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Ibm nuance watson

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Nuance is a leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. Its technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with information and how they create, share and use documents. For more information, please visit: www. Nuance Healthcare employs a range of technologies and services as part of its full portfolio speech recognition, clinical language understanding, decision support, test results management and data analysis.

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About Nuance Communications, Inc. The support is wonderful as well. Whenever I need assistance on the Admin Side I can just call or email to take care of the issue. The Genesys Team is a professional group that is collaborative and informing on problem-solving and what is needed. A great partner in every sense of the word. Very flexible and nimble. They are completely focused on doing what they can to meet our needs. The training time of the agents is really very brief, which allowed us a great saving of millions in the process.

We have received many positive comments about the ease of obtaining help. Using Sophie was key to the company's digital transformation. IT services were only performed by telephone and today we are evolving to increasingly promote the digital channel. Our customer surfaces support almost a billion customer interactions a month. We have a strong desire to understand what our customers need, how well our solutions are meeting those needs, and specific actions we can take to improve value.

By using Verint's IVA analysis toolset - including Prompt, we've been able to build a program that drives actionable customer insight, powers runtime intent-driven AI experiences, and supports a "flywheel" of continuous, measurable improvement.

In my opinion, the level of customer obsession these tools have empowered us to unlock is invaluable. We just implemented Luma, the implementation process was smooth and fun! Serviceaide consultants were very knowledgeable and helpful, we are excited to have Luma as part of our team! AI cloud services are an industry that is changing rapidly. The "Aisera AI Customer Service" is also evolving at a rapid pace and has actually been upgraded many times over the past year, with significant improvements and expansions.

While upgrading tools has benefits such as bug fix for users, it requires efforts to understand new features. In short, frequent upgrades place a certain burden on the end user. AISERA also understands the challenges of language localization, such as the difficulty of multi-language support resulting from the differences between the two languages themselves, Japanese and English.

They are listening to the opinions and suggestions from Non English users and making bug fixes and doing specification changes. We believe that this sincere attitude will not only benefit end users, but also promise the business growing of AISERA.

As a business partner Cbot is an important contributor during processes. During before and after configration periods, reporting phase they are helpful. Since we work with Mindsay , they are always been reactive to ours problematics and knew how to meet our clients' needs. They are still releasing new features that are interesting for us, in back-office but also to get a view of our clients' satisfaction which is a big deal for us.

Great team- account director and designer are great. Consistent support even after the application is live. Lots of opportunities to continue to enhance and iterate. Pretty easy to design additional call flows and self-service into the application. The IPSoft team has been an excellent partner and has even helped us in that by going through the process with their team, it has caused us to take a closer look at our existing processes and helped improve them.

Truely professional organization which provides end to end solutions. Whenever we approach for a solution, we receive the same within expected timelines. Product Reviews. Vendor Directory. Product Comparisons. Conference Calendar. Community Guidelines Listing Guidelines.

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For example, physicians at Columbia University are helping identify critical issues in the practice of medicine where the Watson technology may be able to contribute, and physicians at the University of Maryland are working to identify the best way that a technology like Watson could interact with medical practitioners to provide the maximum assistance. He added that the collaboration with IBM "will transform the capture, flow and use of clinical data, empowering healthcare organizations to drive smarter, more efficient clinical and business decisions.

IBM and Nuance are currently engaged in a five-year joint-research initiative designed to advance next-generation natural language speech technologies, the results of which will be commercialized by Nuance.

Skip to main content. IBM, Nuance to apply 'Watson' analytics to healthcare. By Mike Miliard February 17, More regional news. By Jessica Hagen. January 17, By Jeff Lagasse. By Bill Siwicki. Want to get more stories like this one? Get daily news updates from Healthcare IT News. Top Story. Most Read How to tailor cybersecurity discussions to align disparate stakeholders. NSW Health seeks best change management practices for virtual care integration.

Patients prefer telehealth for common illnesses, study shows. AWS launches Amazon Omics for precision medicine. How AI is saving lives in stroke and other neurovascular care. White Papers More Whitepapers. Sharp Healthcare automates the business of care systemwide. Updated on: May 12, IBM will continue its longtime collaboration with speech-recognition software developer Nuance Communications to bring the analytics capabilities of supercomputer Watson into the health care field.

Under a research agreement announced Feb. Nuance makes the Dragon speech-recognition software. Combining the CLU language capabilities of Nuance in a supercomputer such as Watson could lead to the next generation of EHRs electronic health records and decision-support applications, according to Dr. A commercial product will be available in 18 to 24 months, IBM and Nuance report.

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Feb 17, IBM will continue its longtime collaboration with speech-recognition software developer Nuance Communications to bring the analytics capabilities of supercomputer . The firms will combine technology that IBM developed for its Watson system, including deep question answering, natural language processing, and machine learning capabilities, with . IBM and Nuance Communications announced Thursday a research agreement to explore, develop and commercialize the Watson computing system's advanced analytics capabilities in .