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Departments: Engineering, Marketing, Customer Service. Minneapolis, MN. Dallas, TX. Sources of data may include, but are not limited to, the BLS, company filings, estimates based on those filings, H1B filings, and other public and private datasets. See link Jobs. HQ Cuange.

Cognizant technology solutions amsterdam conduent berwyn pa

Cognizant technology solutions amsterdam

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More from Merriam-Webster on cognizant. Love words? Need even more definitions? Word of the Day. Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary. Henley shirt Stiletto heel Fedora hat Brogue shoes. Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! Can you make 12 words with 7 letters? One L or two? When Were Words First Used?

Look up any year to find out. Ask the Editors Literally How to use a word that literally drives some pe Is 'None' Singular or Plural? Or both? Or neither? Lay vs. Lie Editor Emily Brewster clarifies the difference. Ending a Sentence with a Preposition An old-fashioned rule we can no longer put up with. Take the quiz. Top Words of Quiz Fourteen words that helped define the year. The related word recognizance is also used in a legal context, often referring to an obligation to appear before a court or perform some other legal action, as in He was released on his own recognizance.

What are some other forms related to cognizant? I have a tiny cut on the tip of my right index finger and have never been more cognizant of how much I take this fingertip for granted. One of the most important product skills is to be cognizant of when you are asking the customer to think too much. Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of cognizant?

Maher says the Wikimedia Foundation is cognizant of this, and is working on ways to support the knowledge ecosystem upon which Wikipedia relies. You have to be cognizant that not everyone has the awareness that we do. For publishers, this means they will need to be more cognizant of the diversity on their teams as well as the diversity they are putting forth in their content.

You starred on Entourage, but also seem to be cognizant of classism. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Ehrlich seemed cognizant of the political implications of his trip to New Hampshire. One in four of us are forced to live through the violent assaults that these men resent being made cognizant of. Half awake, in her bed, she tried to remain cognizant as she talked on the phone. Thou wearied patient Heroine; cognizant of the infinitely little!

Alice Mendon, who was quite cognizant of the whole matter, but was broad enough to leap to the aid of another woman, did much. Opinion among the forest race, makes the whole animated creation cognizant and intelligent of their customs. Napoleon, himself a sceptic, was cognizant of this slave philosophy. I knew a little about boats, and made the Captain cognizant of the fact. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! See synonyms for cognizant on Thesaurus. Smoothly step over to these common grammar mistakes that trip many people up.

Good luck! See conscious. Words nearby cognizant cognitive science , cognitive therapy , cognitivism , cognizable , cognizance , cognizant , cognize , cognomen , cognoscenti , cognoscible , cognoscitive.