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Humane society lawrence

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Community members interested in becoming a part of the Community Cat Program please reach out to us at or tnvr lawrencehumane. Monetary Donations Your generosity can help directly grow this program. By giving a gift to our TNVR fund, you will help us provide resources to the community, assist with surgery expenses, and more!

Click here to make a contribution today. In-Kind Donations Presently, traps and trap covers are our primary need as we get this program off the ground. Additionally, we are in need of falcon gloves, bag nets, tarps, and canned cat food. For detailed information and links to recommended products, please contact us at or tnvr lawrencehumane.

We are committed to seeking justice for animals throughout the state by assisting animal control and law enforcement in investigating reports of animal neglect and abuse. We collaborate with law enforcement on cases from the seizure, to case management, to the disposition of the animal. Our team consists of an animal welfare attorney and three humane investigators.

Our education, training, and experience makes our team a premier resource for cities and counties needing assistance on these critically important cases. If you are animal control, law enforcement, or a government staff member working on an animal abuse investigation or pending prosecution, our Humane Investigation department is happy to help. If you witness an animal in immediate distress i. Lawrence City Code: Regulation of Animals. Douglas County Animal Ordinances.

You can also click the link below to see what animals we have at the shelter. We understand that sometimes it may be necessary to give up your pet. Our staff is here to help you in those difficult situations, and we will work with you to ensure the best possible solution for you and your pet.

In some instances, the Lawrence Humane Society may be able to offer resources to help you keep your pet through our Crisis Pet Retention Program, including supplies and financial assistance with services.

To inquire about our CPR program, please email cpr lawrencehumane. The Lawrence Humane Society accepts owned animals by appointment to ensure we are able to help all animals who need our care.

By managing this service, we will always have space for the animals who need the shelter safety net the most lost, hungry, homeless, injured, or sick animals. To schedule an appointment, please email us at help lawrencehumane. The Lawrence Humane Society is an open-admission, nonprofit animal shelter that accepts all animals, regardless of reason for surrender, health, or temperament.

To offset the cost of this evaluation and the care provided to your pet, an Admissions fee is required when you relinquish your pet:.

However, we cannot guarantee placement of any animal. Animals that display aggressive behavior, are unable to thrive in the shelter environment, or are suffering from medical conditions that we cannot treat, may be humanely euthanized.

The Crisis Pet Retention Program provides resources to pet owners experiencing crises relating to poverty, houselessness, job loss, or other systemic issues and inequities. Funds for this program allow the Lawrence Humane Society to proactively ensure that Douglas County residents do not suffer through giving up a family pet because of financial hardship. The Lawrence Humane Society believes spaying or neutering your dog or cat is part of responsible pet ownership.

There are also medical and behavioral benefits for your animals! Every pet owner should have access to these services, regardless of income. There is no pre-surgical procedure and you do not need to come back for stitch removal, as we use fully dissolvable sutures. You will be able to leave with your dog or cat the same day you bring them! We offer these services by appointment only. Please note scheduling is several weeks out at the moment!

Medical evidence indicates just the opposite. In fact, the evidence shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier. Applying human emotions to animals is neither realistic nor applicable when it comes to identifying a need for sterilization. Even professional breeders cannot make this guarantee. There are homeless pets waiting for homes who are just as cute, smart, sweet, and loving as your own. Animals Available for Adoption.

Adoption Specials. Medical Services. Pet Surrender. Community Cat Program. Humane Investigations. Share Your Story. Newsletter Signup. Other Ways To Give. Donate a Vehicle. Donor Privacy Policy. Vaccine Clinic Waitlist. Together, we can reduce cat overpopulation! What is Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return? Under our city code, a community cat means a cat that is unsocialized to humans, has a temperament of extreme fear or resistance to contact with humans, and exhibits a straight-line cutting of the tip of its ear to indicate that it has been sterilized.

City Code Sec. What is a feral cat? A feral cat is an outdoor cat that lives within a colony in a specified area due to having a resource; usually that resource is a source of food someone is leaving food out or there is an abundance of prey or shelter from the elements an abandoned building, home, garage, or outbuilding.

A feral cat is unsocialized to humans. Who will provide the TNVR services? This service is provided at the discretion of the clinic or organization, and fees may vary. This is not a taxpayer-funded initiative and the change in the ordinance is only for allowing the practice, not making it something residents must engage in.

Who is responsible for trapping? Where do I get traps? You can provide your own, or rent traps from the Lawrence Humane Society. What is ear-tipping? Ear-tipping is a humane way of signaling that cat has already been through the TNVR process. Ear-tipping prevents a cat from being seized and impounded multiple times, because the animal is thereafter universally recognized as a community cat. Where are the cats returned to? Community cats will be returned to their colonies as soon as possible after their surgery.

Returning them back to their colony will prevent the colony from filling the void with another community cat.

When will the decrease of Community Cats be noticeable? The population decrease will be gradual. The more cats that go through the TNVR process, the quicker the decrease will take place in our community. Will Community Cats kill exotic or endangered birds?

Although some birds are killed by cats, cats are not generally a major threat to the bird population. Quite frankly, birds are hard to catch, and rodents are much easier prey.

In , the Smithsonian released a study that said cats were killing birds at an extreme rate. In reality, the study found that cats only accounted for the death of nine of the 69 birds studied. Humans, in fact, are far more threatening to birds than cats.

Approximately million birds die each year from flying into windows, buildings, and automobiles. Furthermore, the long-term effect of implementing TNVR is the reduction of the community cat population.

With a smaller cat population, the amount of birds threatened by community cats would grow smaller, too. Dogs not reclaimed and those not placed in suitable new homes may be humanely euthanized after the five 5 day holding period, unless the dog has an injury or physical condition which causes it to suffer. In those cases the animal shelter may immediately euthanize the dog, and if a human being has been bitten by the dog, the dog shall be tested for rabies.

If proof of the vaccination cannot be provided, the owner shall purchase a vaccination voucher from the animal shelter. The voucher shall be valid for ten 10 days from the date of issuance and shall be used in the prescribed time period. The animal shelter shall reimburse the veterinarian for the amount of the voucher upon presentation to the shelter by the administering veterinarian.

If the owner can be identified, the fees are due even if the owner does not reclaim the animal. All animals are vaccinated and wormed when they come in. Those costs will Need to be paid when the animal is reclaimed. On the fifth day the animal becomes the Legal property of the animal shelter and will have to be adopted back which means it will have to be spayed and or neutered plus any other expenses will need to be paid that have occurred.

Humphrey's House Humphrey was the shelter dog for about 6 years until he passed away. Wilson 's House Wilson was the first cat to come into the shelter 20 years ago when it opened. Thank You! What features matter most? This guide even has a Dangerous Foods infographic to show what may occur when your dog eats one of the top 10 most "dangerous" foods Cat Food - Dr. Ken Tudor, expert in pet nutrition, has filmed several short videos all about selecting the best food for your feline.

Join the Kroger Community Rewards Program by clicking the link above and registering for and account. Please adopt a shelter pet. We have many dogs, puppies, cats and kittens that need loving forever homes. Our adoption fee includes the spay or neuter, vaccinations, rabies if old enough , bordetella, worming and in the case with cats, a pain shot. Our animals have been handled on a daily basis and are ready for a new home.

Please come and spend some time with them. The Lawrence County Humane Society is experiencing large bills this month and needs everyone's help to get through this tough time. We are here for the animals and for the Community.

Please help if you can by sending a donation to the Lawrence Co Humane Society or by sponsoring the payment of one of our monthly bills.

Every little bit helps. Established for the purpose of preventing cruelty to animals, relieving suffering among animals, and extending humane education. Street Address is: Isaac Rd P. Box Louisa, Ky Telephone: According to Kentucky State Law: All animals are to he held five days as a stray unless aggressive or have a medical condition that a veterinarian deems untreatable and the animal is suffering.

After five days the owner will be responsible for the reclaim fee for as long as the animal was at the shelter, the animal will need to be spayed or neutered, and will have to be fully vetted before released to the owner. Pet Insurance Reviews Link.