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Availity register maintain organization

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AMA assumes no liability for data contained or not contained therein. CPT codes, descriptions, and data are commercial technical data, computer databases, commercial computer software, and commercial computer software documentation, as applicable, which were developed exclusively at private expense by the American Medical Association, North State Street, Chicago, IL, Government rights to use, modify, reproduce, release, perform, display, or disclose these technical data, computer data bases, computer software, and computer software documentation are subject to the limited rights restrictions of DFARS Department of Defense procurements and the limited rights restrictions of FAR RealMed and any Reseller disclaim any responsibility and liability for a any Third Party Software and third-party services provided in connection with, or as part of, the Medical Necessity Services or any other services, b any errors, defects, or deficiencies in any such Third Party Software or third-party services, and c any consequences attributable to, or related to, any use, nonuse, or interpretation of information contained in, or not contained in, any such Third Party Software or third-party services.

RealMed Services. Pre-Service Clearance Services. The PSC Services may be used by Customer to facilitate patient collections for health care services provided by Customer. Prior Authorization Services.

Customer shall promptly provide any additional information reasonably requested for implementation, and Customer shall ensure that all information provided by Customer is correct, complete, and accurate. Customer acknowledges that the benefits received from, and the quality of, the Prior Authorization Services directly depends upon the completeness and accuracy of information provided by Customer to RealMed or the Reseller.

Manuals; Changes. Within a reasonable time after Customer provides information on any Changes to RealMed or the Reseller , Customer will be provided with revised Manuals updated to address such Changes. Customer must provide any feedback on the updated Manuals to RealMed or the Reseller within five 5 business days after receiving them, and any applicable associated changes to the Prior Authorization Services will be implemented and made effective within a reasonable time.

Revisions; Updates. Additional Customer Responsibilities. Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity, legality, reliability, and appropriateness of all of responses, information, data, and materials provided by Customer in connection with the Prior Authorization Services.

Customer shall promptly and appropriately respond to clinical questions posed or presented on Payer sites or radiology benefit manager sites with which the AuthPal software interfaces, to enable retrieval from such sites of the status of the prior authorizations. Statistical Information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, RealMed shall not use or disclose such information for purposes of directly marketing to or contacting, or enabling any third party to directly market to or contact, Customer or any Payers, referring physicians, or patients.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that RealMed shall own and retain all right, title, and interest including, but not limited to, all intellectual property rights in and to all such compiled statistical information, without any rights of accounting or any other obligations to Customer or any third party.

The following work functions are excluded from the Prior Authorization Services: a interpretation of medical records; b peer to peer reviews; and c obtaining charts from referring doctors or soliciting follow up questions to referring doctors. RealMed Subsidiary. RealMed Responsibilities.

RealMed will perform data entry only. Customer Responsibilities. Assisting in establishing and maintaining required credentials with payers and benefit managers in order to ensure that the RealMed may perform the Prior Authorization Services.

Reasonably cooperating with RealMed, promptly and accurately responding to RealMed requests for information and materials and providing timely, accurate and complete data, documents and other information and materials to RealMed. Following up with payers and benefit managers. Assisting RealMed during the initial implementation phase by openly sharing knowledge which may affect the authorization process e. We are pleased to announce a new array of online tools available to our dentists through Availity, starting on November 15th.

If you currently use the Humana. Because Availity is a multipayer portal, this transition should help you simplify your operation and ease some of your administrative burden. We expect to retire the existing portals in the second quarter of , at which point Humana.

Until they are retired, these portals will continue to work normally and offer information to dental providers as they do now. Eastern time. Learn more about how to register and get started with Availity. Humana and Florida Blue formerly Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida jointly formed Availity in , with the goals of improving efficiency, reducing administrative complexity in the healthcare industry and, ultimately, improving healthcare outcomes.

Refer a dentist to be part of the Humana network. Assistance is available Monday — Friday, 8 a.

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Log in Registration. Central billing offices CBOs , as part of a provider organization, should follow the Provider path. Accessing Availity Registration Follow these steps: 1. With your browser, go to www. On the Availity home page, click Register now. On the page that displays, click Start Registration.

The start page for Availity registration displays. An intuitive interface guides you through the registration process, and includes a progress bar to show you where you are within the process at all times. Page 1 of 6 Rev. We recommend using the same Availity user ID across organizations. This can be from a personal account or one that is provided by your company.

The system will prompt you if the user ID you enter is already in use. However we recommend that you enter it here because you will need it later in the registration process—unless your organization is a nonhealth care provider that is not eligible to obtain an NPI. This is reserved for Availity training organizations.

Tell Us About Yourself cont. When you click Next on the Tell Us About Yourself page, the Your Organization Information page displays pre-populated with the information you have already entered. When you click Next on the Tell Us About Yourself page, the Your Organization Information page displays pre-populated with the information you have already entered.

Complete the additional fields for your organization. Note: Before displaying the Your Organization Information page, Availity performs a search of its database to determine if your organization is already registered. If the system finds a possible match, a search results page displays. Review the results to determine if your organization is listed. A message displays advising you to log in to the Availity portal to make any changes to the existing organization account.

The registration process stops here. If you have questions during registration, and see a Chat Live Now button in the upper right corner of the page, you can click the button to start a live chat with an Availity Client Services representative.

This person does not need an Availity user account. This person must have an active Availity user account. The system will carry forward the information from the Tell Us About Yourself page. If you will not be the PCA or PAA, you must enter information for the person or persons who will be performing those roles. Note: You cannot change the organization type at this stage in the registration process without losing all the information entered on the Your Organization Information and Select Your Administrators pages.

Once you are satisfied with the information you have entered, click Submit Registration. Need Additional Help? For additional help with registration, contact Availity Client Services at 1.

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Web1. Go to new.samslawguide.com 2. Click register 3. Click the organization type 4. Follow the registration wizard REGISTRATION TIP IF YOU DO NOT REQUIRE USE OF . WebFrom the Availity home page, select Claims & Payments from the top navigation. Select Claim Status from the drop-down menu. Submit an inquiry and review the Claims Status . WebYou want fast, easy access to health plan information. With Availity Essentials, a free, health-plan-sponsored solution, providers can enjoy real-time information exchange .