. American restaurants. Vegetarian restaurants. Slide 1 of 5. Mentioned on 1 list. Slide 1 of 4. Ultimo Restaurant is a popular Italian restaurant in Seminyak that offers an air-conditioned lounge and a terrace as well as Wi-Fi access.

The menu features extensive pasta and pizza choices, as well as wine, desserts and drinks. The service is friendly and the portions are sizable. Visited in Feb It wasnt crowded at all. Very good ambiance for romantic dinner but it was hot so better wear something easy. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Food tastes very good, portion is proper. This restaurant also follows covid protocols. A nice ambience with great staff and crowds.

Food are great, especially the aging meats, their specialities. But price are very expensive, more like a Michelin Restaurant! One of the best steakhouse in Bali! Their steak is superb. The dessert is heavenly, must try tiramisu with Baileys :.

Kayu Aya No. Italian Job Bali is a stylish and contemporary Italian restaurant with delicious food. The atmosphere is cool and the pizzas are especially good. The croquettes are not to be recommended, but the rest of the menu is delicious. We walked into this cafe on a rainy evening and to our amazement they had 2 floors of seating and a variety of menu. I enjoyed the vegetarian burger in panini with pesto and rocket leaves. Portion was quite big and they are having a 50 percent discount on food except main course.

Ambience is nice and service was quite good too. Beautiful decor, cool vibe and tasty pizza. The cheese was melting and the flavours were all there. They also came with ketchup and mayonnaise but we ordered a side of tomato sauce to dip them in to improve the flavour. We recommend eating here. The person in charge of taste in his kitchen needs to get back in there. I have never been so excited to have a pumpkin ravioli with burnt butter sage, only to be disappointed by wet ravioli and wet butter sage.

Nothing correct about it at all! There is nothing worse than the promise of correct burnt butter and it is just yellow wet pumpkin. It was sadly awful. We also had the lobster linguine with cherry tomato. The smallest lobster I have ever seen on a pasta and once again flavourless. I will commend them on the pasta because it was cooked to what I believe is perfection. Need a place to stay? Where City name. Rooms, guests. Rooms and guests. Search for bookings. Italian restaurant. Show 4 more. Bottega Italiana is a charming Italian eatery serving delicious pasta dishes.

The pasta is cooked perfectly, but the sauce needs improvement. I had a wonderful lunch here yesterday, plus a tiramisu afterwards it was quite good, but could have used more espresso, as the ladyfingers were a bit dry. I had the tagliatelle with basilico pesto and it was aabsolutely delicious; fresh flavor just as I remember from Italy. Service was very nice, as well. I plan to come back and try the ragu with more tagliatelle, and a tarte of the day if they have one that day!

Great place to enjoy Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner as well. Easy to find and centrally located. The pasta was good, but the true Italian touch was missing. Portions are not big, esp. Staff was friendly, but didn't smile unfortunately. Great place with much potential, but still room for improvement. The sauce however needs to be improved. Otherwise a really great quaint place serving good pasta. Drupadi No.

A romantic Italian restaurant with stunning beachfront views, La Lucciola offers a variety of both traditional and modern dishes to tantalize your taste buds. The best time to go is during the day or at sunset for amazing views and after a hearty lunch, take a stroll down the beach for some refreshing ocean Cooldown. An amazing Italian restaurant right on the beach. From the moment you walk in you're greeted by friendly staff and shown superb hospitality of that of a high level restaurant.

The food is delicious, the pork belly simply melts in your mouth. And there's a respectable amount of quality wine to choose from. The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed and serene with the sound of the waves crashing in the background against a backdrop of soft music being played.

All while candles flicker at your table to create a beautiful evening. The restaurants prices are also reasonable for such quality. I had dinner here 8 years ago and remember it being excellent. Came back in April and it did not disappoint. Such great service, awesome food and stunning view of the beach and perfect place to see the stunning sunsets. Had Antipasto, scallops which were excellent and spaghetti with soft Shell Crab - sensational.

Pricey but worth it! Stunning place! Wonderful menu and the staff is incredible! Service is great and well suited on the beach. The colourful gelatos are well worth a visit, especially if you're looking for something sweet and flavorful. Although it's not too big, it can still be quite crowded so be prepared to wait awhile.

This gelato store don't have a lot of choices but almost all the flavor is really good compare to other gelato whose has many choices and crowded. Been here repeatedly over 4 years and it has always been delicious! Never been disappointed! Sooo yumm! Personally, I'd recommend you to taste the hazelnut, rum raisin for milky flavours and yogurt berry, passion fruit for fresh flavours!

The cones is a must try! You will get a waffle slice on top and it taste amazing! Overall, loved the gelato! Stay organized with a to-do list, packing list, shopping list, any kind of list. Try it on Wanderlog. Seminyak Italian Food is a great place to enjoy a la carte breakfast or lunch.

The food is amazing and the location is perfect for watching the sunset. It can be a bit expensive, but it's definitely worth checking out if you're in the area! Had an amazing dinner here! Although it is so close to the beach and main strip, it is a very quiet and serene place to dine. Beautiful layout, very attentive staff, a huge cocktail selection and drool-worthy food.

Will definitely recommend to others - just know it's not dirt cheap bali prices but worth every cent for a nice night out. Inda was our host and was warm, inviting and very attentive. Will definitely be back!

This in-house restaurant of Double Six Seminyak Hotel, you will have a la carte breakfast here. For lunch or dinner is also great place and location, especially if you love watching sunset. They have variety of menu, amazing quality, but in my opinion are slightly overprice, but since the location is great, you can check them out if the price suitable with you or not, or you can check Plantation Grill or Chez Gado-Gado for dinner option : Follow me on instagram herdianahs.

We paid for the feasting menu as a treat on our last night. The food was very bland and definitely not worth the expense. We knew the restaurant was a little pricy and were more than happy to pay for a nice meal but it certainly was not worth it. Our meal came with complimentary bread which was stale and the food was nothing special.

Definitely would not recommend for a nice evening out. We did however dine in the same restaurant for complimentary breakfast each morning during our stay and enjoyed the breakfast. They serve up delicious pizzas that are just perfect and their cocktails are well made too.

This place has a modern cozy atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing after a day on the island. They live up to their name or "Pizza and Liquor" Delicious pizzas Well made cocktails too. This is a nice modern cozy environment, playing global music of the 70's, 80's and the 90's. They served me Gin and tonic which was very light, and they happily agreed to add more alcohol to make it stronger.

Pizzas are just fantastic. Perfectly crunchy and perfectly soft. Everything was as fresh as it could get! This place is highly recommended. Awesome gluten free vegan pizza , between the major pizza shop players in Bali it is my favorite, fresh ingredients, really tasty pizza dough. Beautiful place with excellent music, pizzas, drinks, view and staff.

The pizzas can be customised, especially if you are vegetarian. The atmosphere is casual and the deck is breezy and well decorated. We visited twice in 3 days and fell in love with Moscow mule. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali , Indonesia.

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