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Availity disgaea 4 guide cigna switzerland

Availity disgaea 4 guide

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You might also want to set your settings to turn skill animations OFF, when an unseen skill animation happens, the game will show it to you but if you already have it, it will skip it. Experiment with this.

Anyway, once you complete all classes and tiers except Android and BEFORE deleting them, make sure you use all their unique skills they have an extended 5-finger hand icon and get them registered under the "Human Skills" section of the database. Some skills, like the Geo Skills of the Monk, wont get recorded, so be on the lookout. For monsters, you need their unique skills in magichange form too.

To magichange, just stand near a monster, then use the monster's magichange command to make it a weapon, use both weapon skills to count. Remember that there are some unique characters that are monsters like Desco,Priere,Gig,etc so you need their magichange skills and two weapon forms too.

For each human character check: Unique skills, Human Skills. For each monster check: Magichange skills, normal magichange weapon version, fusioned magichange weapon version. You will also need to unlock all DLC characters and beat all Special ones the ones that give you achievements and power up the cheat shop , including Prinny Kurtis and Petta.

Also, experience all skills from Pringer X and Tyrant Baal. The rarest spells are things like Charm, Slow, Poison, etc, enemies dont often use those, also the Healing spells like Peta heal. Remember that you need to suffer Pringer-X and Tyrant Baal skills too! Chara World Skills. Portable Piracy Collect all Pirate Ship parts. Thats more than discipline room confessions of treasure, so over kidnappings. It's going to take a while The rest are gotten through the item world pirates, by hunting and defeating them but using the cheat shop, you can increase their spawn rate, although you will still need to be in the right route, making encountering all pirates in one single run, impossible.

So, how can we speed up the kidnapping and obtaining the parts? So, first, we need to be strong enough to deal with Level or more enemies and Val at Max level Dedicated Collector Collect all types of items.

Oh boy, this is the big one. To complete this achievement, you need to gather at least one rarity of every item.

From gums to the fabled Rank 41 Issen sword, you need to fill that list. Remember, rarity doesnt matter, for it to count, you can get a Rare Shortcake instead of a normal one and it will count, so you dont have to find the snack again. Snacks and weights are the hardest ones to find in the wild, treasures and bonus lists are your best options. You will also need all stat enhancing vials sold by the tower cat. This cat is atop a tower in a special mystery room, to reach him, you need a high level Val to jump up there, you might need to visit him three or four times to get all the different kinds of medicine.

Another mystery room you need to find is the magichange weight one, a single beastmaster will gift you this weight, I dont know if it has any spawning requirements. And finally the Lottery Mystery Room will sell you three kinds of tickets you need to buy. If you are not in LoC, go to LoC now. Go into the IW and to Floor Once your item is acquired, guess what? So: You need to steal 2 legendaries from each weapon category from an Item God, that's floors for first,sword,spear,gun,axe,bow,staff, grey monster weapons, but only 1 red monster weapons and more for armor.

You can both steal a Crowbar R40 Red M. You will also need to steal a Trap trapezohedron from the item god of a Legendary Arcadia which you can also steal, that's another floors. Grab on to your grinding butts, cuz its gonna be a fun time! Some tips: You can use move again after you move, when you mess up a move. Some enemies have high evade, try and attack from the back. Enchanters always leave a Zombie behind, have a third character so it can take it out.

Pretty Puppy Stick is your best friend. For collector, you will need a Rank 39 weapon, go and get a Rank 40 from the Land of Carnage Floor item world floor, then do that again to get the Rank 41 version. Here is a video of how I ran my last Item World, from level 1 to level in under 22 minutes.

Special Weapons. Inflict 10,,, damage. The most important thing about this achievement is that you don't have to do it to a single enemy, you can do it to several, if you hit 10 enemies with 1 billion damage, you'll get it.

I spent 3 hours trying to figure this one out, read about evilities, powerups, masteries, innocents, skills, but my top was around 8 Billion. I read that you can do this by building a custom map and I did.

Couldnt get it.. I tried different combos, nada. But then It looks like, the damage was multiplied for every different mob I hit with it and the achievement pop! In Disgaea 5, you cannot do this for the top damage achievement, since the damage must be to a single mob, so I didnt think it would work here.

So yeah, by adding more mobs to the formula, I finally got the achievement! Here's a video of how I did it, hope it helps! Check Under the Cushions Open all treasure chests in the base. This is very missable and you should get all treasure chests at the beginning of every chapter. You cannot get the postgame chests with a low leveled Valtzy, you need him around level or to reach those, here is a list: Episode 1: - By the bulletin board.

Note that this chest may be hidden. Use and to see it. Episode 2: - On top of the Weapon and Armor Shop. Episode 3: - Behind the Armor Shop. Episode 4: - Behind the Nurse. Episode 5: - Southeast in the stairs north part. Episode 6: - Behind the Dimension Gate. Episode 7: - Northwest area, on a higher elevation.

Episode 8: - Southwest Area. May be hard to see. Rotate the camera if necessary. Episode 9: - Behind the Data Shop. Rotate the camera to see some steps.

Climb up and jump across. Episode - To the left of the Weapon Shop. This is hard to see, so rotate the camera if needed.

Valvatorez needs to be at a high level to reach it. It is possible to reach using a running jump from the top of the steps. Need More Lose a battle. Game Over I'll Take the Elevator Clear 30 floors in the Item World. Re-education Program Capture an enemy. The Biggest Winner Train times. Just keep buying stuff and your customer rank will rise, pass a bill at the senate for more expensive stuff, max rank is 12, you will get this naturally as you progress the game and buy new things.

Netherworld Tycoon Get over ,, HL. Just Warming Up Inflict , damage. Power Politics Persuade by force 3 times. Win the battle in 3 different failed bills and get this. Prinpocalypse Now Explode ten Prinnies in a row. If it isnt working, you might need to make a large enough map to make a proper chain, each prinny explosion is 2 panels from where it lands. Everyone's a Critic Destroy the Axel statue in battle. You can find Axel and Pinky in the Item world but its in a special mystery room that you can find the Axel statues, simply talk to Axel a bunch of times until the battle starts, instead of fighting Axel, go ahead and break a statue to get this achievement.

I think your chances of finding this special mystery room are better when you meet both Pinky and Axel in Innocent Town. Karma reports he has seen Axel statues out in the Item Worlds, I've seen them too but only after finding the Axel Mystery room, if someone else can confirm they have found an Axel statue before his mystery room, it would be great. You need to get an item to level You need a Legendary item for this. Always choose the sword path, lift up any level sphere you find along the way before clearing the stage by using the gate or killing all enemies.

Now choose Reverse Pirating instead of going into the Item World. Find the leveling spheres two of them and throw those back to your pirate ship. On a cleared Level Item, you will get 5 missions, that's an extra levels, putting you easily beyond level When the God Gets Tough Defeat God self-proclaimed. So for this, save after you get Boiling Point for the first time and go for it, if not, wait for the 2nd cycle.

I had to do it on my second cycle and I went in with my max level Valzy and did it with ease. The game will end after you win against God, no postgame for you! Hardcore Gamer! Complete all other achievements. A Legendary item has floors, the more floors you clear, the harder enemies will appear but also better loot. The limit to this is that, if you play an item world in the normal base, you wont get to see items past Rank 36, so you really need to get to the LoC see above.

Each path has its special unique pirates and gameplay. To go down the treasure path, you need to alternate between choosing the sword and the face, so, like, 1 sword then 1 face, then 1 face, then 2 swords, etc.

You can see your progress on the map. Anyway, the treasure path spawns more treasure useful when hunting items. The innocent path spawns innocents and boosts the number stat when you get an innocent. The sword path is what we want, since it lets us get more item level up spheres and more item world senate bills. Anyway, lets talk now about characters to use in the IW. Have three dedicated runners. One that deals beastly damage.

One that can get to the new opened portal. One as a backup in case the first runner wasnt able to deal with the gatekeeper. The backup runner should have skills to push enemies off the panel like some Fist attacks, Axel Tackle, Android Beam. In a perfect world, all runners should be able to fly, flying means they can move through enemies.

Remember that you can have one or two spare mega-shoes in your inventory. Start the round, equip them, move, unequip. It works. There are a lot of guides out there on these topics, so I will try and be brief about them here.

Let's start with aptitudes, every character has an aptitude, this is a multiplier to your base stats the stats you start with at level 1 basically, the more aptitude have, the higher stats you will get from your base stats.

You also have weapon aptitude, these increase the stats from your weapon. To increase your base stats, you reincarnate through a bill passed at the senate.

When should you reincarnate? Well, the easy answer is: When you hit a leveling wall. If you cannot get past level because you cannot 1-hit enemies, reincarnate and start over.

Each time you reincarnate, you will be given bonuses points you can allocate to your base stats but you also get more starting stats as well, the downside is that even at genius, you lose XP to your skills.

You cannot access the warehouse while in these worlds, so make certain you've got at least one in your inventory before diving in--and always save before doing so. Party Formation For much of the game, you will most likely want to use story characters as much as possible. However, in order to maintain a well-balance party, you will need to branch out. At least 3 unique characters are necessary to your party. An offensive magic-user The choice here is between Skulls and Mages. Mages have higher base INT scores, so I would go with a mage.

When you reincarnate to Star Mage, switch your focus to the Star spells. Staves aren't really necessary for healers, so I'd suggest equipping her with a bow, which allows the healer to deal a moderate amount of damage.

Keep in mind that magic-users earn experience simply through the casting of magic, so keep 'em well-defended. Remember to equip your magic-users with the best Orbs you can find--you want to raise the SP and INT stats as high as you can to maximize their effectiveness. A supporting melee character Basically You want a character who is good with spears.

Spear techniques allow you to attack "over" friendly characters, have a longer range 2 panels attack than normal melee weapons, and the spear skills work very well to support your primary attackers, as they can attack over ally and enemy characters alike.

You'll want another powerful melee character to complement Valvatorez and Fenrich, and you'd be hard-pressed to find one better than a spear wielder.

I would also HIGHLY recommend a good ranged character if you plan to do much in the Item or Chara worlds--specifically, a good ranged character wielding a good gun. Guns may not be the most versatile weapon, but they have nice attack ranges AND some truly indispensable long-range area-of-effect skills that make clearing random maps in the Item and Chara worlds a much less tedious process. Basic Power-Leveling Tips Before you start power-leveling, before you even begin to start, the absolute first thing you need to do is to go into settings and disable all of the animations.

Beyond that, there are a number of basic power-leveling tips to keep in mind: Team attacks divide experience equally between all characters involved. If you kill a monster that gives xp with a 2 person team attack, each character earns 50 experience. Kill that same monster with a 3 person team attack, each one earns 33 experience, etc. Team attacks can be triggered with characters who have not yet received commands for a turn.

This means you can move a characters into support positions with the hope of them triggering a team attack Execute, and then cancel the move order. Tower attacks, like team attacks, equally distribute experience among all characters in the tower.

Thus, a viable tactic for increasing the level of weak characters it to place them on top of a strong character, and then attack a high-level enemy. At the RosenQueen Item Shop and at various item shops found in the Innocent Towns in both the Item World and Chara World you can purchase potions to grant small amounts of mana or experience to a specific character, but these items can only be used in-battle and are typically far less effective than grinding.

Valvatorez' has an Evility called "Absorption" which can be purchased for mana. It allows him to absorb a percentage of the stats of every enemy he defeats--making it incredibly effective for maps with large numbers of enemies, or maps you want to solo with Valvatorez. Many maps, particularly those on Mount Ordeal, have high experience rewards on the bonus gauge.

Fill the bonus gauge up by creating geo chains, team attacks, etc. Advanced Power-Leveling Tips Advanced power-leveling can be a bit tricky, and usually involves taking on much stronger enemies capable of killing your characters--or even your entire party--in a single turn.

As is usually the case, when combating vastly superior foes, caution should always be kept in mind. Try to focus on creating one or two heavy damage dealers. The enemies in Disgaea are not guided by a singular super-intelligence analogous to the human player. Instead, the A. Some are inclined toward defense, others toward offense. Defensive enemies are fairly common, and very easy to deal with--if none of your characters are close enough for the defense-minded enemy to move to and attack in a single turn, he or she or it will not move at all.

If you can determine this range through trial-and-error you can move characters just barely in range and attack, and then use lift and throw commands to pull them away, allowing you to deal damage to the enemy without the enemy moving so much as a single tile.

HIT is basically your accuracy stat--if you want to go up against stronger enemies, you need high HIT, or else most if not all of your attacks will miss. Conversely, the SPD stat effects your own evasion--get it high enough, and those strong enemies may be able to kill you in a single hit--but they won't be able to hit you. Reincarnate, Reincarnate, Reincarnate!

Levels may be important when you first start out, but at the end of the day, it's all about stats. Generic characters require twice the normal amount of mana for each additional reincarnation--so only reincarnate them when you unlock the next tier [DB].

With story characters, like Valvatorez and Fenrich, however, there is no such penalty. Try to reincarnate as "Skilled" or "Genius" in order to retain as many of your stats as you can. Don't neglect the Chara World and Item World! You won't level up your party as quickly here as elsewhere, but the enhancements your characters and items can attain make leveling elsewhere much, much easier. Powerful weapons and emblems, greater movement speed, etc.

Learn the Big Bang skill on as many characters as soon as you can. It will make power-levelling much, much easier for you thanks to the layout of MO See Tier 5 of the Level Up!! Guide for details. Level Up!! Guide I've divided the areas used to "grind" experience and money and mana into various tiers, based upon the length of time a player can expect to spend with any one, as well as the ease with which the tiers can be broken through with reincarnated characters.

Generally speaking, each tier will occupy the player for hours, and each tier can be "broken through" by a reincarnated character from at least the next-highest tier in 30 minutes or less. So, for example, you have have a tier 1 Valvatorez, it may take you 12 hours or longer to get him up to level but once he's on the second tier, he's not going to leave. Reincarnate that level 60 Valvatorez, and he'll be right back up to level 60 in less than an hour.

Once you're at Tier 4 or 5, you'll skip through hundreds of levels in seconds. I've also included the amount of experience, total, each map can provide for your party--both the minimum and maximum amount, which usually ends up being the Rank 0 and Rank 20 amounts with one notable exception. The "Turns to completion" estimate is based on the number of turns it should take you to complete a map when you FIRST start grinding on it, so expect the latter half of your grinding experience on to be shorter than the estimate.

Tier 1 level The first few levels for any character are, naturally, the easiest. So easy, in fact, that after a few hours it'll feel like each level 1 character you create or reincarnate to will just leap right up to level 15 after his or her first battle. Compared to the next map, the Rehabilitation Room can be a bit dangerous--the Prinnies have special skills that can cause a lot of damage: the key is to fight them one at a time. First, move a single character to the Prinny to the right of the base panel and attack.

If you can't kill him with a single basic attack, use a skill. In the second turn, one of the closer Prinnies ought to move in to attack you; after you've killed him, move to the right to engage the final two Prinnies. DO NOT wander off the blue geo-field.

If the Prinny isn't moving toward your character, move him or her as close to the final Prinny as you can without leaving the blue geo-field. The map is far smaller, making the enemies easier to reach, and the enemies themselves mere Masked Heroes are not able to put up much of a fight compared to the Prinnies at This map is ideal for characters with 5-panel "cross" shaped skills Fire boosted 4 times or skills that attack every adjacent tile panel simultaneously Pole Rage.

After you move to attack the nearest enemy, the other three should gather around you--making themselves very easy to kill with one of those area-of-effect skills I mentioned earlier. Because of the speed with which this map can be completed, I recommend using it not just for farming experience, but also mana. A single character can clear the map in two turns, and provided you do not need to keep returning to the hospital to heal up, you ought to be able to cycle through the map many, many times in rapid succession.

See the blue geo-block on the left? Lift it, and toss it onto the green geo-field on the right side of the map. Once it's there, attack and destroy the geo-block. You may need to use several characters to move and destroy the geo block in your first turn.

Didn't even have to throw a single punch. Not only will you be awarded a significant amount of experience for all of the destroyed demons, but you'll also earn a full bonus gauge--which will yield you bonus experience, bonus HL, and several useful items. Note that you will not earn any experience from foes defeated in the geo-chain.

The experience you earn in this level will be applied to EVERY character on the map, so before you destroy the geo-block, make sure you've emptied your base panel completely! Tier 2 level Tier 2 is very much an artificial tier--you won't be here long, and you won't be leveling many characters through it. Even though you'll probably grind through map a hundred times or so, it won't be to level the party: instead, your goal here is to level up two characters to level 75 or so. Specifically, characters with skills that can attack enemies on a 2x2 group of panels.

Once you've got two characters capable of 2x2 attacks, it's time to move on to the far more satisfying Tier 3. The first thing you should notice is the terrain--two columns of Zombies are moving to attack the platform is on over two bridges constructed out of geo-blocks.

There are also four geo-blocks sitting by themselves on the platform next to your base panel. Guess what the key to beating this map is? First, you'll want to move two characters into the space between the yellow and red geo-blocks at the bottom of the platform. Lift and toss them both exactly FOUR panels over, near to the other two geo-blocks on the other side of the platform. This way, you should be able to lift and throw all for geo-blocks with your forces arrayed in a column.

You need to throw the red, green and blue geo blocks onto the upper bridge. DO NOT stack them on top of each other, and be careful to leave the yellow bridge panel closest to your platform open. Then end the turn without attacking. The Zombies will then move in on you, but not very quickly.

Most of them won't be able to attack, so your forces should be safe. NOW is the time to toss the yellow geo-block--assuming you left the nearest part of the bridge open, the yellow block should land on the yellow part of the bridge, causing a chain reaction destroying the bridge and very nearly killing all of the Zombies in the column as they fall to the ground.

Now, there are a number of different ways you can tackle this map from here on out. At the same time, I suggest taking out the damaged Zombies from the collapsed upper bridge with stronger ranged characters A mage works best, but Gunners, Thieves and Archers all work well, too. Your ranged characters will be able to easily attack and destroy the Zombies below without exposing themselves to any enemy attacks at all. Tier 3 level In order to start Tier 3, you'll need at least two very strong characters, of at least level 60 but preferably closer to level Both characters will need to have at least one powerful skill that damages an area of at least 2x2 tiles--and that skill will need to have been boosted, too.

These two characters will be your primary "grinders" for Tier at least when you first start out--so remember to carefully place Evil Symbols Training Ground, Aura Pyramid, etc. The most important thing is to make sure you've got the enemy level set to rank 8, which puts all 16 enemies on map at level Killing a single level 99 enemy nets the exact same amount of experience as killing an enemy at level ! To most easily complete this map, you''ll need to have two characters with 2x2 panel area-of-attack skill but you can make do with just one in a pinch.

Before you move to attack the enemies, send a character over to the yellow geo-block at the bottom of the map. Throw it over to the purple geo-field near your base panel and destroy it to start a geo-chain. Now it's time to wipe out the enemies. Fortunately, none of the enemy groups will move to attack you unless you get too close. Notice those lines that divide the map into quarters? They're a good indicator of where you can move safely: cross a line, and the enemy will move to attack.

The goal here is to utterly destroy the enemies as quickly as possible. You can use whichever method you prefer, but I found it best to send two characters aroun either side of the fountain--a Star Mage on the left and Valvatorez on the right. In the first turn, I'd use Valvatorez to take out all of the Nekomatas, and the mage to take out the Cockatrices.

In the second turn, I would send Valvatorez to take out the Hell Hounds, and the Mage who would generally need a character like Fenrich to lift and throw her part of the way can kill them all with a Giga Star. Sometimes the Hell Hounds would break formation to attack the two characters I had used to move and destroy the geo-block--but by moving, they make themselves more vulnerable to the more basic skills of weaker characters, and easier to gang up on.

And if worst comes to worst, one of your heavy-hitting characters can always circle back to take care of any possible stragglers. You should also be aware the group of Cockatrices at the left side of the map have a passive ability that makes it impossible to use any skills while standing on an adjacent panel, so you'll need to take 'em out with ranged skills.

Magic works best, but if you don't mind splitting the experience between two characters, basic "lunge" attacks will do the job as well. Blade Rush, Cataclysm, etc. Tier 4 level After the cake-walk of Tier 3, Tier 4 is a lot more work. But, hey, you're rapidly ascending to the highest echelons of power--so you'd damned well better be prepared to break a sweat. Most of your time spent in Tier 4 will be at Mount Ordeal.

Mount Ordeal is a special area meant specifically for "training" Game Designer for "grinding". All of the maps at Mount Ordeal offer obscene amounts of experience--and the bonus gauge often grants equally impressive experience bonuses.

Almost any map is good for grinding, so if you get bored with one, try another. But the best, have no doubt, is MO MO Mt. Rank 20 Enemies: Netherworld SP x12; Force Knight; Star Skull; Star Mage Before you start your offensive moves, send one of your characters with a high throw ability over to the yellow geo-block, and throw it into the cyan geo-field at the bottom of the map.

You may not find yourself in an advantage to make use of the geo-effect, but a little preparation never hurts, right? The map is set up very simply: there are three magic users standing on top of pagodas, surrounded by Special Police--bodyguards. As such, the Bodyguards typically remain in place, defending their respective magic users, while the magic-users bombard your characters with very, very powerful ranged attacks.

If you're not strong enough, many of those spells can destroy characters under level in a single hit. And they cast powerful area-of-effect spells, too. So it seems like a fairly tough mission, right? Enter Desco. There are three groups of enemies. Each group is isolated, and arranged in a cross-shape And if you've used magichange in to help boost Desco, she should be more than up to the task of clearing the map in three short turns.

Other than Desco, almost any character can clear the map fairly well. The important thing to do is to remember to use powerful ranged attackers to clear out the magic-users before sending in your main forces, otherwise a single spell can destroy most of your attack. Also be wary of the height difference, which makes it difficult to perform attacks--just remember that there is always a position you can move to that will allow an attack to hit all 5 enemies at once, so if you can't do it right away, you're not in the right spot!

Rank 20 Enemies:??? Set enemies to Rank 1 in the Cheat Shop. Concrete knowledge is, yet again, a Desco-centric map. You'll need to fuse Desco with another monster, which will allow you to use a giant Yog Sothoth--which can easily kill every single monster on the map in a single turn.

And all of that experience will go to the other monster as well, so you can effectively use this map to level up your monster characters. The most effective tactic to take for is to set the Enemy Rank to 1 so that the enemies will all be level Fuse another monster-type demon to Desco, and kill everyone with one attack.

If you use ranged characters to destroy the geo-blocks after clearing the field of enemies, you can boost up the bonus guage a bit, too, which never hurts. Once you reach it, you won't ever be leaving it. Of all of the non-randomized maps in Disgaea 4 proper, none offers the same opportunity for the massive accummulation of levels in a short period of time. General speaking, once you're at Tier 5, you can for all intents and purposes end your quest for ever more powerful levels. At tier 5, you can easily bludgeon your way through the senate and complete most post-game content.

Tier 5 is characterized by the fact that, once you're this strong, you won't be able to get any stronger without unlocking special post-game abilities. In this case, you need giant magichange.

The first and easiest tactic to take is to take Desco and use her to curb-stomp those Gargoyles into Oblivion. She'll need to be in her fused giant form to hit them. Depending on the enemy rank which you will probably need to adjust several times she should be able to kill all but two gargoyles--which you can then take out the following turn.

It's a nice, easy and efficient way to level up Desco before any other character. And when you decide to give Desco some time off and shift focus to someone else? It's a great map for that, too. First, you'll need to level up Fenrich until he learns Big Bang. If you use a Big Bang with fist-type Magichange weapons like Nekomatas you can hit every single enemy on the map.

Of course, not every character can learn Big Bang--so what do you do with them? Well, for story characters, you'll need to dive into the Chara World. Make sure Fenrich or any other character who has learned the Big Bang skill is placed on an adjacent tile in the Cam-Pain HQ to the character you're diving into who will be the character who learns the Big Bang skill and destroy all of the geo blocks on the 10th level.

You'll probably have to repeat this several times until you meet a Skill Trainer in the mystery room that will let your story character learn the Big Bang skill. For generic characters, the path to Big Bang is considerably easier. All you have to do is reincarnate them to the Bouncer class, level up until they learn the Big Bang skill, and then reincarnate them back to whatever class they were before.

Any and every character can learn the Big Bang skill, and any and every character can then use Big Bang to level-up higher and higher on MO

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