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Cigna healthspring dme providers

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If the DME is not covered, you must have evidence of this in the member's health care record via a completed Verification of Benefits Form. You must obtain a signed waiver from the member prior to providing services, attesting to the member's agreement to receive and pay for the specific DME recommended.

Both the waiver and the verification of benefits form must be maintained in the patient's healthcare record. Cigna HealthCare requires that all orthotics be referred to the authorized Cigna vendor, Linkia. Linkia, a specialty health care company, is dedicated to serving the orthotics industry and working to provide the best possible interface between payors and providers. Please follow the instructions below when referring a patient to Linkia for orthotics:.

While your patient is in your office, please ask them to choose one of the authorized Linkia locations that is most convenient for them to visit. Once your patient has chosen a location, complete the Orthotic Referral Form. Fax number: Make two copies of the completed form. One copy must be kept in the patient health record. The other copy must be given to the patient to take with them to the authorized Linkia Dealer.

A Linkia Provider Services representative will contact the Linkia authorized site. Once the authorized site has confirmed acceptance of the referral, the Linkia representative will contact your office stating the referral has been accepted. After you receive approval of the Linkia site, you will need to contact your patient and ask that they call the site to make an appointment. The site information will have been given to them on their copy of the Linkia Referral Form.

Once your patient has been approved to visit the Linkia office, all orthotic visits will be between the Linkia approved site and the patient. To obtain a current list of referral options, please contact Linkia Provider Services at , option 1. Enter your Home Address Please enter a valid home address. Looking for care away from home?

Enter Address Please enter a valid address. Select Health Plan Type optional information Any. What kind of doctor are you looking for? Search Results. Search by Name. Please enter a name or address to search.

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