ability network and availity
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Ability network and availity contact amerigroup ga

Ability network and availity

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Click for a side-by-side comparison of meanings. Use the word comparison feature to learn the differences between similar and commonly confused words. See synonyms for ability on Thesaurus. Smoothly step over to these common grammar mistakes that trip many people up. Good luck! Ability, faculty, talent denote qualifications or powers. Ability is a general word for power, native or acquired, enabling one to do things well: a person of great ability; ability in mathematics.

Faculty denotes a natural ability for a particular kind of action: a faculty of saying what he means. Talent is often used to mean a native ability or aptitude in a special field: a talent for music or art. Words nearby ability abietate , abietic acid , abigail , Abihu , Abilene , ability , Abimelech , Abingdon , Abington , ab initio , Abinoam.

Words related to ability capability , capacity , competence , intelligence , qualification , skill , strength , talent , understanding , expertise , ingenuity , proficiency , aptitude , competency , comprehension , dexterity , endowment , facility , faculty , might.

How to use ability in a sentence The decision cannot be based on traditional parameters of willingness or ability to pay. When rationing a coronavirus vaccine, pharma must keep these 3 ethical considerations in mind jakemeth July 23, Fortune. Revisiting supply-path assumptions, marketers are seeing a revenue lift Sharethrough July 22, Digiday. Napoleon's Marshals R. Examples of ability. We want to go out there, we want to play to the best of our ability at any given moment. From The Seattle Times.

The ability for one parent to stay home, for kids or otherwise, is often viewed as a luxury of upper-middle class life. From The Atlantic. The differences among states have meant that the ability of the very poor to survive can depend on where they happen to live.

When that is thrown into doubt, the investors back away, eroding the yieldco's ability to buy its parent's projects at a premium. From Bloomberg. I was trying to capture that to the best of my ability. From TIME. He had an ability to -- no matter when he played, where he played, who he played -- bring it every night. From The Denver Post. So now we have not only the ability but the mandate to take all these considerations in parallel.

From Los Angeles Times. You know, you write that dogs for quite a long time have been bred for certain characteristics and for certain abilities. From NPR. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Collocations with ability. Click on a collocation to see more examples of it. From the Cambridge English Corpus. From Wikipedia. See all collocations with ability. Translations of ability in Chinese Traditional. See more. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of ability? Browse abided. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

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