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Presbyopia is what happens when the eye's lens loses flexibility. Farsightedness is what happens when the eyeball is too short. The symptoms are similar, but unlike presbyopia, farsightedness is due to the size and shape of your eye.

Alcon multifocal contact lenses can help you see clearly near and far without the hassle of readers. The world's only multifocal water gradient lenses that provide a cushion of moisture so it feels like you're wearing nothing at all. Get all-day comfort with clear vision up close, far-away and everywhere in between. See clearly at all distances, near and far, in a comfortable monthly replacement contact lens.

Alcon multifocal contacts are aspheric. That means that near power is in the center of the lens, and gradually transitions to the intermediate and distance powers as it moves forward. Multifocal lenses let you see clearly near, far and in-between, so typically there's no need for glasses or readers while you're wearing them. No, our multifocal lenses are not weighted, so they are about the same thickness as regular contact lenses.

While it might take some time to get used to your new multifocal contact lenses, most people adjust successfully. You can enjoy the benefits of Alcon multifocal contacts for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. You can find Alcon multifocal contact lenses at select eye doctors across the country. To find a location near you, click here. You can also find Alcon multifocal contact lenses at most major retailers that have an eye center, as well as some online retailers.

Ask your eye doctor if they have experience fitting Alcon multifocal contact lenses. Or use our doctor finder to locate an experienced eye doctor near you. See product instructions for complete wear, care and safety information. Multifocal Contact Lenses As you age, the lenses of your eyes become less flexible.

Try Before You Commit. Find An Eye Doctor. Multifocal Lenses And Presbyopia Multifocal contact lenses are for people with presbyopia—a condition that makes it more difficult to focus up close. Do you have presbyopia? Ask yourself these three simple questions. You want exceptional comfort that lasts until the end of the day. You want highly breathable daily disposable contact lenses for white, healthy-looking eyes.

Features water gradient technology; designed for exceptional comfort that lasts through the end of the day and clear vision at near, intermediate, and distance. First and only multifocal water gradient contact lens that is designed to provide comfort like never before and clear vision up close, faraway and in between. Say goodbye to on-and-off hassle of single vision distance and reading glasses. These lenses are specifically designed to balance to the effects of presbyopia.

Unique Precision Profile DesignTM ensures seamless vision up close, far-away, and everything in between. Water Gradient technology for comfort that last throughout the whole day. Exceptional comfort that lasts until the end of the day. These breathable contact lenses provide stunning eye color and outstanding comfort.

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Nearandfar alcon Side effects like discomfort, mild burning or stinging may occur. Nearancfar Kingdom. Our multifocal lenses can help you avoid compensating behaviors like this:. Quick comparison. This is called nearsightedness, or myopia. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
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In our store you will find ceramics, paintings, wood carvings, and much more. Decor like you have never seen. Transform the look of your home. We bring the exotic to you. Decor like you've never seen. Custom, one-of-a-kind pieces you won't find off the shelf in furniture stores. Handcrafted, solid wood furniture, with no flimsy fiberboard or cheap finish.

No more frustration waiting for fulfillment or having to travel hours from home. Danielle H. Read More. Near and Far is incredible. The store has a great mixture of rustic, industrial, and modern pieces. We enjoyed talking with Allisa and highly recommend this store. Kate W. Near and far is my favorite furniture store in Casper! Each formula is designed to keep your eyes lubricated and comfortable, providing lasting relief when you need it most. Learn how one contact lens can help you see clearly—near and far.

See product instructions for complete wear, care and safety information. Welcome to MyAlcon. Contact Lenses Learn more about contact lenses and find the best fit for your lifestyle. Eye Care Products Discover the products you need to help keep your eyes happy and healthy. Cataract Treatment Start planning for clearer vision and learn more about cataract surgery. Contact Lens Solutions. Need a Prescription?

Eye Allergens are Out There. Seize Life Without Cataracts.

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WebNot all products are approved in every market, and approved labeling and instructions may vary by local country. See Alcon Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for the use of . Webnear and afar. WebNear & Far is a locally owned family business in Casper, Wyoming that provides handcrafted, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and exotic home decor items.