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Carefirst blue rewards incentive

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Throughout the year, CareFirst features a wide range of programs and resources to assist associates in jumpstarting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Carebridge Employee Assistance Program EAP is a confidential support resource for our associates during challenging life circumstances.

As a way to promote an active lifestyle, we embrace Wellness Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, associates are encouraged to wear workout attire, take the stairs, go for a lunchtime walk and find simple ways to increase their physical activity. Associates can participate in free, on-site biometric health screenings, on an annual basis, to take a proactive role in their health care. First Day Tip Be easy on yourself. Learn More.

Your Benefits. Useful Benefits Information. Wellness Wednesdays As a way to promote an active lifestyle, we embrace Wellness Wednesdays. Biometric Health screenings Associates can participate in free, on-site biometric health screenings, on an annual basis, to take a proactive role in their health care.

If you are enrolled in a health plan with a Health Savings Account HSA option: Members in an HSA-compliant health plan may be eligible to receive an incentive card prior to meeting their plan deductible if certain requirements are met. If the policyholder does not agree with the terms, Blue Reward incentive activities may be completed but no reward will be earned. Your incentive card can be used toward your annual deductible or other out-of-pocket expenses related to eyeglasses, contact lenses and dental procedures covered by your CareFirst health plan.

Make sure to always save your receipts as proof of your expense. Keep the card as long as you are a CareFirst member as any future incentives you earn will be automatically added to the same card. Please note: only one card is issued to the policyholder, but it can be used by everyone covered under your policy including dependent children.

You have until the end of your benefit period to use your reward, plus an additional 90 days to reimburse yourself for any eligible expense that occurred within that benefit period. This will help personalize your experience.

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Blue Rewards: How your plan works

WebWith Blue Rewards, both you and one eligible covered family member (18 and over) can earn up to a total of $ annually in incentives for completing one or all of the following . WebFrom fitness challenges to educational support, associates can earn up to $1, in incentives by participating in the wellness program through Sharecare. Employee . WebBlue Rewards With our Blue Rewards incentive program, you can decide which healthy activities interest you and be rewarded for completing them. How it works Blue Rewards .