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Accenture management

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Click the menu icon to display the main navigation. Type anywhere at any time to use our smart search tool. About Accenture. Contact Us. Sign In. Contact Us Sign In. Executive leadership, board of directors, etc. Filter News. Year Year The company also reported its progress on increasing gender representation globally, as well as race and ethnicity representation in the US, the UK and South Africa at the managing director and senior managing director levels.

In March Cirrus joined Accenture , bringing leadership development, talent, and organizational culture change expertise and a unique approach to creating more connected, agile and purposeful organizations.

Better leaders, create better businesses and better lives. We focus on the whole person, bringing the very best innovative experiences and insight-driven interventions to help you crack your knottiest challenges and leave your people and your business Net Better Off. Our global team of consultants, coaches, business psychologists, change makers, digital and creative specialists, and program managers, help clients to transform by unlocking human potential at enterprise, team and individual level.

Powered by behavioral science and data insights and digitally enabled, we deliver a brilliant experience, wherever you are in the world. Psychological safety is a critical ingredient which powers sustainable growth. Innovation is unlocked across the organization when people feel empowered to surface new ideas or issues without fear. Psychological safety has been linked to several positive people-oriented metrics including greater agility, skills preparedness, increased collaboration and productivity.

People are happier and more fulfilled, companies can attract and retain top talent, and performance soars to new heights. We are now able to quantify what motivates teams with InsightScan, coupled with data-driven insights, behavioral science and the latest organizational psychology research we can transform teams and cultures. Psychological safety empowers teams and builds a future-proof work culture. Ilhan Scheer explains how to get employees into the flow zone.

In these times of accelerated transformation, great leaders are creating organizations that are purpose-driven, agile, and human-centric. But how can leaders adapt and inspire their people to embrace change and create a culture of innovation?

How can they manage the paradox of both enabling and disrupting at the same time? By focusing on teamwork and collaboration, as well as promoting shared decision making and ruthless prioritization on customer value, leaders can transform the way they and their teams perform.

Connect with us to learn how leaders can create an agile organization in the digital age. Is work evolving in ways that energize people?

Accenture research shows that people want to be supported at work and benefit from hybrid work. Equitable experiences should happen every day for every person to drive up Net Better Off scores. When people enjoy omni-connected experiences and are connected to each other, their leaders and their work, they create value for the business.

Leaders can practice compassionate leadership and navigate the business impact of the war in Ukraine. Leveraging AI and analytics to develop skilled workforces that create value through and for people.

Leadership is influencing a group in service of a goal. Culture encompasses what people do, how they do it and why they do it. The highest-performing organizations have strong agile, responsible and connected leaders that create positive cultures and equitable experiences built on trust. This enables people to thrive, participate fully, build relationships, innovate, deliver impact, and grow their careers.

Leaders who embrace the opportunity to inspire people, instill purpose and influence performance will be able to attract and retain the top talent required to succeed today and into the future. Leaders often underestimate the impact they have when it comes to developing an organizational culture that drives trust and job satisfaction, and that enables employees to maximize their potential and feel like they belong.

When leaders embrace and nurture an inclusive culture focused on the needs of all stakeholders, everyone wins. Many companies know what a thriving leadership culture looks like but struggle to deliver it. To enjoy the benefits of true organizational culture change increased innovation, productivity and retention , leaders must adopt new skillsets and behaviors and create omni-connected experiences.

When leaders are agile, responsible and connected, they can create cultures built on trust and belonging that serve their people, customers, shareholders and society. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Great leadership and culture matter. Read how agile, responsible, connected leaders create winning cultures.

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The Accenture Global Digital Fluency Study uncovered four digital personas that reveal distinct patterns of digital workers. Is work evolving in ways that energize people? Accenture research shows that people want to be supported at work and benefit from hybrid work. Accenture explains how modern HR leaders can instill trust, leave workers better off and achieve shared growth by personalizing employee needs.

Global biopharma company embraces innovation to improve work-life balance. How change and adoption enhances the value of technology investments. Global financial services company Manulife is working in a whole new way. Maximize cloud value by migrating both your systems and your people. Sustainable business change starts with your people. Accenture explores how organizations can use cloud technology to enable people to work from anywhere and support the future of work. Skip to main content Skip to footer.

Change management. Accelerate value by unlocking human ingenuity. Cloud Change. Putting people at the center of change. We focus on three key levers alignment, ability, and adoption: Alignment: We shape the path, ignite leaders, and architect the journey Ability: We build, integrate, and deploy future-ready talent and skills Adoption : We activate and sustain the change and new ways of working. Change is in everything.

Future of Work Support our clients to define and grow their Future of Work, thinking through what work they will do in the future and how they will thrive. Cloud change. Focus on recent acquisitions: Future State. Transformation Our approach and expertise focuses on becoming a Connected Organization TM , and building the competencies required to thrive through constant change.

They Matter Their vision is known, clear and compelling. They have an identified purpose and strategy. They matter to all stakeholders: employees, customers, teams, communities and shareholders. They Engage They engage and connect all stakeholders both internal and external. Teams are connected and empowered. They understand their part and the whole, and they have shared and aligned goals. Leaders are accessible, connected to the front lines, transparent and authentic.

They Integrate Tools, technology, systems, data and decision making are all connected. Their people, processes and systems are structured to provide the right information to enable smart decision making and risk analysis. They Evolve They are nimble, they innovate, and they iterate, improve, refine and learn. They invest in continual learning and development of their workforce to keep them at the leading edge of new skills and knowledge.

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