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After his final audition, he returned to New York City, and when he landed he received a phone call informing him that he was hired. Many of George's predicaments were based on David's past real-life experiences. In " The Revenge ", for example, when George quits his job in a fury only to realize he has made a mistake, he goes back the next day as if nothing happened; this mirrors David's actions while working as a writer for Saturday Night Live , when he quit and then returned to his job in the same manner.

As Alexander explains in an interview for the Seinfeld DVD , during an early conversation with David, Alexander questioned a script, saying, "This could never happen to anyone, and even if it did, no human being would react like this. This happened to me once, and this is exactly how I reacted.

George becomes engaged to Susan Ross , an executive at NBC who approved his and Jerry's show-within-a-show sitcom pilot. George and Susan date, during which time commitment-phobic George is constantly trying to find ways to end their relationship without actually having to initiate the breakup with her. In " The Engagement ", he proposes to her after he and Jerry make a pact to move forward with their lives, despite his not having dated her for years.

When Jerry breaks up with his girlfriend almost immediately thereafter for eating "her peas one at a time" and declares the deal over, George tries repeatedly to weasel out of his engagement. In " The Invitations ", she dies from licking the toxic glue in their wedding invitations. When notified of her death at the hospital, George displays a combination of shock, apathy, and relief.

A few moments after being notified of Susan's death, he says to Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine, "Well, let's go get some coffee. George is very bad at meeting women and even worse at maintaining his romantic relationships and, as a result, his relationships usually end badly.

George's professional life is unstable. He is unable to remain in any job for any great length of time before making an embarrassing blunder and getting fired, and he is unemployed for a large amount of time throughout the series. Very often, the blunder is lying and trying to cover it up, only to have it all fall apart.

Most of the many short-lived jobs George holds throughout the series are in sales. Over the course of the series, he works for a real estate transaction services firm Rick Bahr Properties , a rest stop supply company Sanalac , a publishing company Elaine also works at Pendant Publishing , the New York Yankees his longest running job , a playground-equipment company Play Now and an industrial smoothing company Kruger Industrial Smoothing.

He is fired from his job at Pendant Publishing for having sex with the cleaning woman on his desk in " The Red Dot " he professes he has always been attracted to cleaning women. His original job when the series starts is as a real estate agent; he ends up quitting and getting re-hired, but fired immediately afterward for drugging his boss.

He always wanted to be an architect or least "pretend to be an architect". He first mentions this desire in " The Stake Out ", and claims in " The Race " that he had designed "the new addition to the Guggenheim ". During Season 4, George gains experience as a sitcom writer as he helps Jerry to write the pilot for the fictitious show Jerry. The Jerry pilot is never picked up. George has balding hair, which is less noticeable in " The Seinfeld Chronicles " or a flashback in " The Slicer ", but gets thinner as the series progresses.

In " The Beard ", he starts to wear a toupee, until Elaine throws it out the window in disgust. He also tries to restore his hair in " The Tape ", when he starts using a Chinese cream that is said to be such a great cure for baldness that it will make him "look like Stalin".

His hair is rarely seen styled. His clothing is usually very plain. He frequently wears jeans and Nike Cortez sneakers. George has, however, mentioned that his clothes are color-coded based on his mood. Several times throughout the show, George mentions a desire to "drape" himself in velvet if only it were socially acceptable , which he does in " The Doodle ".

To explain their presence in the lobby of an office building, Jerry and George come up with a cover story based around a man they plan to meet named Art Vandelay, an importer-exporter who works in the building. George frequently reuses the invented name as a running joke.

George tells Elaine's boss at the publishing company that he frequently reads Art Vandelay's work. In " The Boyfriend ", George tells the unemployment office he is close to getting a job at "Vandelay Industries". He later tells Susan that Art is Elaine's boyfriend as part of a cover story to prevent Susan from learning that he is dating Marisa Tomei " The Cadillac ".

Art Vandelay. Vandelay", to hide his lack of sales success. Pennypacker" to take advantage of an open house to watch a Mets game on television. For his performance as George, Alexander was nominated for various awards. Fox for his portrayal of Michael Flaherty on Spin City. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Television character. For the Massachusetts politician, see George Costanza politician.

Fictional character. For the Short Stack album, see Art Vandelay album. The Guardian. Season 3. Episode Season 5. Episode 2. Season 6. Episode 4. Season 4. Episode 9. Season 9. Episode 8.

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The Times-Union. Archived from the original on September 23, Knight Ridder Tribune. October 24, The People. London, England. Ricky Gervais. The Washington Post.

July 17, I just finished reading this book for the 2nd time. One of the things I appreciate most about C. Baxter Kruger's approach in this book is how he continually drives home the point - There is nothing you have to do to win your salvation, Jesus did that through his incarnation, death and resurrection.

We have been included in The Great Dance simply because of the love of the Trinity and yet we spend a lifetime lear I just finished reading this book for the 2nd time. We have been included in The Great Dance simply because of the love of the Trinity and yet we spend a lifetime learning to accept this to be the case while we try to figure out how to earn our way into the circle. Feb 21, Melody rated it it was amazing Shelves: study-reference. Love this book - reading it again for a group study.

Getting just as much out of it and more the 2nd time through. I must say again - Love this book. Enjoying so much going through it and discussing it. View 1 comment. So full of truth and joy! Oct 12, Joel Wentz rated it liked it.

There's a lot to like about this little book - beautiful and impassioned writing, a style that is approachable to anyone without a theological education or even a background with the Bible, and a willingness to challenge a lot of commonly held conceptions in an effort to wake up Western Christians.

Kruger is also clearly well-read and intelligent, with influences ranging from Athanasius, to Calvin, to the Torrance brothers. My only wish is that Kruger would have balanced this account of theology There's a lot to like about this little book - beautiful and impassioned writing, a style that is approachable to anyone without a theological education or even a background with the Bible, and a willingness to challenge a lot of commonly held conceptions in an effort to wake up Western Christians.

My only wish is that Kruger would have balanced this account of theology with a more robust explanation of the cross. In an effort to 'correct' the imbalance in Western theology of focusing almost exclusively on atonement an effort I resonate deeply with , he pulls the lever hard on 'incarnation' and 'Trinity. That being said, for someone entrenched in Western-Reformed theological thinking, this little book packs quite a punch and could be a breath of fresh air.

I would easily recommend it to anyone in that position, especially someone for whom that thought-system is running dry. Feb 26, Matt Garm rated it really liked it. Fantastic, joyful, and practical look at the life of the Trinity and how our salvation brings us into this joyful fellowship. I could go on and on, but simply put, it's a great book for theologian and layperson alike to find joy in this neglected doctrine.

My only hang up is that Kruger doesn't explain union with Christ with enough depth. The HOW we're united with the Trinity is important, but he doesn't fully explain how that comes about. He loosely says that since Christ created and sustains cr Fantastic, joyful, and practical look at the life of the Trinity and how our salvation brings us into this joyful fellowship.

He loosely says that since Christ created and sustains creation, creation is automatically tied to what Christ does. This - I think, though Baxter never says this - leads to universalism, and cuts out the nuance of being covenanted with Christ. That is a pretty big issue, however, the book as a whole is so good, needed, and approachable that I can't recommend it enough.

Feb 24, Curtis rated it it was amazing. One of the top books I've read this year. I'm writing this review 11 months after I read it and am still working through the implications for life and ministry as a result of reading it. Baxter does an amazing job of starting us off at the right place and in the right direction. How could we start out anywhere else but in the heart of the Great Dance of the Trinity?

And from there we see the triune love working its way into our darkness in order to rescue in restore. Contrasting that to the myth One of the top books I've read this year. Contrasting that to the myths and legends we choose to live by sets us up for the battle we all internally face and the one we are called on to fight with the Spirit in others.

Read this book and let it sink in. Dec 05, Erin Obwald rated it it was amazing. What a beautiful book. I am often intimidated by theological books and was nervous to start this book.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised by the way in which the author writes about the Trinity, includes relevant stories and ties it all to our current wrestlings.

I will definitely recommend this book! May 26, Bombon rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-library. Life changing! Powerful Read c Baxter Krueger did a great job reflecting the heart and passion of the ground God will definitely be reading all of his writings! Beautiful work by Baxter Baxter explains the gospel of Jesus through the lense of seeing the heart of the Trinity and their desire to share their circle of relationship with us. Aug 19, Jason rated it really liked it.

In this book, Baxter discusses the overarching foundation and purpose for creation and why we are here. Essentially, life is about participation in the life and family of the Trinity, which we were born into and don't have to figure out how to achieve or earn.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who's wondered about their purpose or why God created all this stuff, or anyone interested in Trinitarian theology. Apr 02, Robin Sampson rated it it was amazing Shelves: theology , jewish-roots , gods-love.

LOVE this book. We are part of something magnificent like an invisible flowing river. We are part of a great dance. They talk a lot about God, but they are as joyful and interesting as fence posts. Their life witness seems to imply that we must make a choice between God and life, between God and joy, between God and the great dance. Tragically they have missed the point.

The truth is: God is not abstract. The invisible flowing river begins in the fellowship of the Trinity. Excerpt Pages Before the universe came to be, before the heavens were called forth with stars and moons, there was the great dance of life shared by the Father, Son and Spirit.

Before the earth was carved in infinite beauty and human life was fashioned with style and grace and glory, before there was anything, there was the great dance of life shared by the Father, Son and Spirit. In staggering and lavish love, this God determined to open the circle and share the Trinitarian life with others.

As an act of mind-boggling and astounding philanthropy, the Father, Son and Spirit chose to create human beings and share the great dance with them.

From the beginning, from before the beginning, the gift was given in and through Jesus Christ 2 Timothy He was always destined to come and work out our adoption Ephesians And that is what happened. The Son of God stepped out of eternity into history and carried out the eternal purpose of God for us Ephesians 3: Jesus has done it.

We have been blessed, Paul tells us, with every conceivable blessing in Jesus Christ. The very life of the Triune God, the communion and fellowship, the eternal joy and fullness and glory of the Father, Son and Spirit have been given to us.

It is the invisible river running through our lives and through all things. The beauty of a given morning, the smile of a daughter saying everything that needs to be said, a cup of coffee with an old friend, the passion of love, the peace of fishing in the shadows of a dying day. It is all poetry in motion the great dance being played out through the scenes of our lives. Nov 02, Emiko rated it really liked it. I think that's exactly what many of the "churched" need.

It was refreshing, stirring, inspirational, and poetic in parts. I'm still chewing on parts. I don't feel like I had to agree with everything to appreciate its value. And that means that our inclusion in the great dance of life shared by the Father, Son and Spirit is not now a goal to be achieved, a dream for us to attain some day later when we finally get our religion right.

It means that there is far more going on in our lives right now than we ever dreamed. There is, in truth, nothing ordinary about us or our lives at all. Oct 23, Melanie rated it really liked it. Loved the idea of living our lives in joy which comes as a result of living in union with the trinity. Our assurance needs to be tied into this union with the trinity.

When we are assured of this union we are more inclined to live lives in deep relationship with the Father, Son and Spirit. Challenged me to seek joy, to see all of my relationships in light of this great dance and to be assured of my relationship in the trinity. Oct 08, Amy Faith rated it it was amazing.

A delightful read, this book really touches the heart in a deep way! Be prepared to revisit all you may have been taught or already think you know about the Christian faith! Baxter Kruger brings to light the relationship between the Father, Son and Spirit within the Trinity and how we have been welcomed into relationship with the beautiful God who created us!

Very deep and yet explained simply, my heart was so full after reading this book! Dec 03, Jcsapple rated it it was amazing Shelves: adored.

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This demonstrates a special love, and most people the 'eternally reprobate' or non-elect are given only common grace and tolerance. This bifurcation of grace intends to retain a doctrine of God's omnibenevolence and a doctrine of hell.

In comparison, Arminianism resolves the contradiction by rejecting divine omnipotence with respect to human will. This is commonly referred to as synergism. It posits that human beings have an inviolable free will , which allows the choice of accepting or rejecting God's grace.

Universalists disagree with the third claim, and argue that all people receive salvation. Heresy is "adherence to a religious opinion contrary to church dogma". In a socially free world, free moral agents may identify with whichever perspectives and positions, persons and communities, and traditions or subtraditions they find most intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually palatable.

However, the results of their exercise of this operational freedom may be understood or interpreted differently by different persons. There is also the doctrine of purgatory, distinct from hell, where imperfect souls are cleansed and made ready for heaven.

It may be a place of rehabilitation, correction, or retribution. Universalists believe that every person will be saved, where more orthodox Roman Catholics believe that only those who died in God's grace will find purgation for their venial sins in Purgatory. Christian denominations and churches will generally profess one of the above to be true and the others as error; however, they are not all mutually exclusive.

For example, some [ citation needed ] who hold to 4 "Universalism" also hold to 1 "Exclusivism. Others may be 2 "Inclusivists" and 3 "Pluralists. Arminianism holds that God will not abrogate humanity's free will because love must be chosen, not forced, and that some people will choose alienation from God over consummation, and so God has "graciously" provided a place for them to exist.

Lewis speculated, through literary allegory, that hell is locked from within but few will leave because over a lifetime and through the coming ages, they will become more and more at home in hell. A Trinitarian Universalist believer might counter that for God to allow his misguided and confused children to suffer eternal separation from him is the very opposite of grace, runs counter to his loving and sovereign nature, and would compare unfavorably to the attitude and behavior of even average human parents toward their children.

The Bible seems to teach that those who believe do so because God caused them to believe, not by any freedom of choice of their own Ephesians 10 , and they might cite the following in support their answer:. In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved.

Also, the Bible in several places refers to freedom being only for those freed through Christ, and that those who are not in Christ are in darkness under the dominion of Satan Acts , and are slaves to sin John Therefore, it would make no sense to maintain that someone can have the "freedom" to "reject God"it is only by sin that people reject God. Those in sin are slaves to sin and Satan, and therefore it is only God who can, by his grace, release them from that bondage and make them able to believe:.

Mortalists object that, in their view, the Bible does not teach torment of souls, either in Hades , nor at the Last Day in Gehenna. Apart from the dogmatic belief that a sentence of endless torment in hell is incompatible with God's moral character there are notable theologians who believe that God wants everyone to be saved and that it is possible for God to save everyone but, at the same time, they will not limit God's sovereign right to choose not to save everyone.

While Thomas Talbott , "Gregory MacDonald" the penname for Robin Parry and Eric Reitan regard everlasting punishment as impossible, [11] [13] [20] Reformed, neo-orthodox theologian Karl Barth and Catholic theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar believed that the eventual salvation of all was merely a possibility.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Trinitarian Universalism. Variant of belief in universal salvation. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Jesus Christ. Bible Foundations. History Tradition. Denominations Groups.

Related topics. Main article: History of Christian universalism. This article duplicates the scope of other articles.

Please discuss this issue on the talk page and edit it to conform with Wikipedia's Manual of Style. August Dean of Boston, and Mr. Mitchell of New York; the latter of whom, though a highly respected preacher of Universalism, was never in formal fellowship as his attachments to Mr. Murray's peculiarities were so strong as to prevent him uniting with the denomination. Belief in vicarious atonement has given way to the moral-influence idea of Christ's work.

Calvinistic and Arminian Universalism have given way to that eclecticism. Universal Salvation? ISBN The Journal of Ecclesiastical History. And yet sometimes, on our own checker boards, we glimpse movement of another kind, something extraordinary Read more. The eternal Word of God became flesh, as John said, to tabernacle, to dwell with us. What could be more amazing than the Creator of the universe, the one in and through and by and for whom all things were created and are constantly sustained, 3 entering into his own creation and becoming human to be with us?

To speak the name of Jesus Christ, biblically and in the tradition of the early church is to say Trinity, and it is to say humanity, and it is to say cosmos, and it is to say that the Triune God, the human race and the cosmos are not separated, but bound together in relationship, in union, in covenant forever Baxter Kruger, theologian, writer [and fishing lure designer] is the Director of Perichoresis Ministries.

Baxter is a native of Prentiss, Mississippi. Log in. Cart 0. Book Dr. Kruger Schedule Baxter Kruger for a seminar or speaking engagement. Live with Baxter A digital space to enjoy fellowship and knowledge with Baxter.

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WebMay 25, Baxter Rei Kruger-waterson. Age. Gender. trans male. Sexuality. . WebHistory [ edit] Traditionally, the doctrine of Christian universalism was traced by Missing: baxter kruger. WebJun 26, Gift from C. Baxter Kruger The author takes some of her own childhood Missing: wiki.