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Samsung Electronics is reportedly in talks with Nuance, the voice recognition company whose tech helped power Siri, about a possible acquisition, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Burlington, Mass. You say something and something comes back, but it may or may not be the right thing. Humans disambiguate. We clarify.

Nuance is working on improving its personal assistants to better approximate human behavior, which means pushing its own systems to store more data and consider more contextual information before making decisions. Mahoney also said Nuance is pushing its personal assistants to learn relationships, classifications and genres and even remember previous conversations to serve as more proactive recommendation engines.

In addition to its software, Nuance also offers a treasure trove of valuable voice-related patents , some of which were picked up from acquisitions. For example, Nuance owns patents for IBM's speech technology and the popular predictive text technology known as T9. Read next. US Markets Loading H M S In the news. Dave Smith. Facebook Icon The letter F. Email icon An envelope. Nuance has also been tapped by Samsung to develop the voice recognition features on the Korean firm's line of smartwatches, and the company considers wearable computers a key growth area for its future.

It has the immediacy of information, and it doesn't have the intrusive nature of something that you wear on your face. The one thing that is not evolving very quickly is the user interface, and we are still working largely with a version of the shrunken desktop on all of these form factors.

And in many instances to do something you have to drill through those layers, follow those links, follow those hierarchies, to find what you want and then interact with it. We are not just a speech company, we're really a company who believes that human language is the key to unlocking a lot of this functionality, making it accessible, making it findable, and making it easy to interact with.

To use language, speech is a natural. You don't want to be typing in natural language commands and utterances, you want to be saying them.

So the two go hand in hand. Nuance executives cited Spike Jonze's film Her, about a man who falls in love with a Siri-like digital assistant, as an example of the sort of technology their company was attempting to create. Nuance also owns Android keyboard manufacturer Swype, which uses the company's natural language processing to provide predictive keyboards.

Swype's software was also picked by Apple to demonstrate the new open keyboard system in iOS 8. But the keyboards built into Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy S4 , are made using technology licensed from Swype's London-based competitor SwiftKey, a deal which may unravel if the acquisition goes ahead. According to Nuance's head of mobile and consumer, Mike Thompson, the company's cloud-based voice recognition system, which is used by its own products and its white-label services to handle online language processing, has increased the number of users it serves 20 times in four years, from 6 million a month in to million a month as of Like Samsung, Nuance has a strong presence in the medical technology sector.

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