cummins motor in nissan
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Cummins motor in nissan carefirst walk in office

Cummins motor in nissan

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The brand rates the diesel to tow up to 11, pounds in crew-cab configuration, while the gasoline engine will tow 1, fewer pounds. As for whether the diesel engine has been a market success in Nissan's eyes, we don't know.

Nissan declined to share any estimates of how many Titan XD diesel pickups it's sold over the years, as the brand does not disclose sales figures for particular powertrains or build configurations.

The fact that the Cummins is leaving the market after such a short period of time is perhaps the best indicator of how buyers received the engine option. The latest sales report from Nissan shows the company has sold just 20, Titan models total so far through July of this year.

That's down Your guide to a better future. Sean Szymkowski. It all started with Gran Turismo. From those early PlayStation days, Sean was drawn to anything with four wheels. See full bio. Nissan's neither-heavy-duty-nor-light-duty Titan XD will get an update later this year. Enlarge Image.

Find the right car for you. It is unapologetically a pickup, with a simple, logical interior free of useless tech gimmicks. That diesel V-8 makes itself known, pleasantly churning away past the firewall and offering a groundswell of torque on command. The XD has nicely weighted hydraulic steering, instead of vague electric assist, and a stout, six-speed Aisin automatic. Every bit of the Titan is recognizable as traditional truck, down to the column-mounted shift lever.

But the pickup market has swung toward high-margin, high-dollar trims. The move has left buyers who want a simple, inexpensive work vehicle with nowhere to put their money.

The XD Cummins attempted to bridge the gap. Maybe its biggest mistake was not leaning further into what made Nissan trucks successful in the past. A damn shame. Join Now. Car Culture. News Reviews Culture Exclusives Gear.

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Though not on display, the SL front end rests in the middle with modest chrome and more identifiable signature V; less flashy, more macho. Now these are some real shoulders. Arching back from the tall hood, a slope echoes the way muscular shoulders draw into deltoids. Below, and trailing, is the signature Cummins C, and the emphasis line drops to a bold Titan XD logo.

Please note the use of a front-to-rear step that delivers access to the bed without any extras. Somehow, despite massive wheel wells that will make every aftermarket suspension company drool with slamming opportunities, the stance looks right. According to VP Loing, the risk and cost of tooling versus their modest volume—compared to Chevy, Ford or Ram—was inadvisable. Besides, he said, using high-strength steels will continue to help them meet corporate CAFE numbers, which have less impact with the footprint of a pickup truck.

Oh, and they are very serious about upcoming emissions and fuel economy changes for and he expects all manufacturers to seek out optimum solutions for their customers.

He, like most executives, wishes the Government would allow manufacturers to build solutions customers want, rather than distorting the market. At the rear, each Titan XD includes chrome Titan XD lettering and the tailgate is internally balanced for easy gate lowering without all the weight.

Lift is assisted as well. The bed itself is noteworthy. Nissan was one of, if not the first, to coat the bed with spray-on liner—black, nubby and not too rough. Nissan also pioneered channeled cargo tie-downs and they have retained an improved version.

For bedside storage, the boxes are fitted into the bed and removable. The boxes are lockable, have built-in drains presumably for tallboys and Gatorade , and are not as obvious as externally or top-mounted designs. The in-bed tie-down rails—Nissan was the first, here—are covered with an in-channel molded engineered plastic for good looks and protection.

The included four-spoke steering wheel, front and rear NASA-inspired Zero Gravity seats, man-sized knobs, and center console suited to work are all marvelous, as is the continued use of a column shifter with gear select. So we regret not having a chance to discuss the center stack design. That said, what the heck else is a designer to do? Air outlets simply have to be where they are, beside the near-mandatory display screen, for quiet and powerful air delivery.

Below, putting the lesser controls like Park-Aid, four-way flashers, steering wheel heater yeah! But what about the cool stuff? Ahead of the driver, gauges are simple, clear and useful.

Where designers got to play was in the rest of the interior, and they sure had some fun. The new seats were designed to deliver a more humanly neutral posture. These we have to try! In other words, until we get our hands on one later this year, all we can do is wonder if the powerful Cummins will jam our tails into ZG seats, tow a 12,lb rig as promised, and what its real world fuel economy will be.

We have much yet to learn and more to tell. Your email address will not be published. Share 5. Tweet 0. Pin it 0. Up next. Published on 02 January Author Thom Cannell. Share article The post has been shared by 5 people. Facebook 5. Twitter 0. Pinterest 0. Mail 0. Nissan is certain that some of you will. Subscribe Our Weekly Newsletter. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You May Also Like. Cummins Diesel Engines. No matter the power plant, the natural design of the internal combustion engine—where the cylinder head s bolts to the block—lends itself to eventual head gasket failure.

While not…. In terms of serviceability, durability and aftermarket support, the…. He further said that this new production would exceed the standards of U. Environmental Protection Agency. The 15 liter X15 is an efficient series and is tuned to provide maximum fuel economy.

It is prepared to provide power so heavy loads can easily be carried. The 12 liter X12 is durable and reliable especially designed to reduce weight. Analysts have predicted a good initial sale of both X series engines. Based on market trends between 10 to 30 percent sales of X15 are predicted. Menu Home About Us.